The Paper Time Machine

Colouring the Past

Author: Wolfgang Wild

Publisher: Unbound

ISBN: 9781783523733


Page: 304

View: 6748

Past and present fuse in this lavishly produced book of historical black-and-white photographs, meticulously researched and digitally reconstructed in full and accurate colour. The Paper Time Machine is a book that will change the way you think about the past. It contains 130 historical black-and-white photographs, reconstructed in colour and introduced by Wolfgang Wild - creator and curator of the Retronaut website. The site has become a global phenomenon, collecting images that collapse the distance between the past and present and tear a hole in our map of time.The Paper Time Machine goes even further. Early photographic technology lacked acrucial ingredient - colour. As early as the invention of the medium, skilled artisans applied colour to photographs by hand, attempting to convey the vibrancy and immediacyof life in vivid detail. In most cases this was crude and unconvincing. Until now. The timebendingimages in The Paper Time Machine have been painstakingly restored and rendered in full and accurate colour by Jordan Lloyd of Dynamichrome, a company that has taken the craft of colour reconstruction to a new level. Each element of every photograph has been researched and colour-checked for historical authenticity. Behold American child labourers from the early twentieth century, alongside the construction of the Statue of Liberty. Marvel at crisp photographs from the Crimean Warin 1855, balanced with never-before-seen pictures from the Walt Disney archive. As the layers of colour build up, the effect is disorientingly real and the decades and centuries fall away. It is as though we are standing at the original photographer's elbow. This is a landmark photographic book - a collection of historical 'remixes' that exist alongside the original photographs but draw out qualities, textures and details that have hitherto remained hidden. Let The Paper Time Machine transport you. It is as close to time travel as we are ever likely to get.

History as They Saw It

Iconic Moments from the Past in Color

Author: Wolfgang Wild,Jordan Lloyd

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 1452169845

Category: Photography

Page: 284

View: 2864

This revolutionary photography collection is as close to time travel as it gets. Featuring 120 historic black-and-white photographs thoroughly restored and rendered in color, this book illuminates some of the most iconic moments in history, from the sinking of the Titanic to the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge. Brought to life with vibrant color, these incredible images effectively blur the distinction between past and present and bring history within arm's reach. With a timeline spanning more than 100 years, from 1839 to 1949, this unique ebook will amaze history and photography buffs alike, offering new perspectives on significant moments of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Color of Time

A New History of the World: 1850-1960

Author: Dan Jones

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781643130545

Category: History

Page: 448

View: 8908

The Color of Time spans more than one hundred years of world history--from the reign of Queen Victoria and the American Civil War to the Cuban Missile Crisis and the beginning of the Space Age. It charts the rise and fall of empires, the achievements of science, industrial developments, the arts, the tragedies of war, the politics of peace, and the lives of men and women who made history.This illustrated narrative is a collaboration between a gifted Brazilian artist and a New York Times bestselling British historian. Marina Amaral has created two hundred stunning images, using rare photographs as the basis for her full-color digital renditions. Dan Jones has written a narrative that anchors each image in its context and weaves them into a vivid account of the world that we live in today.A fusion of amazing pictures and well-chosen words, The Color of Time offers a unique--and often beautiful--perspective on the past.


The Photographic Time Machine

Author: Chris Wild

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 1426213832

Category: History

Page: 351

View: 7777

Based on the popular basement blog, a treasury of rare celebrity photographs from the 1960s and 1970s challenges popular conceptions about history and includes such entries as Martha Stewart as a fashion model, Kim Jong Il in a bumper car and Ronald Reagan modeling in a sculpture class. Original.

Snowflake Designs Coloring Book

Author: A. G. Smith

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486456862

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 2169

The unique patterns of snowflakes are limitless — and so are the coloring possibilities this beautiful book has to offer! Here are 30 expertly rendered illustrations of nature's most dazzling creations, as individual flakes and in scattered storms. Simply add your creative spirit to this blizzard of designs and watch each snowflake flutter to life.

Art Masterpieces to Color

60 Great Paintings from Botticelli to Picasso

Author: Marty Noble

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486433813

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 126

View: 1384

Colorists of all ages are invited to create their own versions of 60 great paintings. From masterpieces by Michelangelo and Raphael to striking creations by Paul Gauguin and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, this ready-to-color collection includes excellent renderings of Grant Wood's American Gothic, Winslow Homer's Snap the Whip, and Edward Hopper's Hotel Room, as well as compositions by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, Mary Cassatt, Paul Cézanne, Edward Burne-Jones, Claude Monet, John Singer Sargent, Vincent van Gogh, and 45 other great artists. Printed on one side only, the illustrations can be colored with a variety of media, including watercolors. All paintings are shown in original colors on the inside covers and notes provide information on each artist.

