The Lawrence Browne Affair

Author: Cat Sebastian

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 0062642502

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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An earl hiding from his future . . . Lawrence Browne, the Earl of Radnor, is mad. At least, that’s what he and most of the village believes. A brilliant scientist, he hides himself away in his family’s crumbling estate, unwilling to venture into the outside world. When an annoyingly handsome man arrives at Penkellis, claiming to be Lawrence’s new secretary, his carefully planned world is turned upside down. A swindler haunted by his past . . . Georgie Turner has made his life pretending to be anyone but himself. A swindler and con man, he can slip into an identity faster than he can change clothes. But when his long-dead conscience resurrects and a dangerous associate is out for blood, Georgie escapes to the wilds of Cornwall. Pretending to be a secretary should be easy, but he doesn’t expect that the only madness he finds is the one he has for the gorgeous earl. Can they find forever in the wreckage of their lives? Challenging each other at every turn, the two men soon give into the desire that threatens to overwhelm them. But with one man convinced he is at the very brink of madness and the other hiding his real identity, only true love can make this an affair to remember.

Die Lawrence Browne Affäre

Author: Cat Sebastian

Publisher: dead soft verlag

ISBN: 3960892543

Category: Fiction

Page: 326

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Ein Earl, der sich vor der Zukunft versteckt ... Lawrence Browne, der Earl of Radnor, ist verrückt. Zumindest glaubt er das – und da ist er nicht allein. Er ist ein brillanter Wissenschaftler, der sich vor anderen Menschen versteckt. Doch als ein verdammt attraktiver Fremder seine Welt betritt, um als Sekretär bei ihm zu arbeiten, wird alles, was er so peinlich genau geplant hat, auf den Kopf gestellt. Ein Schwindler, der von seiner Vergangenheit verfolgt wird ... Georgie Turner hat sein ganzes Leben damit verbracht, jemand anderes zu sein, als er in Wirklichkeit ist. Er kann schneller in eine andere Identität schlüpfen als manche in neue Kleider. Doch als er seine neue Rolle als Sekretär des Earls von Radnor annehmen will, wird ihm schnell klar, dass nicht der Earl verrückt ist, sondern die Gefühle, die er für seinen neuen Arbeitgeber empfindet.

Feather on the ‘Wind of Change’ Safaris, Surgery and Stentgrafts

Author: Michael Lawrence-Brown

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 198450245X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 506

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This book is a human and Australian story written in four distinct parts and tied together with the thread of the author’s life. It speaks for migrants who are driven by upheavals and rapid change, youth, adventure, and a desire to succeed; it is for those who arrive with hope and the countries that give them the chance of a better life. The essence is in the characters and the places, and the power is in the interaction of multiple disciplines. It tells of invention, of research and development, and of a device that saved lives, spared thousands the pain and suffering of major operations, and funded facilities and teaching. The feelings of the author are expressed in anecdotes with emotion, stark reality, tragedies, humor, failures, and achievement. Starting with Kenya and safaris in East Africa, the story moves on to migration, Australian culture in the sixties and then medicine and invention in surgery. It involves peoples with multiple skills in different settings. Perceptions of training of surgeons have fired public curiosity, and this story is from the inside of medical school and, ultimately, about what makes a surgeon. The twentieth century saw unrivaled changes in technology, politics, and human relations; the collapse of the British Empire; and the dispersal of its colonials. This is the story of a colonial boy, who was one of many that traveled like feathers on the wind of change that blew across Africa. The author was honored with the Award Officer of Australia (AO) for leading a team in research and development in vascular and endovascular surgery. The story is for the unsung diverse group of special individuals who made it possible. They convinced establishments, hurdled passionate special interest groups, negotiated institutional politics, and precipitated government actions to address new concepts.

Aus Versehen verliebt


Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Publisher: Blanvalet Taschenbuch Verlag

ISBN: 3641028361

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

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Liebe hat nie ein Drehbuch ... Es ist nicht leicht, ein Star mit dem Image einer mutigen, romantischen Heldin zu sein, wenn man vor den Trümmern seiner Ehe und seiner Filmkarriere steht. Aber was hat sich Georgie York nur dabei gedacht, in Las Vegas spontan Bram Shepard, ihren grässlichen Filmpartner zu heiraten? Die schlimmste Fehlbesetzung ihres Lebens! Und es gibt nicht mal ein Drehbuch, an das sich Georgie jetzt halten kann. Oder entpuppt sich der Mann mit den strahlend blauen Augen und dem teuflisch schwarzen Herzen doch als versteckter Traummann?


