The Cruising Guide to Central and Southern California: Golden Gate to Ensenada, Mexico, Including the Offshore Islands

Author: Brian Fagan

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9780071374644

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 384

View: 6728

Comprehensive and authoritative, this guide combines and updates two smaller, long-trusted regional books to provide seamless coverage of the entire California coast from just outside the Golden Gate Bridge to Mexico, with special attention given to the popular offshore islands between Point Conception and San Diego. Brian Fagan draws upon more than three decades of experience sailing those waters under all conditions to offer the definitive cruising guide for both sailors and powerboaters.

Exploring the Pacific Coast

San Diego to Seattle

Author: Don Douglass,Roxanne Hemingway-Douglass,Kevin Monahan

Publisher: Fineedge.Com Llc

ISBN: 9781932310221

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 489

View: 7135

Presents boating guides for the waters in and around the Pacific Coast, from San Diego to Seattle, with coastal day trip itineraries and tips for select harbors and towns.

Cruising Guide to San Diego Bay

Author: Ed Bowler,Barbara Bowler

Publisher: Paradise Cay Publications

ISBN: 9780939837557

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 289

View: 6010

Cruising Guide to San Diego Bay is a complete compilation of up-to-date sailing information about San Diego Bay and its adjacent harbors. The Guide includes current bay rules and regulations as well as pointers on how to make your stay in the area enjoyable. Here you will find charts and photos;sailing and driving directions; descriptions of marinas, anchorages, and mooring areas; lists of public transportation, restaurants, hotels and sights to see in and around San Diego Bay. For your convenience, the guide gives telephone numbers, offices to call, and addresses to write for licences and permits for bay use. Cruising Guide to San Diego Bay prepares the sailor for an enjoyable stay in Americas Finest City.

Cruising the Big U

Voyaging through the Americas

Author: Ade Salzer; Jo Salzer

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781456858704

Category: Travel

Page: 561

View: 7587

Jo and Ade spent over three fantastic years crusing the Big U in a 43' Selene Trawler, Wandering Star. Besides having fun, their vision was to demonstrate that you don't have to cross oceans and go around the world to have the incredible adventure of a lifetime.

Cruising Guide to San Francisco Bay

Author: Bob Mehaffy,Carolyn Mehaffy,Robert Mehaffy

Publisher: Paradise Cay Publications

ISBN: 9780939837311

Category: Social Science

Page: 200

View: 5617

The definitive Guide for San Francisco Bay. In this updated and expanded second edition, this comprehensive cruising guide includes four more destinations outside the Bay: Pillar Point Harbor, Drakes Bay, Bodega Harbor, and Tomales Bay. For the more than 70 destinations covered, the authors give detailed instructions on how to get there safely, where to anchor or tie up, and what to do there.The Mehaffys have updated the information about the marinas and anchorages. Includes 30 harbor diagrams, over 200 photos. Indispensable for Bay boaters.

California's Channel Islands

A History

Author: Frederic Caire Chiles

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 080614923X

Category: HISTORY

Page: 296

View: 6089

Prehistoric foragers, conquistadors, missionaries, adventurers, hunters, and rugged agriculturalists parade across the histories of these little known islands on the horizon of twenty-first century Southern California. This chain of eight islands is home to a biodiversity unrivaled anywhere on Earth. For visitors and armchair travelers alike, this book weaves the strands of natural history, island ecology, and human endeavor to tell the Channel Islands' full story.

Taken by the Wind

The Northwest Coast: A Guide to Sailing the Coasts of British Columbia and Southeast Alaska