The Time Machine

Easyread Comfort Edition

Author: H. G. Wells


ISBN: 1427070539

Category: Fiction

Page: 156

View: 2237

The Time Machine (1895) is considered one of the greatest science fiction novels ever written. Like other early works of science fiction, it deals with the author's angst about individual/industrial relations and explores a socialist political vision. Wells's protagonist travels to the year 802,701 and meets the Eloi, a frail set of humans who live simple lives without any need for technology. Later, he meets the Morlocks, bestial cannibals who work under ground to support the Eloi.

The Time Machine and The Invisible Man

Author: H. G. Wells

Publisher: Knickerbocker Classics

ISBN: 1631064207

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 3512

From the “father of science fiction,” H. G. Wells, comes two masterpieces of speculative storytelling: The Time Machine and The Invisible Man. The former propels the reader into the distant future, where a decaying Earth is being gradually swallowed by the Sun and where two strange species--the delicate Eloi and the fierce, subterranean Morlocks--inhabit an eerie dystopia. The latter offers the mesmerizing account of a bitter young scientist who discovers the chemical secret of invisibility, uses it on himself, and embarks on a terrifying descent into crime, obsession, and insanity. Both horrifying and thought-provoking, these cautionary tales are combined into an elegantly designed clothbound edition that features an elastic closure and a new introduction.


History's Most Important Images in Living Colour

Author: Michael Carroll

Publisher: Carpet Bombing Culture

ISBN: 9781908211507

Category: Photography

Page: 216

View: 5976

Through the careful selection of striking images and dedicated colourization research, Retrographic will take you on a visual tour of the distant past. Many of these moments are already burned into our collective memory through the power of photography as shared by people across the 177-year long Age of the Image. And now, these visual time capsules are collected together for the first time and presented in living colour. Over 100 images including the following topics: 19th Century: the Victorians, exploration, colonialism, indigenous people, science, warfare 20th century: lifestyle, WW1, Irish Independence, Great Depression, WW2, Hollywood, US, Russian, German, French and British history, the Cold War, 50's and 60's icons and the social revolution Littered with informative gems and a powerful narrative that bounces themes of conflict, exploration, progress, regression, culture and hope across the Age of the Image, Retrographic is the ultimate celebration of human civilization s most impactful medium."

A Book That Takes Its Time

An Unhurried Adventure in Creative Mindfulness

Author: Irene Smit,Astrid van der Hulst,Editors of Flow magazine

Publisher: Workman Publishing

ISBN: 0761193774

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 340

View: 1262

Take time to breathe. Take time to create. Take time to reflect, take time to let go. A book that’s unique in the way it mixes reading and doing, A Book That Takes Its Time is like a mindfulness retreat between two covers. Created in partnership with Flow, the groundbreaking international magazine that celebrates creativity, beautiful illustration, a love of paper, and life’s little pleasures, A Book That Takes Its Time mixes articles, inspiring quotes, and what the editors call “goodies”—bound-in cards, mini-journals, stickers, posters, blank papers for collaging, and more—giving it a distinctly handcrafted, collectible feeling. Read about the benefits of not multitasking, then turn to “The Joy of One Thing at a Time Notebook” tucked into the pages. After a short piece on the power of slowing down, fill in the designed notecards for a Beautiful Moments jar. Make a personal timeline. Learn the art of hand-lettering. Dig into your Beginner’s Mind. Embrace the art of quitting. Take the writing cure. And always smile. Move slowly and with intention through A Book That Takes Its Time, and discover that sweet place where life can be both thoughtful and playful.

The Color of Secrets

Author: Lindsay Ashford

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing

ISBN: 9781477828434

Category: Fiction

Page: 402

View: 3004

Everyone has secrets, but some can change your life forever.… In the midst of the Second World War, Eva receives the devastating news that her husband is missing and presumed dead. Neither wife nor widow, she lives in a numb state of limbo until, in the heat of an English summer, she meets Bill, a black American GI. Despite their vastly different backgrounds, neither can deny the love that overcomes them in the frantic weeks that follow, when every day could be their last. After Eva discovers she's pregnant, Bill is shipped off to join the D-day fight, leaving her alone in a bigoted world. As her mixed-race daughter, Louisa, grows up, how far will Eva go to keep her safe and bury the past? And how far will Louisa go to uncover the truth?

