The BHS Revision Guide for Stages 1, 2, 3 and the PTT

Author: Margaret Linington-Payne

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781905693863


Page: 80

View: 9400

This is the only official and recommended revision guide for students studying for the BHS Stages 1, 2 and 3 examinations and the Preliminary Teaching Test. Written by a British Horse Society Exams Assessor, the book provides students with essential reminders of what the examiner will be looking for and how to prepare for the questions being posed. It is designed to be used in association with the other course books in the series and is based on the most recent syllabuses. Illustrated throughout with black & white line drawings, this is an invaluable revision guide.

BHS Complete Training Manual for Stage 1

Author: Islay Auty,Margaret Linington-Payne

Publisher: Kenilworth Press

ISBN: 9781905693603


Page: 144

View: 8367

Used in conjunction with 'The BHS Manuals of Equitation and Stable Management' and 'The BHS Veterinary Manual', this is the authorised course companion for British Horse Society tests and exams.

The BHS Training Manual for the PTT

Author: Islay Auty

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781905693870


Page: 144

View: 7849

This new edition has been revised and expanded to cover the latest syllabus which consists of six units - two practical and four theory. Comprehensive information is included on the techniques, knowledge and understanding required for the PTT exam, making it the definitive course companion.

The BHS Manual for Coaching and Teaching Riding

Author: Islay Auty,Margaret Linington-Payne

Publisher: Kenilworth Press

ISBN: 9781905693450

Category: Pets

Page: 144

View: 8531

The official handbook for those studying the BHS teaching qualifications has now been fully updated and revised. Written for the BHS by a chief examiner, this handbook provides clear guidelines on how the skills of riding should be taught and how riding school lessons should be conducted. It is aimed at less experienced and trainee riding instructors, especially those involved with weekly riders and covers: * How to develop communication skills and effective body language * Advice on teaching adult novices and children, whether in groups or one-to-one * Valuable multi-option lesson plans * Choosing school horses and keeping them happy in their work * Safety and insurance, and how to cope with mishaps and accidents * Dealing with rider problems, such as nervousness, stiffness, poor coordination, etc.

Measure for Measure

Author: William Shakespeare,Brian Gibbons

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521294010

Category: Drama

Page: 213

View: 5530

Since the rediscovery of Elizabethan stage conditions early this century, admiration for Measure for Measure has steadily risen. It is now a favorite with the critics and has attracted widely different styles of performance. At one extreme the play is seen as a religious allegory, at the other it has been interpreted as a comedy protesting against power and privilege. Brian Gibbons focuses on the unique tragi-comic experience of watching the play, the intensity and excitement offered by its dramatic rhythm, the reversals and surprises that shock the audience even to the end. The introduction describes the play's critical reception and stage history and how these have varied according to prevailing social, moral and religious issues, which were highly sensitive when Measure for Measure was written, and have remained so to the present day.

The British Horse Society Stage 2 Workbook

A Study and Revision Aid for Exam Candidates

Author: Melissa Troup,Margaret Linington-Payne

Publisher: Kenilworth Press

ISBN: 9781905693238

Category: Horses

Page: 96

View: 3938

A self-test and revision aid for candidates working towards the British Horse Society Stage 2 exam. The workbook contains an array of typical examination questions which are designed to test your depth of knowledge and are directly chosen to help you prepare for the exam itself.

The British Horse Society Stage 1 Workbook

A Study and Revision Aid for Exam Candidates

Author: Melissa Troup

Publisher: Kenilworth Press

ISBN: 9781905693221

Category: Horses

Page: 104

View: 767

A self-test revision aid for candidates working towards the BHS Stage 1 exam. Based on the syllabus for the BHS Stage 1 exam (revised January 2008) the workbook contains an array of typical examination questions.

Bhs Training Manual for Stage 3 and Ptt

Author: Islay Auty,British Horse Society Staff,British Horse Society

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781872119465

Category: Horsemanship

Page: 240

View: 422

Written for the BHS by a chief examiner and based on the latest syllabus (extensively revised in 2002), this training manual provides clear guidelines on the requirements of the Stage 3 and PTT examinations.

Immunization in Practice

A Practical Guide for Health Staff

Author: World Health Organization

Publisher: World Health Organization

ISBN: 9241549092

Category: Medical

Page: 232

View: 2110

This practical guide contains seven modules targeted at district and health facility staff. It intends to meet the demands to improve immunization services so as to reach more infants in a sustainable way, building upon the experiences of polio eradication. It includes materials adapted from polio on planning, monitoring and use of data to improve the service, that can be used at any level. Revising the manual has been a team exercise. There are contributions from a large number of experts, organizations and institutions. This new edition has seven modules. Several new vaccines that have become more readily available and used in recent years have been added. Also the section on integration with other health interventions has been expanded as exciting opportunities and experiences have become evident in the years following the previous edition. Module 1: Target diseases and vaccines Module 2: The vaccine cold chain Module 3: Ensuring safe injections Module 4: Microplanning for reaching every community Module 5: Managing an immunization session Module 6: Monitoring and surveillance Module 7: Partnering with communities.

