The Psychology of Women

Author: Margaret W. Matlin

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1133419216

Category: Education

Page: 640

View: 7400

This highly respected text offers students an enjoyable, extraordinarily well-written introduction to the psychology of women with an up-to-date examination of the field and comprehensive coverage of topics. Appropriate for students from a wide variety of backgrounds, Margaret Matlin's THE PSYCHOLOGY OF WOMEN, 7th Edition, accurately depicts women's experiences through direct quotations and an emphasis on empirical research. Known for its balance of scholarship, readability, and inclusion of various kinds of women, the text reflects a genuine interest in and understanding of the readers for whom it was written. This edition is updated to incorporate the most current research, and continues to examine numerous topics that are central to many women's lives but omitted from competing textbooks, including complete chapters on childhood, adolescence, love relationships, motherhood, health psychology, and psychological disorders. Matlin also provides enhanced coverage of such important topics as social class, ethnic diversity, pregnancy, and women's retirement as she continues to lead the way for the psychology of women course. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Lectures on the Psychology of Women

Fifth Edition

Author: Joan C. Chrisler,Carla Golden

Publisher: Waveland Press

ISBN: 1478637021

Category: Psychology

Page: 405

View: 3265

Twenty-two distinct essays, prepared especially for Lectures on the Psychology of Women, present readers with topics often not covered in depth in standard texts. Essays are written by feminist psychologists, all of whom are active and committed teachers and researchers within the psychology of women. More than half the lectures are new to this edition, and the others have been significantly updated to include recent research and contemporary examples. The book’s organization aligns with core texts, making it ideal supplemental reading. However, each lecture stands alone, so instructors can assign readings to meet their own course needs. Part I on the diversity of women includes lectures on women with disabilities, social class, immigration, relational race privilege, aging, sexual fluidity, and mothering. Part II delves into body images and female embodiment, with lectures covering such topics as the sexualization of girls, PMS, weight and body image, media representations of Black women, genital anxieties, and the hairless ideal. Part III addresses women’s physical and mental health with lectures on depression, multicultural therapy, Black women’s health in the U.S., and institutional corruption in psychiatry. Part IV focuses on discrimination, control, and violence against women with lectures on slut-shaming, online gender harassment, and microaggressions. Part V on social justice and activism includes lectures on awareness of intersectional identities, and the relation between the psychology of women and feminist activism.

I Dare to Say

African Women Share Their Stories of Hope and Survival

Author: Hilda Twongyeirwe

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

ISBN: 1569769699

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

View: 7613

Featuring the real-life experiences of contemporary African women who tell of atrocities, pain, motherhood, marriage, love, and courage in their daily life, this gripping collection brings greater awareness to a continuing struggle. Denied a voice by their own culture for centuries, these women speak out for the first time, sharing poignant tales of abuse and womanhood robbed, revealing their methods of survival, and divulging their dreams for themselves and their children. A girl describes hiding under a blanket from the Lord s Resistance Army in search of child brides; a woman speaks of her family abuse and rejection followed by the deaths of her child and partner only to learn later that the father of her child was already married with eight children and had AIDS. Dramatic, sometimes heartbreaking, often inspiring, this is the first book to truly show what it means to be a 21st-century African woman."

Engendered Lives

A New Psychology Of Women's Lives

Author: Ellyn Kaschak

Publisher: Basic Books

ISBN: 9780465013494

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

View: 9884

A noted feminist psychologist takes a fascinating look at the lived and ordinary experience of women to present the first psychology of women that integrates all aspects of experience, from the physical to the sociocultural.

Majoring in Psychology

Achieving Your Educational and Career Goals

Author: Jeffrey L. Helms,Daniel T. Rogers

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118741021

Category: Education

Page: 424

View: 2383

Updated to reflect the latest data in the field, the second edition of Majoring in Psychology: Achieving Your Educational and Career Goals remains the most comprehensive and accessible text for psychology majors available today. The new edition incorporates the most up-to-date research, as well as recent changes to the GRE Reveals the benefits of pursuing a psychology degree and shows students how to prepare for a career or to continue with graduate study in the field Features a wide range of supplemental exercises and materials plus topical contributions written by national and international figures in their respective psychology subfields Online support materials for instructors include Powerpoint slides and test banks to support each chapter

Half the Human Experience

Author: Janet Shibley Hyde,Nicole Else-Quest

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1111833826

Category: Psychology

Page: 468

View: 2496

With clear, comprehensive, and cutting-edge coverage, HALF THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE, 8E delivers an authoritative analysis of classical and up-to-the-minute research from a feminist psychology viewpoint. It thoroughly examines the balance of cultural and biological similarities (and differences) between the genders, noting how these characteristics may affect issues of equality as well as how men and women behave toward one another. Reflecting the latest developments from the field, the text puts research into context and clearly explains the relationship between gender and emotion--helping to demystify the scientific process and study of feminist psychology. It includes expansive ethnicity coverage, hands-on applications, and case studies that give students further experience with key issues. This proven text equips students with a strong foundation for understanding the influences of gender, race, and ethnicity on psychology and society, as well as strategies for thinking critically about pop culture versus academic feminism as it relates to psychology. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Psychology Major’s Handbook

