The Land Where Lemons Grow

The Story of Italy and its Citrus Fruit

Author: Helena Attlee

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141967862

Category: Travel

Page: 272

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Travellers have always been thrilled by the sight of citrus in Italy, where dark leaves and bright fruit seem to charge the landscape, making the trees symbols of a sun-soaked, poetic vision of the country. Citrus also holds a special place in the Italian imagination, and in The Land Where Lemons Grow, Helena Attlee sets out to explore its curious past and its enduring resonance in Italian culture. Building on a life of travel and work in Italy, she undertakes a journey encompassing the sticky streets of Ivrea during the Battle of Oranges, the comfortable gardens of Tuscany's villas and a magic triangle of land in Sicily, where the best blood oranges in the world grow in the shadow of a volcano. She maps the citron's long migration from the foothills of the Himalayas to the shores of southern Italy, traces the bitter juice of Seville oranges through ancient Roman and Renaissance cookery books, exposes early manifestations of the Mafia during the nineteenth-century citrus boom, and laments the loss of landscapes shaped by citrus cultivation. The book is a celebration of the unique qualities of Italy's citrus fruit, from bergamot that will thrive only on a short stretch of coastline, to Calabria's Diamante citrons, vital to Jews all over the world during the celebration of Sukkoth. The Land Where Lemons Grow is a heady mixture of travel writing, history, horticulture and art; a unique journey through Italy's cultural, culinary and political past. Helena Attlee is the author of four books about Italian gardens, and others on the cultural history of gardens around the world. Helena is a Fellow of the Royal Literary Fund and has worked in Italy for nearly 30 years.

The Land Where Lemons Grow: The Story of Italy and Its Citrus Fruit

Author: Helena Attlee

Publisher: The Countryman Press

ISBN: 1581576102

Category: Cooking

Page: 248

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A unique culinary adventure through Italian history The Land Where Lemons Grow is the sweeping story of Italy's cultural history told through the history of its citrus crops. From the early migration of citrus from the foothills of the Himalayas to Italy's shores to the persistent role of unique crops such as bergamot (and its place in the perfume and cosmetics industries) and the vital role played by Calabria's unique Diamante citrons in the Jewish celebration of Sukkoth, author Helena Attlee brings the fascinating history and its gustatory delights to life. Whether the Battle of Oranges in Ivrea, the gardens of Tuscany, or the story of the Mafia and Sicily's citrus groves, Attlee transports readers on a journey unlike any other.

Midnight In Sicily

On Art, Feed, History, Travel and la Cosa Nostra

Author: Peter Robb

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 1466861290

Category: Travel

Page: 480

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A New York Times Book Review Notable Book of the Year A New York Public Library Best Book of the Year From the author of M and A Death in Brazil comes Midnight in Sicily. South of mainland Italy lies the island of Sicily, home to an ancient culture that--with its stark landscapes, glorious coastlines, and extraordinary treasure troves of art and archeology--has seduced travelers for centuries. But at the heart of the island's rare beauty is a network of violence and corruption that reaches into every corner of Sicilian life: Cosa Nostra, the Mafia. Peter Robb lived in southern Italy for over fourteen years and recounts its sensuous pleasures, its literature, politics, art, and crimes.

The Fruit, Herbs and Vegetables of Italy

An Offering to Lucy, Countess of Bedford

Author: Giacomo Castelvetro

Publisher: Prospect Books (UK)


Category: Cooking

Page: 151

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This is a new edition of a classic of early seventeenth-century food-writing. The book was written by the Italian refugee, educator and humanist Giacomo Castelvetro who had been saved from the clutches of the Inquisition in Venice by the English ambassador, Sir Dudley Carleton in 1611. When he came to England, he was horrified by our preference for large helpings of meat, masses of sugar and very little greenstuff. The Italians were both good gardeners, and familiar with many varieties of vegetable and fruit that were as yet little known in England. He circulated his Italian manuscript among his supporters, dedicating it to Lucy, Countess of Bedford, herself a keen gardener and patron of literature. Gillian Riley's translation of this hitherto unpublished document has been recognized as being fluent, entertaining and accurate from its first appearance in 1989. Castelvetro takes us through the gardener's year, listing the fruit and vegetables as they come into season, with simple and elegant ways of preparing them. Practical instructions are interspersed with tender vignettes of his life in his native city of Modena, memories of his years in Venice and reminiscences of his travels in Europe