The Management of Sickle Cell Disease

Author: U.s. Department of Health

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781495279157

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 188

View: 8890

This book is B&W copy of the government agency publication.This edition of The Management of Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is organized into four parts: Diagnosis and Counseling, Health Maintenance, Treatment of Acute and Chronic Complications, and Special Topics. The original intent was to incorporate evidence-based medicine into each chapter, but there was variation among evidence-level scales, and some authors felt recommendations could be made, based on accepted practice, without formal trials in this rare disorder. The best evidence still is represented by randomized, controlled trials (RCTs), but variations exist in their design, conduct, endpoints, and analyses. It should be emphasized that selected people enter a trial, and results should apply in practice specifically to populations with the same characteristics as those in the trial. Randomization is used to reduce imbalances between groups, but unexpected factors sometimes may confound analysis or interpretation. In addition, a trial may last only a short period of time, but long-term clinical implications may exist. Another issue is treatment variation, for example, a new pneumococcal vaccine developed after the trial, which has not been tested formally in a sickle cell population. Earlier trial results may be accepted, based on the assumption that the change is small. In some cases, RCTs cannot be done satisfactorily (e.g., for ethical reasons, an insufficient number of patients, or a lack of objective measures for sickle cell “crises”). Thus the bulk of clinical experience in SCD still remains in the moderately strong and weaker categories of evidence. Not everyone has an efficacious outcome in a clinical trial, and the frequency of adverse events, such as with long-term transfusion programs or hematopoietic transplants, might not be considered. Thus, an assessment of benefit-to-risk ratio should enter into translation of evidence levels into practice recommendations. A final issue is that there may be two alternative approaches that are competitive (e.g., transfusions and hydroxyurea). In this case the pros and cons of each course of treatment should be discussed with the patient.

The BHS Complete Manual of Horse and Stable Management

Author: Josephine Batty-Smith

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781905693184

Category: Pets

Page: 504

View: 2040

The British Horse Society’s comprehensive guide to the care and management of horses and ponies. The aim of this volume is to provide a reliable source of information and advice on all practical aspects of horse and stable management. The manual has been compiled by a panel of experts each drawing on considerable experience and contributing specialized knowledge on his or her chosen subject. Filled with reliable information and advice on modern stable management practices, the book provides a sound foundation for Horse Knowledge and Care Stages 1 to 4 and the BHS Stable Manager’s Certificate. Throughout, the emphasis is on the adoption of correct and safe procedures for the welfare of all who come into contact with horses, as well as for the animals themselves.

Common Mental Health Disorders

Identification and Pathways to Care

Author: National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health (Great Britain)

Publisher: RCPsych Publications

ISBN: 9781908020314

Category: Medical

Page: 310

View: 645

Bringing together treatment and referral advice from existing guidelines, this text aims to improve access to services and recognition of common mental health disorders in adults and provide advice on the principles that need to be adopted to develop appropriate referral and local care pathways.

Mechanical Testing of Advanced Fibre Composites

Author: J M Hodgkinson

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1855738910

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 384

View: 8835

Testing of composite materials can present complex problems but is essential in order to ensure the reliable, safe and cost-effective performance of any engineering structure. This essentially practical book, complied from the contributions of leading professionals in the field, describes a wide range of test methods which can be applied to various types of advanced fibre composites. The book focuses on high modulus, high strength fibre/plastic composites and also covers highly anisotrpoic materials such as carbon, aramid and glass. Engineers and designers specifying the use of materials in structures will find this book an invaluable guide to best practice throughout the range of industrial sectors where FRCs are employed.

Predictably Irrational, Revised

The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions

Author: Dan Ariely

Publisher: Harper

ISBN: 9780062018205

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 368

View: 6289

Why do our headaches persist after we take a one-cent aspirin but disappear when we take a fifty-cent aspirin? Why do we splurge on a lavish meal but cut coupons to save twenty-five cents on a can of soup? When it comes to making decisions in our lives, we think we're making smart, rational choices. But are we? In this newly revised and expanded edition of the groundbreaking New York Times bestseller, Dan Ariely refutes the common assumption that we behave in fundamentally rational ways. From drinking coffee to losing weight, from buying a car to choosing a romantic partner, we consistently overpay, underestimate, and procrastinate. Yet these misguided behaviors are neither random nor senseless. They're systematic and predictable—making us predictably irrational.

