My So-Called Life As a Submissive Wife

A One-Year Experiment... and Its Liberating Results

Author: Sara Horn

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 0736952845

Category: Social Science

Page: 224

View: 9656

Can a modern wife be submissive to her husband? In her highly anticipated sequel to My So-Called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife, author Sara Horn takes on one of the most widely debated subjects for a Christian wife-marital submission. What does biblical submission look like for wives today? And why is submission viewed as such a dirty word by so many women and men in our culture, including Christians? Can a happily married couple live out the biblical model of submission and be the better for it? Horn takes on a one-year experiment to seek answers to these questions and to explore what it means to be submissive as a wife and "helper" to her husband. The answers-and her discoveries-may surprise you. This unique, entertaining, and thought-provoking personal account will challenge women to throw out their preconceived notions of what a submissive wife looks like and seek fresh leading from God for their lives and marriages today.

Rough Romance: Secrets of a Submissive Housewife

Author: Alexandra Scott

Publisher: Alexandra Scott

ISBN: 8826029067

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 7910

Rough Romance: Secrets Of A Submissive Housewife Short Description: "Gabe, my husband, was due to go on another out of town trip. I was a little pissed about it, because it was company team building exercise and was going to go throughout the weekend. He was leaving on Friday morning and I’d only see him again on Monday evening. It was very unusual to have him away over the weekend. That was our sacred time. We spent it together, always. With both our busy schedules, we needed that time to relax and rejuvenate ourselves. So, I let him know I wasn’t happy, but there wasn’t much I could do about it. As a director of the company, Gabe had to be there. I gave him the usual loving send off, and as soon as he’d left, I started thinking about the phone call I’d had from Ty two days earlier. Ty had called me wanting to know when my husband was away again. Normally he waited for me to call him, so I wondered what he was up to. I told him that it was the coming weekend, and all he’d say to me was that he had a surprise for me. It was something I’d always wanted to do, and he would pick me up on Saturday afternoon." * Included are four erotic short stories (Sleepover, Gangbang, Boundaries, Roxie).

The Dilemmas of Intimacy

Conceptualization, Assessment, and Treatment

Author: Karen J Prager

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135068348

Category: Psychology

Page: 288

View: 4469

Grounded in the cognitive-behavioral approach, The Dilemmas of Intimacy focuses exclusively on understanding, assessing, and treating common problems with intimacy. Intimacy offers both risks and rewards, which create three dilemmas that every couple must negotiate: joy vs. protection from hurt, I vs. we, and past vs. present. These dilemmas offer readers a window into the treatment of intimacy problems, and help them to structure formulations, treatment goals, and therapeutic strategies. Unique to this book is the author’s “Intimacy Signature,” which is a comprehensive system for assessing couples’ intimacy issues, and offers a four-step formula for translating assessment data into therapeutic strategies. Along with the book, readers will have access to a web resource page that includes the Intimacy Signature assessment: therapist worksheets (that help match presenting problems to probable intimacy dilemmas), checklists of strengths and areas of vulnerability to assist the clinician in making a prognosis, a client take-home packet, and therapist tools for intervention (including therapist-client dialogues).

Poor Banished Children of Eve

Woman as Evil in the Hebrew Bible

Author: Gale A. Yee

Publisher: Fortress Press

ISBN: 9781451408225

Category: Religion

Page: 298

View: 1475

Analyzes four biblical passages (Genesis 2-3, Hosea 1-3, Ezekiel 23, and Proverbs 7) in which a woman is the source or symbol of sin.

Wahrnehmung und Herstellung von Geschlecht

Perceiving and Performing Gender

Author: Ursula Pasero,Friederike Braun

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3322890147

Category: Social Science

Page: 254

View: 6904

Im Zentrum der interdisziplinären Genderforschung steht die Frage, wie soziale Wahrnehmung zur Konstruktion von Geschlecht beiträgt. Die teils theoretisch, teils empirisch angelegten Beiträge diskutieren aus historischer, literaturwissenschaftlicher, linguistischer, naturwissenschaftlicher, soziologischer und sozialpsychologischer Sicht, wie Frauen und Männer wahrgenommen und bewertet werden und welche Eigenschaften und Verhaltensweisen den Geschlechtern zugeschrieben werden. Sind Geschlechterdifferenzen das Ergebnis geschlechtstypischen Verhaltens oder lassen sie sich eher auf geschlechtsstereotype Vorstellungen und Erwartungen zurückführen? Die Vielfalt der hier eingenommenen Perspektiven behandelt die Komplexität der sozialen Konstruktion von Geschlecht, in der die Wahrnehmung und Herstellung von Geschlecht unabdingbar wechselseitig miteinander verbunden sind.


