The Exmoor Pony Chronicles

Author: Sue Baker

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780857043153


Page: 160

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`Finding out about Exmoor ponies and the people involved in their world at various times inthe past has been like panning for gold ¿ I¿ve had to examine a lot of material, sometimeswithout result, but when a small nugget of the ponies¿ story first sparkles, that is so exciting.¿Sue Baker has spent many years searching through long-forgotten documents andphotographs and listening to the stories passed down through Exmoor families. Her`prospecting¿ has resulted in this intimate portrayal of the ponies and the community ofpeople who over the years have ensured their well-being.This book is a miscellany of all things Exmoor pony: turning its pages may bring thereader to ponies harnessed for warfare; to meetings with a literary legend and a famouscowboy; to paintings by Britain¿s greatest equestrian artists; to stories of Exmoors travellingto the Antipodes; to pony sales from central London to deepest Exmoor; to the Exmoor PonySociety secretary who became a horse trainer for Her Majesty the Queen; to lyrical poems;to how one Exmoor pony lived with bison; to threats from pony-rustling; to pony sculpting;to tales of ponies being a shepherd¿s pillow or transport for the rabbit-catcher.Within The Exmoor Pony Chronicles are answers to questions such as: Did the Aclandstruly conserve Exmoor¿s indigenous pony? Where were Exmoor foals hidden upstairs in apub? Who crossed an Exmoor pony with a wild ass? Can Exmoor ponies see pixies? And,once and for all, did soldiers really use Exmoor¿s ponies for target practice in WWII?All this and more can be found in this fascinating and generously illustrated compendium.

Wild Herd Whispering

How the Enigmatic Exmoor Ponies Reveal What Is in Their Hearts and Minds

Author: Dawn Westcott

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780857043184


Page: 144

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Wild Herd Whispering is about the incredible Exmoor ponies as they reveal their truenatures through the world of herd energy and dynamics.Starting with the dramatic winter arrival from the moor of a tiny five week oldwild-born foal who faces the bleakest future, it is the big herd at Holt Ball Farm thatdecides how she will survive and thrive. The book follows the adventures of the ponies,revealing characters and behaviours that take you on a heart-rending, thoughtprovokingand enriching journey of equine enlightenment. This is an opportunity to catchup with adorable orphan Monsieur Chapeau and his friends and majestic stallion Bear,as their lives evolve and entwine with the wild herds of Exmoor. It follows the endearing,exciting and at times perilous experiences of the ponies ¿ including unwelcome nighttime adventures, the quest to find foals lost in the wilderness and an entire moorlandherd in jeopardy. With an expanding herd and challenges to face, author Dawn Westcottlooks to the ponies themselves for help and inspiration: they in turn respond in a way thatoffers magical insights into what is going on in their hearts and minds.This book is an invaluable reference for people interested in better understandingand winning the trust and friendship of ponies. It also highlights the challenges ofsafeguarding the endangered Exmoor ponies of Exmoor National Park.

Wild Pony Whispering

The Real Life Story of How an Orphaned Exmoor Pony Foal Helped Us to to Tame and Understand the Wild Ponies of Exmoor

Author: Dawn Westcott

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780857042767


Page: 144

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This is the real-life story of Monsieur Chapeau, a wild, orphaned Exmoor pony foal found severely malnourished with pneumonia on the moors of Exmoor and how he survived and thrived beyond all expectations - bringing with him the secrets of how to create a bond of trust and friendship with the wild Exmoor ponies.

Lucy Kemp-Welch, 1869-1958

the spirit of the horse

Author: Laura Wortley,Lucy Kemp-Welch

Publisher: Antique Collectors Club Ltd


Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 215

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"Using Black Beauty as the theme running through her book, and drawing on personal diaries and letters," the author tells the life story and the artistic development of the illustrator of J.M. Dent's 1915 edition of Black Beauty.

