The Continuum and Other Types of Serial Order

Author: Edward V. Huntington

Publisher: Courier Dover Publications

ISBN: 0486161072

Category: Mathematics

Page: 96

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Based on the Dedekind-Cantor ordinal theory, this classic presents the best systematic elementary account of modern theory of the continuum as a type of serial order. 119 footnotes. 1917 edition.

In the Continuum and Other Plays

Author: Rory Kilalea

Publisher: African Books Collective

ISBN: 1779220847

Category: Drama

Page: 119

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The four thoughtful, interesting plays that make up this anthology raise important issues for discussion and debate while also making us laugh. With plays performed on the stage and on radio, plays with few and with multiple roles, readers will learn much about the act and process of theatre. In the Continuum - by Danai Gurira and Nikkole Salter In the Continuum is the story of two young women, one in Harare and the other in South Central Los Angeles, experiencing a kaleidoscopic weekend of darkly comic, life-changing revelation. With the two playwrights/actors playing all the roles, In the Continuum tells the story of parallel denials and self-discovery in a manner that while bordering on tragedy is often very funny. `Neither preachy nor depressing, this play is moving, smart, spirited and powerfully funny!' Isherwood - New York Times Belonging - by Mirirai Moyo Belonging tells the story of how an adventurous young hen Kuku and the hyena Bere discover shared interests and companionship that the rest of their tribe will not countenance. In the process Mirirai Moyo explores identity and choice and shows how friendship can help us to break down stereotypes. 'The most original and inventive play I have read in a long time.'-Shimmer Chinodya Power Failure - by Jide Olugbenga Afolayan Power Failure is a lively comic drama about the potential dangers of indiscriminate power-cuts when a small boy cannot receive the hospital treatment he needs because there is no electricity. Poking fun at the system, Jide Afolayan explores both corruption and resourcefulness as citizens determine to survive in a place where public facilities are inadequate and subject to the vagaries of the powerful. 'Power Failure addresses real problems as well as exploiting the comic potential of its subject matter to the full.'-Catherine Fellows, BBC Drama When I meet my Mother - by Kathleen McCreery This play explores the lives, hopes and fears of a gang of underage street kids living in a Brazilian suburb. Narrated through eight small, but powerful voices, we experience the bonds of friendship and loyalty that develop in a small fringe society constantly under threat, from not only the forces of law and order but from criminals and thugs. Kathleen McCreery's long experience of working with street children in England, Ghana and South Africa, makes this play one that requires us to think about how society can support those that are marginalised. A thought-provoking and vivid play that reveals friendship, invention and an instinct for justice as powerful bonds of survival for street children everywhere. It is also a call for change.'-Fiona Lesley, Co-Director The MAP Consortium

Set Theory of the Continuum

Author: Haim Judah,Winfried Just,Hugh Woodin

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461397545

Category: Mathematics

Page: 416

View: 5250

Primarily consisting of talks presented at a workshop at the MSRI during its "Logic Year" 1989-90, this volume is intended to reflect the whole spectrum of activities in set theory. The first section of the book comprises the invited papers surveying the state of the art in a wide range of topics of set-theoretic research. The second section includes research papers on various aspects of set theory and its relation to algebra and topology. Contributors include: J.Bagaria, T. Bartoszynski, H. Becker, P. Dehornoy, Q. Feng, M. Foreman, M. Gitik, L. Harrington, S. Jackson, H. Judah, W. Just, A.S. Kechris, A. Louveau, S. MacLane, M. Magidor, A.R.D. Mathias, G. Melles, W.J. Mitchell, S. Shelah, R.A. Shore, R.I. Soare, L.J. Stanley, B. Velikovic, H. Woodin.

The Continuum Concept

Author: Jean Liedloff

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 014196247X

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 176

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The Continuum Concept introduces the idea that in order to achieve optimal physical, mental and emotional development, human beings - especially babies - require the kind of instinctive nurturing as practiced by our ancient relatives. It is a true ‘back to basics’ approach to parenting. Author Jean Liedloff spent two and-a-half years in the jungle deep in the heart of South America living with indigenous tribes and was astounded at how differently children are raised outside the Western world. She came to the realisation that essential child-rearing techniques such as touch, trust and community have been undermined in modern times, and in this book suggests practical ways to regain our natural well-being, for our children and ourselves.