Author: Marilyn Johnson

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781532895661


Page: 394

View: 1282

Common lore is that you cannot sail the northwest coast - the winds are too fickle so you must motor along the Inside Passage. The author knows that is not true because in 7 years she traveled over 10,000 NM along the northwest coast in her 38' sailboat, sailing about 2/3 of the time under way. This guide will help you understand how you can do the same. There are two features of the northwest coast inland waters that you must understand. First, the regions you will pass through have unusual wind patterns that seem completely erratic until you understand the common summer weather patterns and how land affects wind. Then, the winds are predictable and comprehensible, and you will know when and where to sail. Second, the tidal currents can be so strong that a narrow channel becomes a raging white water rapid, complete with whirlpools and strong eddies. With two tide cycles a day, and a height difference of up to 23 feet (7 meters), anyone traveling in a sailboat must take the extreme tidal conditions seriously. If you don't know when your travel must coincide with the appropriate current flow, you may go backwards (or worse). This guide is not a memoir, doesn't focus on anchorages, and won't try to teach you how to sail. Instead it is a practical guide about how to take advantage of the characteristic winds and tidal currents of each area so you can enjoy sailing, rather than motoring, along this uniquely beautiful temperate wilderness coastline. Whether you are sailboat cruising in the Pacific Northwest, or getting ready for the Race to Alaska (R2AK), this guide will help you become an expert at taking advantage of the so-called "fickle" winds. Here are more details about the very-well researched guide. It begins with a brief part on planning and a general overview of the currents and wind. It then provides 19 reference chapters divided into three parts: "Cruising in Civilization" from Seattle to Johnstone Strait; "Cruising in Wilderness" through Johnstone Strait, Queen Charlotte Strait and the north BC coast to Prince Rupert; and "Cruising the Big Water" from the Southeast Alaska border to Glacier Bay. Each reference chapter identifies the relevant nautical charts, applicable weather forecasts, pertinent marine condition reporting stations, tide and current stations, details of Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) and the local commercial traffic check-in points. Each chapter also includes route planning sections that highlight important decisions that sailors must make under way based on current weather conditions, such as whether to run Johnstone Strait or take the more protected northern channels, or deciding whether and how to take an inland vs. outer route. For planning purposes, the Appendices provide historical wind data for the summer months from more than 85 marine condition reporting stations so you can know how the wind direction and speed varies from month-to-month. This guide is written for sailors, by a sailor who understands the conditions sailboats need for sailing. You'll find yourself constantly referring to this planning and reference guide as you sail the Pacific Northwest Coast.

Cruising Catalina Island

Second Edition

Author: Bill McNeely

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780975958810


Page: 106

View: 7262

Cruising guide for boaters to Santa Catalina Island, California, covering Avalon, Two Harbors, other major harbors and secret coves

The Explorers

Author: Richard F. Pourade

Publisher: N.A


Category: California

Page: 203

View: 7168

Story of the discovery of San Diego in 1542 by Cabrillo, emphasizing the role of the padres who explored the region.

Cruise Tourism

Current Situation and Trends

Author: Manuel Butler,World Tourism Organization

Publisher: World Tourism Organization Publications


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 253

View: 6597

Over the past twenty years, worldwide demand for cruise tourism has posted some of the biggest gains within the tourism sector. The constant dynamism in cruise activity, As well as the increasing number of countries that include cruises, As a key product for their tourism development, has led to update and Expand The first edition of the UNWTO study of 2003. This new study discusses subjects like the current supply and demand for cruises, As well as its characteristics and trends. A new element includes the relationship between destinations and cruise lines, analysing key factors such as legislation, promotion And The economic impact of cruises through reference cases. it presents current trends in this industry in terms of innovation, safety and security, sustainability and identifies the major lines that will shape the sector.

Transboundary Policy Challenges in the Pacific Border Regions of North America

Author: Donald K. Alper,John Chadwick Day,James Loucky

Publisher: University of Calgary Press

ISBN: 1552382230

Category: Nature

Page: 343

View: 8230

"Transboundary Policy Challenges" responds to a growing interest in borderlands environmental policy by highlighting significant transboundary research and practices being undertaken within and across the Pacific border regions of North America. Growing concern about the seriousness of environmental problems, particularly in high-growth border areas, coupled with the rising awareness of the complexities entailed in wise development decisions, has spurred recognition that new realities require new responses. Critical for effective environmental protection, restoration, and education is a sharing of understanding and effort across borders. "Transboundary Policy Challenges" advances transborder environmental research and discusses sensible policy directions with particular focus on critical areas of international concern and engagement: land and water use planning; regional growth management; trade and transportation corridors; environmental education; and travel and tourism. Contributors to the volume represent a range of disciplines, as well as institutions in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