Author: Tara L. Kuther

Publisher: Nelson Education

ISBN: 130546527X

Category: Education

Page: 304

View: 1332

This handbook, by Tara L. Kuther, offers undergraduate students the information they need to make informed decisions about whether to pursue psychology as a major and career, as well as guidance to help them succeed as psychology majors. The first chapter introduces students to the scope of psychology and the subspecialties within the field. The second chapter helps students assess their skills, abilities, and interests in order to choose a major. Subsequent chapters help students succeed in college by offering study tips as well as guidance on how to write literature reviews and empirical papers, and by encouraging them to take an active role in their education. Career opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate levels are presented along with concrete advice for students who wish to apply for jobs after graduation and/or apply to graduate school. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Raven's Gift

Author: Don Rearden

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0143196863

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 876

John Morgan and his wife can barely contain their excitement upon arriving as the new teachers in a Yup'ik Eskimo village on the windswept Alaskan tundra. But their move proves disastrous when a deadly epidemic strikes and the isolated community descends into total chaos. When outside aid fails to arrive, John’s only hope lies in escaping the snow-covered tundra and the hunger of the other survivors—he must make the thousand-mile trek across the Alaskan wilderness for help. He encounters a blind Eskimo girl and an elderly woman who need his protection, and he needs their knowledge of the terrain to survive. The harsh journey pushes him beyond his limits as he discovers a new sense of hope and the possibility of loving again.

Modern Misogyny

Anti-Feminism in a Post-Feminist Era

Author: Kristin J. Anderson

Publisher: OUP Us

ISBN: 019932817X

Category: Psychology

Page: 183

View: 4105

Pundits and politicians often opine on the irrelevance of feminism and the women's movement today. Some commentators describe the state of feminism as "post-feminist," alongside equally questionable claims of Barack Obama's election as signaling a "post-racial" America. Modern Misogyny examines contemporary anti-feminism in a "post-feminist" era. It considers the widespread notion that the feminist movement has ended, in large part because the work of feminism has been completed. In fact, the argument goes, women have been so successful in achieving equality, it is now men who currently are at risk of becoming irrelevant and unnecessary. These sentiments make up modern anti-feminism. Modern Misogyny argues that equality has not been fully achieved and that anti-feminism is now packaged in a more palatable, but stealthy form. This book addresses the nature, function, and implications of modern anti-feminism in the United States. Modern Misogyny explores the landscape of popular culture and politics, emphasizing relatively recent moves away from feminist activism to individualism and consumerism where "self-empowerment" represents women's progress. It also explores the retreat to traditional gender roles after September 11, 2001. It interrogates the assumption that feminism is unnecessary, that women have achieved equality, and therefore those women who do insist on being feminists want to get ahead of men. Finally, it takes a fresh look at the positive role that feminism plays in today's "post-feminist" era, and how feminism does and might function in women's lives. Post-feminist discourse encourages young women to believe that they were born into a free society, so if they experience discrimination, it is an individual, isolated problem that may even be their own fault. Modern Misogyny examines that rendering of feminism as irrelevant and as the silencing and marginalizing of feminists. Anderson calls for a revived feminism that is vigilant in combatting modern forms of sexism.

Careers in Psychology: Opportunities in a Changing World

Author: Tara L. Kuther,Robert D. Morgan

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1133049672

Category: Psychology

Page: 216

View: 2809

This text addresses the growing need among students and faculty for information about the careers available in psychology at the bachelor's and graduate level. Many students taking a first course in psychology are unaware of the breadth of psychology and its many sub disciplines; this text gives them exposure to careers in each of the areas of psychology--including choices that students may never have considered. This text will help prospective and current students appreciate and evaluate their interest in pursuing a wide range of career opportunities available with a degree in psychology. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Biological Psychology

Author: James W. Kalat

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1133709737

Category: Psychology

Page: 608

View: 8344

Dr. James W. Kalat's BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY is the most widely used text in the course area, and for good reason: an extremely high level of scholarship, clear and occasionally humorous writing style, and precise examples. Throughout all eleven editions, Kalat's goal has been to make biological psychology accessible to psychology students, not just to biology majors and pre-meds. Another goal has been to convey the excitement of the search for biological explanations of behavior, and Kalat delivers. Updated with new topics, examples, and recent research findings--and supported by new online bio-labs, part of the strongest media package yet--this text speaks to today's students and instructors. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Psychology: Modules for Active Learning

Author: Dennis Coon,John O. Mitterer,Tanya S. Martini

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1337517089

Category: Psychology

Page: 832

View: 3344

PSYCHOLOGY: MODULES FOR ACTIVE LEARNING is a best-selling text by renowned author and educator Dennis Coon and co-authors John O. Mitterer and Tanya Martini. This fourteenth edition continues to combine the highly effective SQ4R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Reflect, Review) active learning system, an engaging style, appealing visuals, and detailed coverage of core topics and cutting-edge research in one remarkable, comprehensive text. Fully updated, the new edition builds on the proven modular format and on the teaching and learning tools integrated throughout the text. While the text provides a broad overview of essential psychology topics ideal for introductory courses, its modular design also readily supports more specialized curricula, allowing instructors to use the self-contained instructional units in any combination and order. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Mirror on the Veil