The Continuum

A Constructive Approach to Basic Concepts of Real Analysis

Author: Rudolf Taschner

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 332282036X

Category: Mathematics

Page: 136

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In this small text the basic theory of the continuum, including the elements of metric space theory and continuity is developed within the system of intuitionistic mathematics in the sense of L.E.J. Brouwer and H. Weyl. The main features are proofs of the famous theorems of Brouwer concerning the continuity of all functions that are defined on "whole" intervals, the uniform continuity of all functions that are defined on compact intervals, and the uniform convergence of all pointwise converging sequences of functions defined on compact intervals. The constructive approach is interesting both in itself and as a contrast to, for example, the formal axiomatic one.

A Blip in the Continuum

A Celebration of Grunge Typography

Author: Robin Williams

Publisher: Addison Wesley Longman

ISBN: 9780201886283

Category: Computers

Page: 95

View: 7204

Graphic designers, illustratos and computer users of every level will feast on this eye-popping tour of design's cutting edge. This book celebrates radical typography, a style creating dramatic controversy among designers and artists. It's the old guard vs. the "grunge" typographers, readability vs. a whole look and feel that exudes energy and breaks the rules.

The Continuum History of Apocalypticism

Author: Bernard McGinn,John J. Collins,John James Collins,Stephen Stein

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0826415202

Category: Religion

Page: 672

View: 9402

"Apocalypticism has been the source of hope and courage for the oppressed, but has also given rise, on many occasions, to fanaticism and intolerance. The essays in this volume seek neither to apologize for the extravagance of apocalyptic thinkers nor to excuse the perverse actions of some of their followers. Rather, they strive to understand a powerful, perhaps even indispensable, element in the history of Western religions that has been the source of both good and evil, and still is yet today."The Editors The Continuum History of Apocalypticism is a 1-volume, select edition of the 3-vol. Encyclopedia of Apocalypticism first published in 1998. The main historical surveys that provided the spine of the Encyclopedia have been retained, while essays of a thematic nature, and a few whose subject matter is not central to the historical development, have been omitted. The work begins with 8 articles on "The Origins of Apocalypticism in the Ancient World," extending from ancient Near Eastern myth through the Old Testament to the Dead Sea Scrolls, Jesus, Paul, and the Book of Revelation. Next are 7 articles on "Apocalyptic Traditions from Late Antiquity to ca. 1800 C.E.," including early Christian theology, radical movements in the Middle Ages, and both Jewish and Islamic apocalypticism in the classic period. The final section, "Apocalypticism in the Modern Age," includes 10 articles on apocalypticism in the Americas, in Western and Eastern Europe, and, finally, in modern Judaism and modern Islam.

The Continuum of Know

Author: Stan Stites

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1412062462

Category: Fiction

Page: 129

View: 3393

A non-verbal, autistic boy is given the ability to converse, in a "frozen moment," and trace ancestors through his DNA. He, incidentally, saves the earth from total destruction.

The Continuum

A Critical Examination of the Foundation of Analysis

Author: Hermann Weyl

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486679829

Category: Mathematics

Page: 130

View: 1740

Concise classic by great mathematician and physicist deals with logic and mathematics of set and function, concept of number and the continuum. Bibliography. Originally published 1918.

Long-term Care

Managing Across the Continuum

Author: John R. Pratt,Professor of Long-Term Care Administration and Director Long-Term Care Management Institute Saint Joseph's College of Maine Maine John Pratt

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 0763793817

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 520

View: 5783

This book is intended as both a college text and a reference source for professionals, policy makers, and regulators. The text provides a sound reference source for anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of the long-term care system. It is concise, but complete, defining the various segments of the system. It also describes how the system developed to its current state, compares it to an ideal system, and projects future trends likely to impact the system. The earlier editions have been used by multiple colleges and universities for their long-term care administration courses. It has also been adopted as a cited reference for the national licensing examination prepared by the National Association of Long-Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) which is used by all fifty state licensing boards (and the District of Columbia), and for the Certification examination of the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA). It covers the full continuum of long-term care in enough detail to develop a sound understanding of the system, yet does not get bogged down in overly-specific detail as some texts do. Features: 1. Explains how the long-term care system developed and compares it to an ideal system, 2. Describes the primary types of long-term care providers (nursing facilities, assisted living, subacute care, senior housing, community-based care), presenting each in a similar manner, making it easy to compare and contrast them, 3. Covers how the providers interact with each other and with consumers and regulators - focusing specifically on how they compete, cooperate, and integrate; how they are regulated; financing; quality; ethical issues, 4. Discusses how long-term care providers are governed and managed, with chapters also devoted to leadership and culture change, technology, and marketing, 5. Outlines future trends and their projected impact on long-term care, and discusses how managers should act for success in the future. Students will find: 1. Case studies with each of the provider chapters, showing how they serve specific consumers. 2. Discussion questions and vocab terms at the end of each chapter 3. Online supplemental materials with both chapter-based interactive flash cards and an overall Glossary on-line