Author: Kevin Schultz

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 0495005274

Category: Education

Page: 528

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Created through a “student-tested, faculty-approved” review process, HIST is a concise, visually appealing text that introduces the essential concepts of U.S history. This brief, affordable paperback includes a full suite of learning aids to accommodate the busy, diverse lifestyles of today’s learners, including flashcards and a fantastic ebook with primary source documents, historical simulations, maps, images, field trips, audio, video, interactive modules, and other features that allow students to study wherever they are, whenever they have time. Designed for today’s students in every detail, HIST was developed through conversations, focus groups, interviews, surveys, and input from over 100 students and over 150 faculty members like you. From its abbreviated, no-nonsense title, to its engaging, effective content, HIST is the perfect introductory U.S. History text for modern learners. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Imperfect Oracle

The Epistemic and Moral Authority of Science

Author: Theodore Lawrence Brown

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 0271035358

Category: Social Science

Page: 333

View: 1850

"Explores the relationships between science and other societal sectors, notably law, religion, government and public culture, in terms of the concepts of expert and moral authority"--Provided by publisher.

Bright Boulevards, Bold Dreams

The Story of Black Hollywood

Author: Donald Bogle

Publisher: One World

ISBN: 0307514935

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 432

View: 7685

In Bright Boulevards, Bold Dreams, Donald Bogle tells–for the first time–the story of a place both mythic and real: Black Hollywood. Spanning sixty years, this deliciously entertaining history uncovers the audacious manner in which many blacks made a place for themselves in an industry that originally had no place for them. Through interviews and the personal recollections of Hollywood luminaries, Bogle pieces together a remarkable history that remains largely obscure to this day. We discover that Black Hollywood was a place distinct from the studio-system-dominated Tinseltown–a world unto itself, with unique rules and social hierarchy. It had its own talent scouts and media, its own watering holes, elegant hotels, and fashionable nightspots, and of course its own glamorous and brilliant personalities. Along with famous actors including Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Hattie McDaniel (whose home was among Hollywood’s most exquisite), and, later, the stunningly beautiful Lena Horne and the fabulously gifted Sammy Davis, Jr., we meet the likes of heartthrob James Edwards, whose promising career was derailed by whispers of an affair with Lana Turner, and the mysterious Madame Sul-Te-Wan, who shared a close lifelong friendship with pioneering director D. W. Griffith. But Bogle also looks at other members of the black community–from the white stars’ black servants, who had their own money and prestige, to gossip columnists, hairstylists, and architects–and at the world that grew up around them along Central Avenue, the Harlem of the West. In the tradition of Hortense Powdermaker’s classic Hollywood: The Dream Factory and Neal Gabler’s An Empire of Their Own, in Bright Boulevards, Bold Dreams, Donald Bogle re-creates a vanished world that left an indelible mark on Hollywood–and on all of America. From the Hardcover edition.


An American Ballad

Author: Arnold H. Lubasch

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 0810885239

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

View: 7341

Paul Robeson was a towering figure in American culture, conquering many disparate venues—from football to film and law to Shakespeare. An extraordinary athlete-scholar-actor-singer, Robeson also became a crusader for human rights. In Robeson: An American Ballad, Arnold Lubasch chronicles the remarkable life of this 20th century original. In addition to detailing the highs and lows of Robeson’s life and career, Lubasch offers several personal anecdotes about this American icon, and includes commentary on the 100th-anniversary celebration of Robeson’s birth.


Author: Georgette Heyer


ISBN: 3732558991

Category: Fiction

Page: 412

View: 1598

Sir Gareth Ludlow, ein attraktiver Baron aus altadliger Familie, soll wieder heiraten. Da er noch immer um seine verstorbene Verlobte Clarissa trauert, ist die Hochzeit für ihn reine Formsache. Er ist sich sicher, dass er sich niemals wieder verlieben wird. Zum Entsetzen seiner Familie entscheidet er sich für Lady Hester, die mit ihren fast 30 Jahren bereits als unvermittelbare alte Jungfer gilt. Als er sich auf den Weg zu seiner Auserwählten macht, trifft er in einem Gasthof auf die blutjunge Amanda. Der edelmütige Baron betrachtet es als seine Pflicht, das unerfahrene Mädchen in seine Obhut zu nehmen. Doch Amanda hat es faustdick hinter den Ohren, und sie richtet mit ihrem Geflunker jede Menge Verwirrungen an ... "Frühlingsluft" (im Original "Sprig Muslin") ist eine turbulente Liebeskomödie mit lustigen Dialogen. Jetzt als eBook bei beHEARTBEAT - Herzklopfen garantiert.