Charlie's Charts - North to Alaska

Author: Charles E. Wood,Margo Wood

Publisher: Paradise Cay Publications

ISBN: 9780968637050

Category: Boats and boating

Page: 241

View: 3974

his cruising guide provides navigation information for a boater departing from Victoria and traveling along the British Columbia and Southeast Alaskan coasts following the protected waters of the Inside Passage to Glacier Bay, Alaska. It is divided into eight sections with full-color photographs and a sketched chart indicating marinas or anchorages where a cruising boat can find moorage as it travels along the coast. Each location has a detailed sketch and description of a safe approach, recommended anchorages and shore facilities. Crucial portions such as the transit of passes and the passage of Cape Caution are given particular attention with guidelines for timing and recommended routes. A customized weather map provides excellent information. For cruisers unable to make the entire trip to Alaska shorter trips to spectacular areas on the coast are described such as to Princess Louisa Inlet, Desolation Sound, Broughton Archipelago, Fiordland Recreation Area, Kitimat and the Kitlope.

Beach Management Tools - Concepts, Methodologies and Case Studies

Author: Camilo M. Botero,Omar Cervantes,Charles W. Finkl

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319583042

Category: Science

Page: 960

View: 2056

This book provides an overview of beach management tools, including carrying capacity, beach nourishment, environmental and tourism awards (like Blue Flag or others), bathing water quality, zoning, beach typologies, quality index, user's perception, interdisciplinary beach monitoring, coastal legislation, shore protection, social and economic indicators, ecosystem services, and coastal governance (applied in beach case studies). Beaches are one of the most intensely used coastal ecosystems and are responsible for more than half of all global tourism revenues, and as such the book introduces a wide range of state-of-the-art tools that can be used to deal with a variety of beach challenges. Each chapter features specific types of tools that can be applied to advantage in beach management practices. With examples of local and regional case studies from around the globe, this is a valuable resource for anyone involved in beach management.

The Black Pearl

Author: Scott O'Dell

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780547350462

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 144

View: 4292

From the depths of a cave in the Vermilion Sea, Ramon Salazar has wrested a black pearl so lustrous and captivating that his father, an expert pearl dealer, is certain Ramon has found the legendary Pearl of Heaven. Such a treasure is sure to bring great joy to the villagers of their tiny coastal town, and even greater renown to the Salazar name. No diver, not even the swaggering Gaspar Ruiz, has ever found a pearl like this! But is there a price to pay for a prize so great? When a terrible tragedy strikes the village, old Luzon’s warning about El Diablo returns to haunt Ramon. If El Diablo actually exists, it will take all Ramon’s courage to face the winged creature waiting for him offshore.

World Cruising Routes

Author: Jimmy Cornell

Publisher: International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press

ISBN: 9780070134065

Category: Navigation

Page: 595

View: 4448

This updated comprehensive cruising guide to all the world's oceans is a valuable reference for cruising sailors and armchair dreamers. More than 500 sailing routes are detailed, including 40 new routes to such high-latitude destinations as Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland, Alaska, and Antarctica. The book includes 64 pages of 2-color maps, updated Gps coordinates for navigation, and route-by-route descriptions of weather and hazards.

Bicycling the Backroads of Northwest Washington

Author: Bill Woods,Erin Woods

Publisher: Mountaineers Books

ISBN: 9780898865073

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 208

View: 8426

Beautiful vistas, afternoon picnics by sparkling lakes, historic points of interest, and lush flower fields await the cyclist who ventures out of the city onto the backroads of Northwest Washington. This fully updated guide in the popular Bicycling the Backroads series presents information on 39 scenic bicycle loop tours in Whatcom, Skagit, Clallam, Jefferson, Kitsap, Island, King, and Snohomish counties, plus several tours in British Columbia.

California Is a Lee Shore

With Mexico Supplement

Author: James Duvall, 3rd,Pam Duvall

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780972782425


Page: 186

View: 2866

California is a Lee Shore chronicles the cruising adventures of Jim and Pamela Duvall. They have sailed extensively along the California shoreline as well as the many islands of California. Their adventures, observations, conclusions, and a full cruising guide for California. This title also includes several stops along Baja California and the Mexican Riviera.

Travel by Cargo Ship

Author: Hugo Verlomme

Publisher: Cadogan Books

ISBN: 9781860110351

Category: Travel

Page: 242

View: 1267

Henry Kelly takes an ambling and amiable view of the gentle roll of Irish life, leading the reader by the hand to find the inner secrets and best discoveries at a lazy pace, always being well fed and watered amongst the turf burning pubs and plates of fresh oysters.