Construction of the continuum

Author: Lario Sinigaglia

Publisher: Youcanprint

ISBN: 8827817662

Category: Philosophy

Page: N.A

View: 2867

The nature of the 'continuum' is a problem of great profundity that philosophers and mathematicians have been studying for more than two millennia. The problem is abstract, but it relates to concrete situations and is probably connected with the profound nature of the human mind. The author comes to the conclusion, through concrete and abstract examples, that the continuum is not found in what exists, but is made up of the synthesis between what exists and its hidden potential.

Bending the Continuum

Author: Dane Swan

Publisher: Guernica Editions

ISBN: 1550713396

Category: Poetry

Page: 60

View: 5603

The poems in Bending the Continuum are slave to no genre. Science-fiction, alternative realities, and time are fluid. Form, voice and space in this collection borrow from multiple canons. Dane's first book is equal parts Can-lit, Harlem Renaissance, the Caribbean oral tradition known as Griotism, Roddenberry, hip-hop and dark-humour. This is his first collection of poetry.

Children and Their Families

The Continuum of Care

Author: Vicky R. Bowden,Cindy Smith Greenberg

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 0781760720

Category: Medical

Page: 1723

View: 7128

Children and Their Families: The Continuum of Care provides a unique interdisciplinary perspective that underscores the nurse's role in planning, coordinating, and working with all members of a pediatric health care team. It shows students how to make critical judgments and assessments to manage the care of children in a variety of community settings, including homes, schools, and medical centers. From infancy through adolescence, this text thoroughly covers the health promotion, surveillance, and maintenance needs of children. In this edition, threaded case studies follow a community of pediatric clients and continue throughout the chapter to show the interrelated dynamics of pediatric nursing care. A companion Website includes journal articles, NCLEX®-style chapter review questions, a Spanish-English audio glossary, Watch and Learn videos, a fluids and electrolytes tutorial, and much more.

Knights of the Continuum

From the Journal of the Time Builder

Author: Rick J. Fiore

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1467006467

Category: Fiction

Page: 404

View: 1233

1869: A man is murdered in Westminster Abbey. The weapon used: Excalibur. 1899: John Arthur, the son of the murdered man, needs to find the truth about the death of his Father and claim the sword which still stands proud in the Abbey. It is only with Excalibur that John can unite a fellowship from distant worlds to defeat an enemy that threatens all of humanity. 1969: An American journalist intends to unearth the truth behind the now famous sword of the Abbey, only to find himself involved as time bends in upon itself resulting in a huge battle in 60's London. This book explores the history of John's Father and the mysterious pocket watch bequeathed to him by the equally mysterious wizard. It takes us through John's understanding of his duty and his relationships with Doctor Harry Kenner, the beautiful Katherine Canaveral, Captain Larry Faygun and Crusifious, the powerful King of Oyrinx. Join John Arthur on his journey through time, space and enlightenment. Follow him as he slowly becomes his own hero. A hero only time can create.

The Continuum of Long-Term Care

Author: Connie Evashwick

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1111795606

Category: Medical

Page: 464

View: 6549

The Continuum of Long-Term Care, 3rd edition offers a conceptual framework for creating a seamless integrated continuum of care, as well as concrete information about the increasing number of components that affect the continuum today. With numerous case studies, examples, service snapshots, and resources for further study, this pragmatic book is an essential resource for anyone involved in providing or paying for long-term care. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Continuum Encyclopedia of Symbols

Author: Udo Becker

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780826412218

Category: Reference

Page: 345

View: 2861

An alphabetical reference with more than 1,500 entries that trace symbols to their cultural, religious, or mythological origins, and explain the hidden or encoded meaning that lies concealed beneath objects' and concepts' ordinary, outward appearance.

The Continuum as a Type of Order

An Exposition of the Modern Theory, with an Appendix on the Transfinite Numbers

Author: Edward Vermilye Huntington

Publisher: N.A


Category: Number theory

Page: 63

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