A History

Author: Pierre Laszlo

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226470288

Category: Gardening

Page: 252

View: 1526

Walk into your local grocery store and down the produce aisle, and you’ll find a dazzling array of citrus, from navel oranges and clementines to grapefruit and key limes—and sometimes even more exotic fare like the Japanese yuzu or the baboon lemon. Nearly 100 million tons of citrus are produced globally every year, but where did these fruits first come from? How did they find their way into the Western world? And how did they become both a culinary and cultural phenomenon? Pierre Laszlo here traces the spectacular rise and spread of citrus across the globe: from Southeast Asia in 4000 BC through North Africa and the Roman Empire to early modern Spain and Portugal, whose explorers introduced the fruits to the Americas during the 1500s. Blending scientific rigor with personal curiosity, Citrus ransacks over two millennia of world history, exploring the numerous roles that citrus has played in agriculture, horticulture, cooking, nutrition, religion, and art—from the Jewish feast of the Tabernacles through the gardens and courts of Versailles to the canvasses of Vincent van Gogh to the orange groves of southern California and the juicing industry of today. “Laszlo . . . has approached the lore of citrus fruit with the élan of a master chef (the man is French, after all), mixing history, economics, biology and chemistry to produce a book that will bring a smile to readers of every taste.”—Natural History “Altogether charming, eccentric, erudite, and definitely worth the price.”—Times Higher Education Supplement “Stimulating. . . . Laszlo shows that the citrus fruit ‘is a treasure trove of chemicals that are highly useful to humankind’—which also happens to taste wonderful.”—Sunday Times (UK) “A short but brilliant account of 6,000 years of citrus fruits that should be devoured with fervor.”—Financial Times “Did you know there are a billion citrus trees under cultivation, or that grapefruit juice may potentiate the effects of Viagra? Citrus mines over two millennia of history to explore the spread of these fruits out of Asia, their commercialization in the United States, and enduring symbolism the world over.”—New Scientist

Bitter Almonds

Recollections and Recipes from a Sicilian Girlhood

Author: Mary Taylor Simeti,Maria Grammatico

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 150402625X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

View: 410

At the age of eleven, the daughter of a Sicilian sharecropper, Maria Grammatico, entered the San Carlo Institute in the mountaintop town of Erice, an orphanage run by nuns who were famous throughout Sicily for their almond pastries, but who were less adept at dealing with young girls. After ten years of hard work and harsh discipline, Maria emerged with the secrets of the nuns’ pastries hidden inside her head. This is the story of her carefree country childhood—her Dickensian life in the orphanage with no heat, no running water, and only wood-burning ovens—and her triumphs as an entrepreneur and a world-famous pastry chef. Bitter Almonds includes 46 of the recipes that she ‘stole’ from the nuns, committed to writing for the first time in these pages.

Eating Up Italy: Voyages on a Vespa

Author: Matthew Fort

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0007365187

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 9519

Italy’s tumultuous history can be traced through its food. In an epic scooter trip from the Ionian Sea to the far north, distiguished food writer Matthew Fort explores the local gastronomy and culinary culture of a country where regional differences are vibrantly alive.