Field Screening Europe

Proceedings of the First International Conference on Strategies and Techniques for the Investigation and Monitoring of Contaminated Sites

Author: Johannes Gottlieb,Heinz Hötzl,Karin Huck,Reinhard Niessner

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400914733

Category: Science

Page: 426

View: 2725

These Proceedings contain both oral and poster contributions to the first interna tional conference" Field Screening Europe - Strategies and Techniques for On-Site Investigation and Monitoring of Contaminated Soil, Water and Air", held in Karls ruhe September 29 - October 1, 1997. Environmental monitoring and the assessment of chemical contaminations are be coming more and more important. The integrated study of environmental con tamination in the field is a rather recent approach. "Field screening" indicates such field analytical tools, (quick) methods and strategies for on-site or in-situ environmental analysis and assessment of contamination. The classical strategy for investigating contaminants consists of the following steps: site studies, sampling, sample transport to the laboratory, sample preparation, and analysis. This strategy is rather expensive and time consuming. Some investiga tions, including sample preparation, may last several days. In many cases, the results must be available immediately and are of importance for further decisions. Field screening is an alternative or complement to this strategy that attempts to be cheaper and faster and may achieve the same quality of results. The most important argument for field analytical methods is that the superior accuracy and high costs of laboratory methods are disproportional to the possibility of arti facts from sampling and errors originating from spatial variations of contaminants.

The Interpersonal Theory of Suicide

Guidance for Working with Suicidal Clients

Author: N.A

Publisher: Amer Psychological Assn


Category: Psychology

Page: 246

View: 6958

Why do people die by suicide? Dr. Thomas Joiner and his colleagues attempt to answer this age-old question by exploring two obvious yet insightful assumptions: People die by suicide because they canthat is, they become desensitized to pain and habituated toward violence. And people die by suicide because they want tothey typically have no sense of belonging to a valued group or relationship, and they feel that they have become a burden to loved ones. This book offers a new theoretical framework for diagnosis and risk-assessment of a patients entry into the dark and obscure mental world of suicidality, and for the creation of preventive and public-health campaigns aimed at the disorder. More important, though, the book provides new, effective clinical guidelines for crisis intervention and for therapeutic alliances in psychotherapy and suicide prevention.

Advertising and Promotion

An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective

Author: George E. Belch,Michael A. Belch

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9789814575119

Category: Advertising

Page: 842

View: 6798

We are pleased to present this Global Edition, which has been developed specifically to meet the needs of international advertising students. In this 10th edition, Belch/Belch introduces students to the fast-changing field of advertising and promotion. While advertising is its primary focus, it is more than just an introductory advertising text because there is more to most organizations' promotional programs than just advertising. The changes happening in the world of advertising are leading marketers and their agencies to approach advertising and promotion from an integrated marketing communications (IMC) perspective, which calls for a "big picture" approach to planning marketing and promotion programs and coordinating the various communication functions. To understand the role of advertising and promotion in today's business world, one must recognize how a firm can use all the promotional tools to communicate with its customers. This 10th edition, with its integrated marketing communications perspective (the theme of the text), catapults the reader into the business practices of the 21st century. This Global Edition has been adapted to meet the needs of courses outside the United States and does not align with the instructor and student resources available with the U.S. edition.

Handbook of Mobile Communication Studies

Author: James Everett Katz

Publisher: Mit Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 472

View: 9774

Mobile communication has become mainstream and even omnipresent. It is arguably the most successful and certainly the most rapidly adopted new technology in the world: more than one of every three people worldwide possesses a mobile phone. This volume offers a comprehensive view of the cultural, family, and interpersonal consequences of mobile communication across the globe. Leading scholars analyze the effect of mobile communication on all parts of life, from the relationship between literacy and the textual features of mobile phones to the use of ringtones as a form of social exchange, from the "aspirational consumption" of middle class families in India to the belief in parts of Africa and Asia that mobile phones can communicate with the dead. The contributors explore the ways mobile communication profoundly affects the tempo, structure, and process of daily life around the world. They discuss the impact of mobile communication on social networks, other communication strategies, traditional forms of social organization, and political activities. They consider how quickly miraculous technologies come to seem ordinary and even necessary--and how ordinary technology comes to seem mysterious and even miraculous. The chapters cut across social issues and geographical regions; they highlight use by the elite and the masses, utilitarian and expressive functions, and political and operational consequences. Taken together, the chapters demonstrate how mobile communication has affected the quality of life in both exotic and humdrum settings, and how it increasingly occupies center stage in people's lives around the world.James E. Katz is Chair of the Department of Communication at Rutgers University and director of the Center for Mobile Communication Studies. He is the author of Magic in the Air: Mobile Communication and the Transformation of Social Life and coauthor of Social Consequences of Internet Use (MIT Press, 2002).