The Official Horse Breeds Standards Guide

The Complete Guide to the Standards of All North American Equine Breed Associatio

Author: F. Lynghaug

Publisher: Voyageur Press (MN)

ISBN: 9780760334997

Category: Pets

Page: 672

View: 9365

The only official guidebook to horse breed standards and conformation in North America, with breed history and information on gait and distinctive traits, temperament, colors, and variations.

Inside the Rainbow Serpent

Author: Dorian Brunt

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1784628158

Category: Fiction

Page: 200

View: 9784

Two murders, two years and eight thousand miles apart. Trained killers waiting patiently outside the opera at the Verona Arena. Shadowy figures ransacking a Lake Como hotel room. A chance encounter on a tropical beach in the place that sweeps clean in the country that isn’t there. Five separate events. One connection. Corley James’ holiday comes to an abrupt end when he is told that his father has been murdered. He has to immediately abandon his plans and use all of his energy and intellect to work out how these events are connected, or become the killer’s next victim. As he is pursued relentlessly across Europe and Australia, Corley deciphers a series of cryptic messages left by his father which lead him to uncovering one of the greatest political scandals of all time. However, Corley’s ability to bring the scandal to the world’s attention hangs in the balance when he is finally confronted by the killer. It is a confrontation that only one of them will survive.

Katy's Wild Foal

Katy's Exmoor Ponies 1

Author: Victoria Eveleigh

Publisher: Orion Children's Books

ISBN: 1444006258

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 112

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Katy's birthday doesn't feel very special, until she discovers a tiny newborn foal on the moor. It walks right up to her with wobbly steps, and Katy is spellbound. As she reaches out and touches its forehead, Katy longs for the foal to be hers. But how will she ever persuade her family?

The General's Game Book

The Sporting Life of a Military Gentleman

Author: Major-General Dare Wilson, CBE, MC, DL, FRIGS

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 1783030054

Category: History

Page: 224

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Dare Wilson's sporting career dates back to 1920s when, as a small boy, he started fishing in Northumberland on River Derwent. Since then as he has pursued successful careers in the Army and Conservation, he has fished and shot all over the world; turkey hunting and snake catching in Georgia, pheasants in Korea, sand grouse and quail in Palestine, geese in Ireland, ducks in Manitoba.??A natural story teller, General Wilson's sporting career almost ended while wildfowling in The Wash in early 1939 – he, his Cambridge University friends and their dogs were saved by a miracle. An uninterrupted line of black Labradors have shared Dare's experiences. The current one, is the 12th. ??For good measure the General tells of his thrilling winter sports (skiing and cresta) and parachuting experiences. His team of SAS free-fallers broke the World Record in 1962 – tragically one member died.??Dare may have lived life on the edge but the risks he has taken have always been carefully calculated. Had they not been he would not still be an active fisherman and shot in his 90's. This is a treasure trove of sporting stories.

Anecdotes of Painting in England;

With Some Account of the Principal Artists; : and Incidental Notes on Other Arts;

Author: Horace Walpole,George Vertue

Publisher: N.A


Category: Painting, English

Page: N.A

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Spirit of the Shetland Pony

Author: Heidi M. Sands

Publisher: Pixz

ISBN: 9781906887599

Category: Shetland pony

Page: 64

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Standing inches high - when all our other native ponies stand hands - the Shetland is a gutsy little powerhouse who never fails to impress. 'The Spirit of the Shetland Pony' captures the essence of these beautiful creatures.

The Spirit of New Forest Ponies

Author: Mike Read

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781841147307

Category: Landscape photography

Page: 64

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The New Forest Pony is a unique breed & one of its outstanding characteristics is its good-natured temperament. This, combined with its musclular frame, makes it an excellent riding pony & has been exported widely around the world. This text reveals the special 'spirit' of the ponies through photographs taken by Mike Read.

Spirit of the Welsh Mountain Pony

Author: Fleur Hallam

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780857100290

Category: Welsh Mountain pony

Page: 64

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Photographer Fleur Hallam has captured these beautiful ponies in their homeland, from the mountains and lowlands of Wales, through to the grace of the ponies on the show field, showing the Welsh mountain pony at its hardy and spirited best.