The Pursuit of Italy

A History of a Land, Its Regions, and Their Peoples

Author: David Gilmour

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141043415

Category: Italy

Page: 447

View: 7099

David Gilmour's captivating history tells the story of Italy from Virgil to Verdi and on to today. Filled with colourful figures, vivid detail and personal observations based on a lifelong love of Italy, it also debunks many of the myths surrounding the country. Gilmour shows that Italy's glory comes not from a unified national identity, but from its regions, with their distinctive art, cuisine, civic cultures and traditions. 'The best one-volume history of Italy now available . . . has the same tonic, exhilarating impact as the thigh-slapping overture to a Verdi opera.' Jonathan Keates, Literary Review 'Lucid and elegant, clever and provocative . . . Tracing Italy's history from Romulus and Remus to the misdemeanours of Silvio Berlusconi, Gilmour develops his thesis with wit, style, and a great deal of learning.' Dominic Sandbrook, Sunday Times 'Elegantly written, stimulating, up-to-date.' Tony Barber, Financial Times, Books of the Year 'Wonderful . . . riveting . . . no better history book was published this year.' Geoffrey Wheatcroft, Observer, Books of the Year 'A witty guide with an elegant prose style and a mind delightfully furnished with anecdotes and dictums, sensual impressions and conversations. Its prose smells of a convivial meal eaten below a pergola in the Pisan hills.' Lucy Hughes-Hallett, Sunday Telegraph

A Fez of the Heart

Travels Around Turkey in Search of a Hat

Author: Jeremy Seal

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 1509827412

Category: Travel

Page: N.A

View: 9033

Jeremy Seal set out across Turkey, in the extremes of winter, to trace the astonishing history of a cone-shaped hat. He soon saw the fez as the key by which Turkey, beset by contradiction, might be understood. ‘Almost all you could ever need to know about modern Turkey, modern Turks and their one-time headgear. Extremely well written and very funny’ Eric Newby ‘Original and beautifully observed, the book reads like Chatwin with jokes’ Independent ‘Intelligent, funny and informative travelogue . . . Not so much a book about hats as a skilled and entertaining portrait of modern Turkey’ Sunday Times ‘Armchair travellers can rarely have had such a delightfully eccentric guide as Jeremy Seal . . . weaves history, personal and illuminating observation into a sprightly seamless whole’ Scotland on Sunday

Honey from a Weed

Fasting and Feasting in Tuscany, Catalonia, the Cyclades, and Apulia

Author: Patience Gray

Publisher: Prospect Books (UK)

ISBN: 9781903018200

Category: Cooking

Page: 374

View: 4287

This book is perhaps the jewel in Prospect's crown. Within a few months of its first appearance in 1986 it was hailed as a modern classic. Fiona MacCarthy wrote in The Times that, 'the book is a large and grandiose life history, a passionate narrative of extremes of experience.' Jeremy Round called Patience Gray 'the high priestess of cooking', whose book 'pushes the form of the cookery book as far as it can go.' Angela Carter remarked that 'it was less a cookery book that a summing-up of the genre of the late-modern British cookery book.' The work has attracted a cult following in the United States, where passages have been read out at great length on the radio; and it has been anthologized by Paul Levy in The Penguin Book of Food and Drink. It was given a special award by the Andr� Simon Book Prize committee in 1987.

Vampires in the Lemon Grove


Author: Karen Russell

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307961087

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 1259

From the author of the New York Times best seller Swamplandia!—a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize—a magical new collection of stories that showcases Karen Russell’s gifts at their inimitable best. A dejected teenager discovers that the universe is communicating with him through talismanic objects left behind in a seagull’s nest. A community of girls held captive in a silk factory slowly transmute into human silkworms, spinning delicate threads from their own bellies, and escape by seizing the means of production for their own revolutionary ends. A massage therapist discovers she has the power to heal by manipulating the tattoos on a war veteran’s lower torso. When a group of boys stumble upon a mutilated scarecrow bearing an uncanny resemblance to the missing classmate they used to torment, an ordinary tale of high school bullying becomes a sinister fantasy of guilt and atonement. In a family’s disastrous quest for land in the American West, the monster is the human hunger for acquisition, and the victim is all we hold dear. And in the collection’s marvelous title story—an unforgettable parable of addiction and appetite, mortal terror and mortal love—two vampires in a sun-drenched lemon grove try helplessly to slake their thirst for blood. Karen Russell is one of today’s most celebrated and vital writers—honored in The New Yorker’s list of the twenty best writers under the age of forty, Granta’s Best of Young American Novelists, and the National Book Foundation’s five best writers under the age of thirty-five. Her wondrous new work displays a young writer of superlative originality and invention coming into the full range and scale of her powers. This ebook edition includes a Reading Group Guide.

