50 Soccer Skills

Author: Jonathan Sheikh-Miller,Gill Harvey

Publisher: Usborne Pub Limited

ISBN: 9780746098288

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 104

View: 2329

Featuring 50 different soccer skills, good for budding David Beckhams, rising Ronaldos and potential Paul Robinsons, this title contains cards that cover various aspects of the game from attack to defence. It is suitable for coaches as well as players.

Football Skills

One-to-one Teaching for the Young Soccer Player

Author: Ralph Brammer

Publisher: Constable

ISBN: 9780716022060

Category: Soccer for children

Page: 128

View: 9344

Football Skills is a unique route to improve a youngster's game, with great ways for an adult to help. The book provides a planned sequence of one-to-one ball practices with vital facts and advice for both the pupil and the teacher. This includes: What youngsters should learn first. The correct ways to execute key skills such as ball control, passing, striking the ball and heading. Learning to use both the left and the right foot. More advanced techniques that teach reflex actions, attacking, circling, turn movements, quick control and plenty more. In short all the younger player needs to learn and practice in order to become the complete footballer.

Football Skills

Author: Clive Gifford

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780753444092

Category: Soccer

Page: 64

View: 9154

Football is the world's most popular sport - globally, more than 240 million people play the game regularly. This colourful and exciting book is the essential guide to soccer, offering easy-to-follow instruction that is sure to improve the all-round play of any young football player, from passing and dribbling to shooting, defending, goalkeeping and tactics. The detailed practical advice is enhanced by spreads about the all-time great players, the FIFA World Cup and unusual versions of the sport.

My First Football Handbook

Author: Clive Gifford

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780753442661


Page: 48

View: 9051

Warm-up, kick-off! This colourful, action-packed and practical handbook is a fantastic introduction to football. Clear, accessible text covers everything a young football enthusiast needs to know: basic skills, tactics and techniques, rules and referees, world players and tournaments - and so much more. Great step-by-step photography and top tips make this a perfect guide book to take home and to football practice.

Active Training

A Handbook of Techniques, Designs, Case Examples, and Tips

Author: Melvin L. Silberman,Carol Auerbach

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118046013

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 380

View: 5464


Rules of the Game

Author: Clive Gifford

Publisher: Wayland

ISBN: 9780750267533

Category: Soccer

Page: 32

View: 878

Covering all the areas of the modern game, this series takes an in-depth look at football, its rules and its management. From useful insight and advice on how to apply techniques to master the game to the international business of football and how it is run, it offers a comprehensive overview of one of the most popular sports in the world.

How To...Football

A Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering Your Skills

Author: DK

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 1405367180

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

View: 4797

Get ready to be inspired, and learn to How To...Football!, now in eBook format. If you have ever dreamt about being the next David Beckham or Ronaldo, then How to ...Football is the perfect guide to set you on course for success. This book shows you 'how to' with simple step-by-step photographs and easy-to-follow instructions. From coaching tips and practice drills devised by professional coaches, to key match day tactics, including attacking, defending and movement without the ball. You'll also discover all about your favourite star players, as well as information on competitions, venues, and football's greatest moments. With this exciting new How to... series you'll learn how to be a football superstar in no time!

Programming Challenges

The Programming Contest Training Manual

Author: Steven S Skiena,Miguel A. Revilla

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 038722081X

Category: Computers

Page: 364

View: 4939

There are many distinct pleasures associated with computer programming. Craftsm- ship has its quiet rewards, the satisfaction that comes from building a useful object and making it work. Excitement arrives with the ?ash of insight that cracks a previously intractable problem. The spiritual quest for elegance can turn the hacker into an artist. Therearepleasuresinparsimony,insqueezingthelastdropofperformanceoutofclever algorithms and tight coding. Thegames,puzzles,andchallengesofproblemsfrominternationalprogrammingc- petitionsareagreatwaytoexperiencethesepleasureswhileimprovingyouralgorithmic and coding skills. This book contains over 100 problems that have appeared in previous programming contests, along with discussions of the theory and ideas necessary to - tack them. Instant online grading for all of these problems is available from two WWW robot judging sites. Combining this book with a judge gives an exciting new way to challenge and improve your programming skills. This book can be used for self-study, for teaching innovative courses in algorithms and programming, and in training for international competition. To the Reader Theproblemsinthisbookhavebeenselectedfromover1,000programmingproblemsat the Universidad de Valladolid online judge, available athttp://online-judge.uva.es.The judgehasruledonwelloveronemillionsubmissionsfrom27,000registeredusersaround the world to date. We have taken only the best of the best, the most fun, exciting, and interesting problems available.