Lies My Teacher Told Me

Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong

Author: James W. Loewen

Publisher: The New Press

ISBN: 1595586539

Category: Education

Page: 444

View: 7874

A completely revised edition of James W. Loewen’s classic retelling of American history, based on six new textbooks and including an all-new chapter on the recent past Since its first publication in 1995, Lies My Teacher Told Me has gone on to win an American Book Award and the Oliver Cromwell Cox Award for Distinguished Anti-Racist Scholarship, and has sold over a million copies in its various editions. What started out as a survey of the twelve leading American history textbooks has ended up being what the San Francisco Chronicle calls "an extremely convincing plea for truth in education." In Lies My Teacher Told Me, James W. Loewen brings history alive in all its complexity and ambiguity. Beginning with pre-Columbian history and ranging over characters and events as diverse as Reconstruction, Helen Keller, the first Thanksgiving, and the My Lai massacre, Loewen offers an eye-opening critique of existing textbooks, and a wonderful retelling of American history as it should—and could—be taught to American students. This new edition also features a handsome new cover and a new introduction by the author.

Ein unsittliches Angebot

Author: Cecilia Grant


ISBN: 3802591755

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 6870

Nach dem Tod ihres Mannes kämpft die junge Witwe Martha Russell darum, ihr Anwesen Seton Park zu behalten. Um ihren Anspruch darauf zu festigen, greift sie zu einer List: Mit dem attraktiven Lebemann Christopher Mirkwood will sie ein Kind zeugen, das sie als Erbe ihres verstorbenen Mannes ausgeben kann. Sie hätte jedoch nie vermutet, dass sie sich in Christopher verlieben könnte ...

Begegnung um Mitternacht

Author: KJ Charles


ISBN: 3736302223

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 5575

England 1904: Vor zwei Jahren raubte ein schreckliches Unglück Captain Archie Curtis seine Zukunft beim Militär. War es ein Unfall oder Sabotage? Fest entschlossen, die Hintergründe aufzudecken, nimmt er eine Einladung auf ein abgelegenes Anwesen an. Ebenfalls zu Gast ist Daniel da Silva - dekadent, exotisch und kultiviert. Der Poet verkörpert alles, was der geradlinige Offizier fürchtet, und übt doch eine ungeahnte Anziehungskraft auf Curtis aus. Und während die elegante Fassade der Gesellschaft zu bröckeln beginnt und darunter Verrat, Erpressung und Mord zum Vorschein kommen, stellt Curtis fest, dass er den faszinierenden Daniel braucht wie keinen Menschen zuvor ...

Politics and Health Care Organization

HMOs as Federal Policy

Author: Lawrence Brown

Publisher: Brookings Institution Press

ISBN: 9780815717157

Category: Medical

Page: 550

View: 5464

Among various health cost containment strategies proposed during the 1970s, none has held more sustained fascination than the health maintenance organization (HMO). For many years, policy analysts in search of market- and incentive-based alternatives to “command and control” regulation have argued that medical groups combining prepayment and group practice, and offering comprehensive medical services within a fixed budget, would hold down costs both by their own efficient operations and by the competitive pressures they would apply to the conventional systems. During the 1970s, three presidents and five Congresses worked to formulate and implement legislation to increase the HMO presence nationwide, with very modest results. Some observers concluded that but for the well-intended but counterproductive efforts of the federal government, HMOs might thrive. Indeed, the Reagan administration has called for an end to direct federal financial involvement in building HMOs—though it has also promised legislation to promote HMOs and a newly competitive health care system based on revamped financial incentives and reinvigorated markets. In this book, Lawrence D. Brown, a senior fellow in the Brookings Governmental Studies program, examines the interplay between politics and policy in the federal HMO development effort between 1970 and 1980. He argues that the basic explanation for the disappointments of the policy analysts and federal supporters of HMOs lies not in a political miscarriage but in the overambitious promises of the policy strategy itself. Tracing the poor fit between policy and politics revealed by federal efforts to translate the attractive HMO idea into a workable strategy, Brown concludes that the episode augurs poorly for the competitive reforms frequently offered as a nonregulatory solution to rising health care costs in the 1980s.

Oregon omnibus wilderness act

hearing before the Subcommittee on the Environment and Land Resources of the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, United States Senate, Ninety-fourth Congress, second session -

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs. Environment and Land Resources Subcommittee,United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Subcommittee on Public Lands and Resources

Publisher: N.A


Category: Nature

Page: N.A

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An Investigation Into the History of Lynching in the United States

Author: James Elbert Cutler

Publisher: N.A


Category: Lynching

Page: 287

View: 759