A Collection of Personal Essays on Hijab and Veiling

Author: Shaheen Pasha

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781905510511

Category: Hijab (Islamic clothing)

Page: 228

View: 9719

"This anthology of personal essays from around the globe demystifies the individual significance of the veil by taking you inside the hearts and minds of those who have experienced it first hand. How do different societies relate to a veiled woman? Can covering the hair be an act of defiance and empowerment? Can the veil be seen as an expression of one's own sensuality? Part academic and part confessional, the stories inside help answer these questions by moving beyond the religious significance attached to this controversial stretch of fabric. Instead they explore the psychological, sociological and spiritual implications of veiling, giving voice to men and women of varied religious and cultural backgrounds who have been touched by the veil." -- Back cover.

In Our Own Words

Readings on the Psychology of Women and Gender

Author: Mary E. Crawford,Rhoda Kesler Unger

Publisher: McGraw-Hill College

ISBN: 9780070659292

Category: Psychology

Page: 381

View: 3539

This text is intended for courses on psychology of women, psychology of gender or women's studies courses, and can accompany any psychology of women text. It provides coverage of the diversity of female experience. Articles are first person accounts of female experience such as motherhood, sexuality, work, relationships, developmental issues and violence against women. It includes readings of feminist writers and scholars, such as Gloria Steinem, Susan Douglass, Bell Hooks, Anna Quindlen and Ursula Le Guin.

In Our Own Words

Writings from Women's Lives

Author: Mary E. Crawford,Rhoda Kesler Unger

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities, Social Sciences & World Languages

ISBN: 9780072376937

Category: Psychology

Page: 324

View: 2713

This brief reader can be used as a supplement in Psychology of Women, Psychology of Gender or Womens Studies courses. It offers thorough coverage of (and commitment to) the diversity of female experience. Each of the 43 readings is brief, engaging and fun to read.

Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety

Author: Jeanne Mager Stellman

Publisher: International Labour Organization

ISBN: 9789221092032


Page: N.A

View: 6268

Revised and expanded, this edition provides comprehensive coverage of occupational health and safety. A new CD-ROM version is available which provides the benefits of computer-assisted search capabilities.

Experiential Activities for Teaching Multicultural Competence in Counseling

Author: Mark Pope,Joseph S. Pangelinan,Angela D. Coker

Publisher: Amer Counseling Assn

ISBN: 9781556202841

Category: Education

Page: 342

View: 4635

This practical resource is for faculty teaching beginning and advanced multicultural counseling courses or other core classes who want to infuse issues of cultural diversity into the classroom. It contains 121 engaging and thought-provoking activities on a wide variety of multicultural topics. All activities are tied to the core content areas of the 2009 CACREP Standards, making this a perfect tool for the clinical training of counseling students. A CD-ROM with exercise handouts accompanies the book for ease of copying and distribution in the classroom. Mark Pope, EdD, is a professor and chair of, Joseph S. Pangelinan, MS, is a doctoral student in, and Angela D. Coker, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Division of Counseling and Family Therapy at the University of MissouriùSaint Louis.

Exploring Resources, Life-Balance and Well-Being of Women Who Work in a Global Context

Author: Roxane L Gervais,Prudence M. Millear

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319317369

Category: Social Science

Page: 276

View: 9590

This volume presents research on women’s experiences, attitudes and perceptions, considering their work roles and in the context of their lives outside work. It explores the various choices women may opt to take, and the resources they may use, and presents options they may wish to consider over the course of their working lives. The research presented here is varied and the methods used include cross-sectional and longitudinal research, reviews of literature, as well as experiences and practical suggestions from clinical, organisational, health and occupational health psychologists, in addition to occupational safety and health practitioners. It looks at women who are part-time employees, those in vulnerable positions in the informal economy to women in mainstream, full-time employment. The chapters present theoretical underpinnings of how, what, when and where women approach work options, approach life and approach living. The overarching factor that links these chapters is the focus on women as a vital resource in the world economy, with an exploration of the options that are available to them and how these could be maximised to retain a productive and healthy female workforce.

Teaching Psychology in Higher Education

Author: Dominic Upton,Annie Trapp

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781444320749

Category: Psychology

Page: 328

View: 1653

This ground-breaking book is the first to address the learning and teaching issues associated with psychology in Higher Education in the UK and Europe Presents effective, evidence-based practice and advice for both experienced and new lecturers Covers challenging areas of psychology teaching, such as research methods and statistics, supervision of research projects and management of online learning Relevant for European Universities aligning with the Bologna Declaration

Humanitarian Work Psychology

Author: Stuart C. Carr,Adrian Furnham,Malcolm MacLachlan

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 0230275451

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 359

View: 1227

Contextualizing Humanitarian work in history, justice, methods and professional ethics, this book articulates process skills for transformational partnerships between diverse organizations, motivating education, organisational learning and selecting the disaster workforce.