F2 World of Football

How to Play Like a Pro

Author: F2 Freestylers

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781911274445

Category: Soccer

Page: 208

View: 436

The F2 are unbelievable what they do is not possible!' - PELEWe're The F2 and this is our World of Football. Inside we give away the biggest secrets of the greatest footballers on the planet. Want tricks like Neymar? Or to hit freekicks like Ronaldo? Or to dribble like Messi? We show you how. We've been travelling the world, meeting the biggest stars, like Gareth Bale, Ronaldinho, Mesut �zil, Pel� and Stevie G, and now we give you the lowdown on what they're really like, and how they got their edge. We'll also let you in on our journey from aspiring pros to YouTube superstars with over 10 million followers. Want to know how to become a social media star? That's inside too.

My First Football Book

Learn How to Play Like a Champion with This Fun Guide to Football: Tackling, Shooting, Tricks, Tactics

Author: Dominic Bliss

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781782493044

Category: Soccer for children

Page: 112

View: 5780

If you love to play football, at school or with your friends, then My First Football Book is for you. From warm-ups and starting-positions, to sports etiquette, the pitch and your clothes, the Get Started chapter runs through all of the basics about how to play the game. Then it is time to practise your skills! Pass, dribble, shoot, tackle, volley and head the ball into the goal with the Football Skills & Drills chapter. You will also learn how to execute the perfect corner, throw-in, penalty and much more. Finally, out-smart all of your friends and family with the Tactics - Playing to Win chapter. You will learn how to defend and attack with ease, giving you that extra edge when you're playing a game! Along with rules, tips, and tactics, My First Football Book also contains drills for you to try out so that you can practise your new, awesome soccer skills.

The Interpretation of Cultures

Author: Clifford Geertz

Publisher: Basic Books

ISBN: 0465093566

Category: Social Science

Page: 576

View: 8118

In The Interpretation of Cultures, the most original anthropologist of his generation moved far beyond the traditional confines of his discipline to develop an important new concept of culture. This groundbreaking book, winner of the 1974 Sorokin Award of the American Sociological Association, helped define for an entire generation of anthropologists what their field is ultimately about.

The 4-Hour Work Week

Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich

Author: Timothy Ferriss

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1446490599

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 416

View: 4409

A new, updated and expanded edition of this New York Times bestseller on how to reconstruct your life so it's not all about work Forget the old concept of retirement and the rest of the deferred-life plan - there is no need to wait and every reason not to, especially in unpredictable economic times. Whether your dream is escaping the rat race, experiencing high-end world travel, earning a monthly five-figure income with zero management, or just living more and working less, this book is the blueprint. This step-by step guide to luxury lifestyle design teaches: * How Tim went from $40,000 dollars per year and 80 hours per week to $40,000 per MONTH and 4 hours per week * How to outsource your life to overseas virtual assistants for $5 per hour and do whatever you want * How blue-chip escape artists travel the world without quitting their jobs * How to eliminate 50% of your work in 48 hours using the principles of a forgotten Italian economist * How to trade a long-haul career for short work bursts and frequent 'mini-retirements'. This new updated and expanded edition includes: More than 50 practical tips and case studies from readers (including families) who have doubled their income, overcome common sticking points, and reinvented themselves using the original book as a starting point * Real-world templates you can copy for eliminating email, negotiating with bosses and clients, or getting a private chef for less than £5 a meal * How lifestyle design principles can be suited to unpredictable economic times * The latest tools and tricks, as well as high-tech shortcuts, for living like a diplomat or millionaire without being either.

