The Divided Self

An Existential Study in Sanity and Madness

Author: R. Laing

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141962089

Category: Psychology

Page: 240

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First published in 1960, this watershed work aimed to make madness comprehensible, and in doing so revolutionized the way we perceive mental illness. Using case studies of patients he had worked with, psychiatrist R. D. Laing argued that psychosis is not a medical condition but an outcome of the 'divided self', or the tension between the two personas within us: one our authentic, private identity, and the other the false, 'sane' self that we present to the world.

Der Witz und seine Beziehung zum Unbewußten

Author: Sigmund Freud

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 8027300762

Category: Psychology

Page: 181

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Dieses eBook: "Der Witz und seine Beziehung zum Unbewußten" ist mit einem detaillierten und dynamischen Inhaltsverzeichnis versehen und wurde sorgfältig korrekturgelesen. Der Witz und seine Beziehung zum Unbewußten ist der Titel einer Studie, in welcher der Psychoanalytiker Sigmund Freud 1905 die Funktionsweise und Bedeutung des Witzes untersuchte. Freud präsentiert frühere Untersuchungen, um dann an konkreten Beispielen spezifische Merkmale des Witzes mit seiner Theorie der Psychodynamik zu verbinden. Die Studie gilt als Schlüsselwerk der Psychoanalyse und Witzforschung. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) war ein österreichischer Neurologe, Tiefenpsychologe, Kulturtheoretiker und Religionskritiker. Er war der Begründer der Psychoanalyse und gilt als einer der einflussreichsten Denker des 20. Jahrhunderts. Seine Theorien und Methoden werden bis heute diskutiert und angewendet.

Marginalisation and Aggression from Bullying to Genocide

Critical Educational and Psychological Perspectives

Author: Stephen James Minton

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9463006966

Category: Education

Page: 226

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In this book, the author proposes the existence of a continuum of aggressive marginalisation phenomena, ranging from the unfortunately commonplace experiences of prejudice, discrimination and bullying behaviour, through to genocide. Attempts made by researchers and practitioners to understand, counter and prevent bullying behaviour are reviewed. A key finding has been that the success that has been accrued has been limited, especially when the case of those who belong to so-called ‘minority’ groups (who are often the target of prejudice outside of the school gates) is considered; it is suggested that future anti-bullying actions should meaningfully engage with prejudice as an underlying factor. After a critical consideration of the various psychological understandings of aggression, aggressive behaviour and marginalisation has been made, the author goes on to introduce and assess an eight-stage model of physical genocide, based primarily on insights from social cognitive psychology, and exemplified in the history of the Lakota-Cheyenne Campaign (1864–1890). This is followed by a consideration of the cultural genocide levelled against indigenous peoples (exemplified in the Sami people in Norway, and indigenous peoples of North America), as implemented through the actions of educational systems and educators. The book ends with some suggestions being made regarding our potential to address the ‘One’ and ‘Other’ mindset that is proposed as underlying the continuum of aggressive marginalisation phenomena – through the psychological understandings that we can offer, the educational practice that we can provide, and in the conscious acts of the affirmation of humanity we can make in our individual and collective choices. Stephen James Minton is a lecturer in the psychology of education at the School of Education, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. He has extensive experience in the fields of anti-bullying research and practice, and is interested in the histories and psychosocial situations, and especially the educational experiences, of marginalised people and groups.

The Making of John Lennon

Author: Francis Kenny

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 1684350360

Category: Music

Page: 284

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Despite the nearly universal fame of the Beatles, many people only know the fairytale version of the iconic group’s rise to fame. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of Liverpool, Francis Kenny reveals the real John Lennon who preceded the legend, showing how his childhood shaped his personality, creative process, and path to success, and how it also destroyed his mental health, leading to the downfall of one of the most confident and brilliant musicians of the past century. The Making of John Lennon is a must-read for any Beatles fan. It explains how Lennon’s turbulent family background affected his relationships, why the true inspiration for “Strawberry Fields” could not be revealed, how Pete Best's college connection led to his removal from the group, and why class backgrounds were the real reason for the breakup of the legendary band. Offering a complex portrait of Lennon’s early life, The Making of John Lennon tells the true story behind the rise of the legendary icon.

The Solitary Vice

Against Reading

Author: Mikita Brottman

Publisher: Counterpoint

ISBN: 9781582439044

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 224

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Mikita Brottman wonders, just why is reading so great? It’s a solitary practice, one that takes away from time that could be spent developing important social networking skills. Reading’s not required for health, happiness, or a loving family. And, if reading is so important, why are catchy slogans like "Reading Changes Lives" and "Champions Read" needed to hammer the point home? Fearlessly tackling the notion that nonreaders are doomed to lives of despair and mental decay, Brottman makes the case that the value of reading lies not in its ability to ward off Alzheimer’s or that it’s a pleasant hobby. Rather, she argues that like that other well-known, solitary vice, masturbation, reading is ultimately not an act of pleasure but a tool for self-exploration, one that allows people to see the world through the eyes of others and lets them travel deep into the darkness of the human condition.

Scheintod im Denken

von Philosophie und Wissenschaft als Übung : Unseld Lecture, Tübingen 2009

Author: Peter Sloterdijk

Publisher: N.A


Category: Death

Page: 146

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Moon tiger


Author: Penelope Lively,Ulrike Budde

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783423128605


Page: 282

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The Clinical Roots of the Schizophrenia Concept

Translations of Seminal European Contributions on Schizophrenia

Author: John Cutting

Publisher: CUP Archive

ISBN: 9780521266352

Category: Medical

Page: 238

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An authoritative collection of translated writings by eminent European psychiatrists from Kraepelin to Janzarik on insanity & schizophrenia, selected for historical interest & contemporary relevance.

Human Motivation

Author: B. Weiner

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461250927

Category: Psychology

Page: 480

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This book represents a major revision of my earlier work, Theories of Motivation: From Mechanism to Cognition. A number of shortcomings in the p,revious book became increasingly evident to me. First of all, there were serious omissions. Second, there has been much new knowl edge since the inception of the prior book, so that it was becoming out dated. And finally, I was dissatisfied with some of the writing, feeling that parts of the book were needlessly complex and that certain topics did not deserve the space that they were allotted. A revision, therefore, was initiated. I attempted to fill some of the gaps by including chapters on psychoanalytic, social learning, and humanistic theory. Furthermore, other topics that could have been dis cussed within the outline of Theories of Motivation but were neglected are incorporated into the present volume. These topics include, for ex ample, social facilitation, arousal, emotions, personal responsibility, and the irrationality of attributions. In addition to this new material, I up dated the ideas examined in Theories of Motivation. Little could be altered in-the sections on H ullian and Lewinian theory, for these con ceptions are no longer undergoing modification. The discussion of these theories was merely shortened and simplified, bringing them more in line with their current influence in psychology. But achievement and attribution theories have changed in the past years - or at least our understanding in these areas has changed - and discussion of these topics was greatly altered.

Psychopharmaka absetzen

erfolgreiches Absetzen von Neuroleptika, Antidepressiva, Phasenprophylaktika, Ritalin und Tranquilizern

Author: Karl Bach Jensen

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783925931277


Page: 370

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Wahnsinn in der Kunst

kulturelle Imaginationen vom Mittelalter bis zum 21. Jahrhundert

Author: Susanne Rohr,Lars Schmeink

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783868212846

Category: Mental illness in literature

Page: 253

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