Italian Ways: On and Off the Rails from Milan to Palermo

Author: Tim Parks

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393348822

Category: Transportation

Page: 288

View: 6782

An Italian travelogue describes the trains that traverse the country, from the architecture of old train stations to the new high-speed railways, and portrays the author's memorable encounters along the way.

Edith Wharton's Italian Gardens

Author: Vivian Russell

Publisher: Bulfinch Press

ISBN: 9780821223970

Category: Gardening

Page: 192

View: 2987

This elegant new volume combines Edith Wharton's sensual prose tour of Italy's most gorgeous gardens with stunning photographs that capture these lush spaces in all their past, present, and enduringly haunting beauty. Wharton devotees, gardeners, and Italophiles alike will delight in following in the writer's turn-of-the-century footsteps. 30 historical bandw photos. 180 modern color photos.

The Gardens of Portugal

Author: Helena Attlee

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Limited

ISBN: 9780711226937

Category: Gardening

Page: 176

View: 6288

The gardens of Portugal are among the most cosmopolitan in the world. The product of Portugal's long seafaring history, they bring together ideas from East and West in a style that is, in both design and planting, confident, flamboyant, exotic, and distinctly Portuguese. In the golden age of Portuguese exploration the glazed tiles and distinctive water tanks of the Moorish style were combined with the open loggias and box parterres of the Italian Renaissance, and gardens were decorated with statues and reliefs of dolphins, sea horses, anchors and other maritime motifs. From China, Japan, Africa, Australia and the Americas, Portugal's seafarers brought new seeds and plants such as camellias and rhododendrons that flourished in the mild climate.This book describes some twenty-eight gardens, stunningly photographed by John Ferro Sims.

A Time In Rome

Author: Elizabeth Bowen

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1446496864

Category: Travel

Page: 256

View: 6441

Elizabeth Bowen's account of a time spent in Rome is no ordinary guidebook but an evocation of a city - its history, its architecture and, above all, its atmosphere. She describes the famous classical sites, conjuring from the ruins visions of former inhabitants and their often bloody activities and speculates about the immense noise of ancient Rome, the problems caused by the Romans' dining posture, and the Roman temperament. She evokes the city's moods - by day, when it is characterised by golden sunlight, and at night, when the blaze of the moon 'annihilates history'.

Italy's Private Gardens

An Inside View

Author: Helena Attlee

Publisher: Frances Lincoln

ISBN: 9780711229105

Category: Gardening

Page: 208

View: 5061

Helena Attlee’s 20 years of experience with gardens lets her bring readers the very best in Italy's Private Gardens. She has talked and teased with owners, in the process admiring some of Italy's finest gardens, both large and small. She has even delved into the past and explored the future. The result is a book full of wonderfully fresh insight into those most marvelous of creations — the great gardens of Italy. At Villa Barbarigo in the Veneto, Count Pizzoni Ardemani recounts childhood tales of playing in the garden and talking to the statues. Countess Pietromarchi persuades roses to thrive in the challenging climate of central Italy, sharing this secret — and many others — in her garden at La Ferriera in southern Tuscany. Each garden has been specially photographed by Alex Ramsay and he, too, brings readers the people behind the plants in this spectacular, unique look at beautiful gardens.

Saving the Season

A Cook's Guide to Home Canning, Pickling, and Preserving

Author: Kevin West

Publisher: Knopf

ISBN: 0307599485

Category: Cooking

Page: 532

View: 1024

A sumptuously illustrated reference for home cooks and preserving enthusiasts provides more than 100 seasonally organized recipes for options ranging from sweet preserves and savory pickles to produce and condiments, sharing related information about safety, nutrition and American preserving traditions.

Ethan Stowell's New Italian Kitchen

Bold Cooking from Seattle's Anchovies & Olives, how to Cook a Wolf, Staple & Fancy Mercantile, and Tavolàta

Author: Ethan Stowell,Leslie Ann Miller

Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.

ISBN: 158008818X

Category: Cooking

Page: 228

View: 7088

The acclaimed young chef from Seattle's Union, Tavolata, How to Cook a Wolf and Olives & Anchovies restaurants presents a collection of sophisticated modern Italian recipes that incorporate Pacific Northwest flavors. A first book.