Introduction to Industrial Organization

Author: Luís M. B. Cabral

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262032865

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 354

View: 2505

Since the 1980s, the study of industrial organization - the analysis of imperfectly competitive markets - has grown substantially. Using examples from both within and outside the United States, this book provides an introduction to industrial organization.

Balanced Scorecard Step-by-Step

Maximizing Performance and Maintaining Results

Author: Paul R. Niven

Publisher: John Wiley and Sons

ISBN: 9780470893739

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 336

View: 6534

PRAISE FOR Balanced Scorecard Step-By-Step: MaximizingPerformance and Maintaining Results, Second Edition "As a practitioner and thought leader, Paul Niven is superblybridging the gulf between BSC theory and application throughhands-on experiences and real-world case studies. The book providesa practical road map, step-by-step, to plan, execute, and sustain awinning scorecard campaign. Easy to read . . . tells a powerfulstory with lessons learned/best practices from global customerimplementations. Must-read for anyone interested in BSC orgrappling with how to create a strategically alignedorganization." —Vik Torpunuri, President and CEO, e2e Analytix "In Balanced Scorecard Step-by-Step, Second Edition, PaulNiven provides an intuitive and incredibly effective blueprint fortransitioning strategic ambition to execution. Paul's pragmaticapproach provides leaders with a tool for managing a company'sjourney from strategic ideas to world-class performance. TheBalanced Scorecard is a masterful tool for guiding companiesthrough transformation, and I speak from personal experience when Isay Paul's blueprint works! It is the most effective guide I haveseen. Balanced Scorecard Step-by-Step will serve any leaderwell if their ambition is to efficiently engage their teams inachieving a set of strategic goals." —Allan A. MacDonald, Vice President, Sales and CustomerSolutions Bell Canada National Markets "Paul Niven has done it again!!! With this book, he has furtheroperationalized the enlightened Balanced Scorecard concept into afully functional system that optimizes business execution andperformance!" —Barton Johnson, President, Financial Freedom Senior FundingCorporation, The Reverse Mortgage Specialist

Interaction Design

Beyond Human-Computer Interaction

Author: Jenny Preece,Yvonne Rogers,Helen Sharp

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119020751

Category: Computers

Page: 584

View: 2417

This is an ideal resource for learning the interdisciplinary skills needed for interaction design, human computer interaction, information design, web design and ubiquitous computing. This text offers a cross-disciplinary, practical and process-oriented introduction to the field, showing not just what principles ought to apply to interaction design, but crucially how they can be applied.

Understandable Statistics: Concepts and Methods

Author: Charles Henry Brase,Corrinne Pellillo Brase

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1337119911

Category: Mathematics

Page: 839

View: 1889

UNDERSTANDABLE STATISTICS: CONCEPTS AND METHODS, Twelfth Edition, is a thorough yet accessible program designed to help you overcome any apprehensions you may have about statistics and to master the subject. The authors provide clear guidance and informal advice while showing you the links between statistics and the world. To reinforce this approach—and make the material interesting as well as easier to understand—the book integrates real-life data from a variety of sources, including journals, periodicals, newspapers, and the Internet. You'll also have opportunities to develop your critical-thinking and statistical literacy skills through special features and exercises throughout the text. The use of graphing calculators, Excel, Minitab, Minitab ExpressTM, and SPSS is covered, although not required. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Developing Youth Football Players

Author: Horst Wein

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9780736069489

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 253

View: 4677

Coach your young players to their maximum potential! Developing Youth Football Players combines proven coaching methods with engaging games that allow young athletes to develop their skills, understand team play and appreciate the sport.

Soccer Skills and Techniques

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781861471789

Category: Soccer

Page: 192

View: 6048

Featuring hundreds of training ideas demonstrated step-by-step by The Bobby Charlton Soccer School, this comprehensive training manual is a must for soccer players and coaches of all levels.

Soccer Fundamentals for Players and Coaches

Author: Wiel Coerver,Robert Collette

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: 9780138152260

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 184

View: 5950

Introduces basic soccer techniques, describes offensive and defensive maneuvers, and recommends practice drills and conditioning exercises