Doodle Chaos

Zifflin's Coloring Book

Author: Zifflin

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781523834778


Page: 106

View: 8295

Introducing Doodle Chaos, the 3rd book in the Zifflin Doodle Series, featuring designs from Philippines based artist Irvin Ranada. Inspired by the bustle of cities and dreams of faraway places, Chaos packs a punch in every page. New characters lie in wait to burst into life as you color; dynamic scenarios unfold before your eyes. Escape the stress and pressure of the real world and immerse yourself in this vibrant adult coloring book. Embrace the chaos!

Fortnite Coloring Book: New Season Edition

45 Action-Packed Fortnite Coloring Pages for You to Color In!

Author: 8mm Notch Publishing

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781722837419


Page: 94

View: 7382

Start this Fortnite season off right with the all-new Fortnite Coloring Book! Now packed with over 40 pictures, providing hours upon hours of coloring-in action! So, what are you waiting for? Buy the Fortnite Coloring Book today! Now at a reduced price! Be sure to check out the other Fortnite products in our book collection, including the themed notebooks and journals!


A Coloring Experience

Author: Jason Eaglespeaker

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781539851776


Page: 60

View: 376

Based on the best selling "UNeducation: A Residential School Graphic Novel" Indigenous graphic novel series, this brand new coloring book is unlike any you've ever seen.

A Die Hard Christmas

The Illustrated Holiday Classic

Author: Doogie Horner

Publisher: Insight Editions

ISBN: 9781608879762

Category: Humor

Page: 32

View: 5838

A delightful Christmas tale based on the action-packed Die Hard movie All John McClane wants for Christmas is to reunite with his estranged family. But when his wife’s office holiday party turns into a deadly hostage situation, he has to save her life before he can get home in time for Christmas! The unconventional fan-favorite movie Die Hard is now an illustrated storybook—complete with machine guns, European terrorists, and a cop who’s forced to rely on all his cunning and skills (and the help of a fellow officer) to save the day. Based on the classic “Night Before Christmas” poem and filled with whimsical illustrations, this cleverly reimagined homage is destined to become a holiday classic.

The Curiosity Shoppe Coloring Book

A Magical and Mad Exploration of a Most Amusing and Unexpected Assemblage of Novelties and Oddities

Author: Chris Price

Publisher: Adams Media

ISBN: 9781440595967

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 80

View: 8830

Step inside the beguiling world of the Curiosity Shoppe! Welcome to the weird, wonderful world of the Curiosity Shoppe, where every drawer, shelf, and display offers a new discovery. It's unlike anything you've ever seen--let alone colored--as the pages provide an escape to a bygone era. In The Curiosity Shoppe Coloring Book, you can explore a bric-a-brac store and bring life to its many oddities through your color choices and combinations. The Curiosity Shoppe Coloring Book is a treat for your eyes and your imagination!

Last Chance Saloon

Author: Marian Keyes

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780061843495

Category: Fiction

Page: 528

View: 8750

Ever since legwarmers were cool, best friends Tara, Katherine, and Fintan have survived small-town ennui, big-city heartbreak, and endless giddy nights out on the town. But now that they've graduated to their slightly more serious thirties, only Fintan has what can honestly be called a "love life." With Tara struggling daily with her eternal diet—and her dreadful, penny-pinching boyfriend—and Katherine keeping her single existence as organized as her drawer full of matching bra and panty sets, it seems they'll never locate the exit door out of the "last chance saloon." But it's always when you are least ready for change that fate insists on one. And when catastrophe inevitably follows crisis, the lives of three best friends are sure to change in unexpected ways ... and not necessarily for the worse. You devoured the hilarious antics of Claire in Watermelon. You laughed 'til you cried in Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married. You took a vacation gone mad in Rachel's Holiday. You flew away with Margaret—good girl gone bad—in Angels. You got a peek inside the cutthroat world of women's fashion magazines in Sushi for Beginners. Now, raise your glass to Tara, Katherine, and Fintan in Last Chance Saloon.

Assassin's Creed: The Official Coloring Book

Author: Insight Editions

Publisher: Insight Editions

ISBN: 9781608878635

Category: Art

Page: 96

View: 6743

Based on Ubisoft’s highly popular Assassin’s Creed franchise, this deluxe coloring book features line art and design of the iconic locations and scenes from the games as well as all the central protagonists from the series. Packed with intricate illustrations from the Assassin’s Creed games, this ornate coloring book gives fans the opportunity to color their way through over eighty pages of Assassins and Templars. Featuring iconic scenes of Ezio soaring over Venice in Leonardo da Vinci's flying machine, Connor in the battles of the Revolutionary War, and Altaïr performing a Leap of Faith off a castle wall, this coloring book offers patterns, images, and iconography from throughout history to fill with color.