Dark Goddess of Horror

Author: W. Scott Poole

Publisher: Soft Skull Press

ISBN: 1619024209

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

View: 591

The new book from award-winning historian W. Scott Poole is a whip-smart piece of pop culture detailing the story of cult horror figure Vampira that actually tells the much wider story of 1950s America and its treatment of women and sex, as well as capturing a fascinating swath of Los Angeles history. In Vampire, Poole gives us the eclectic life of the dancer, stripper, actress, and artist Maila Nurmi, who would reinvent herself as Vampira during the backdrop of 1950s America, an era of both chilling conformity and the nascent rumblings of the countercultural response that led from the Beats and free jazz to the stirring of the LGBT movement and the hardcore punk scene in the bohemian enclave along Melrose Avenue. A veteran of the New York stage and late nights at Hollywood's hipster hangouts, Nurmi would eventually be linked to Elvis, Orson Welles, and James Dean, as well as stylist and photographer Rudi Gernreich, founder of the Mattachine Society and designer of the thong. Thanks to rumors of a romance between Vampira and James Dean, his tragic death inspired the circulation of stories that she had cursed him and, better yet, had access to his dead body for use in her dark arts. In Poole's expert hands, Vampira is more than the story of a highly creative artist continually reinventing herself, but a parable of the runaway housewife bursting the bounds of our straight-laced conventions with an exuberant display of camp, sex, and creative individuality that owed something to the morbid New Yorker cartoons of Charles Addams, the evil queen from Disney's Snow White, and the popular, underground bondage magazine Bizarre, and forward to the staged excesses of Madonna and Lady Gaga. Vampira is a wildly compelling tour through a forgotten piece of pop cultural history, one with both cultish and literary merit, sure to capture the imagination of Vampira fans new and old.

Love, Love, Love

Author: Mike Bartlett

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472574745

Category: Drama

Page: 136

View: 1991

1967. Kenneth and Sandra know the world is changing. And they want some of it. Love, Love, Love takes on the baby boomer generation as it retires, and finds it full of trouble. Smoking, drinking, affectionate and paranoid, one couple journeys forty-years from initial burst to full bloom. The play follows their idealistic teenage years in the 1960s to their stint as a married family unit before finally divorced and, although disintegrated, free from acrimony. Their children, on the other hand, bitterly rail against their parents' irresponsibility and their relaxed, laissez-faire attitude. This play by Olivier award-winning writer Mike Bartlett questions whether the baby boomer generation is to blame for the debt-ridden and adrift generation of their children, now adults but far from stable and settled. This edition features an introduction by James Grieve, who directed Love, Love, Love at the Royal Court, London.

Autonomy and Self-Respect

Author: Thomas E. Hill

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521397728

Category: Philosophy

Page: 218

View: 9616

This stimulating collection of essays in ethics eschews the simple exposition and refinement of abstract theories. Rather, the author focuses on everyday moral issues, often neglected by philosophers, and explores the deeper theoretical questions which they raise. Such issues are: Is it wrong to tell a lie to protect someone from a painful truth? Should one commit a lesser evil to prevent another from doing something worse? Can one be both autonomous and compassionate? Other topics discussed are servility, weakness of will, suicide, obligations to oneself, snobbery, and environmental concerns. A feature of the collection is the contrast of Kantian and utilitarian answers to these problems. The essays are crisply and lucidly written and will appeal to both teachers and students of philosophy.

Dignity, Character, and Self-respect

Author: Robin S. Dillon

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415907095

Category: Philosophy

Page: 326

View: 982

This is the first anthology to bring together a selection of the most important contemporary philosophical essays on the nature and moral significance of self-respect. Representing a diversity of views, the essays illustrate the complexity of self-respect and explore its connections to such topics as personhood, dignity, rights, character, autonomy, integrity, identity, shame, justice, oppression and empowerment. The book demonstrates that self-respect is a formidable concern which goes to the very heart of both moral theory and moral life. Contributors: Bernard Boxill, Stephen L. Darwall, John Deigh, Robin S. Dillon, Thomas E. Hill, Jr., Aurel Kolnai, Stephen J. Massey, Diana T. Meyers, Michelle M. Moody-Adams, John Rawls, Gabriele Taylor, Elizabeth Telfer, Laurence L. Thomas.

Romantic Autobiography in England

Author: Professor Eugene Stelzig

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1409475468

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 232

View: 7857

Taking into account the popularity and variety of the genre, this collaborative volume considers a wide range of English Romantic autobiographical writers and modes, including working-class autobiography, the familiar essay, and the staged presence. In the wake of Rousseau's Confessions, autobiography became an increasingly popular as well as a literary mode of writing. By the early nineteenth century, this hybrid and metamorphic genre is found everywhere in English letters, in prose and poetry by men and women of all classes. As such, it resists attempts to provide a coherent historical account or establish a neat theoretical paradigm. The contributors to Romantic Autobiography in England embrace the challenge, focusing not only on major writers such as William Wordsworth, De Quincey, and Mary Shelley, but on more recent additions to the canon such as Mary Robinson, Dorothy Wordsworth, and Mary Hays. There are also essays on the scandalous Memoirs of Mrs. Billington and on Joseph Severn's autobiographical scripting of himself as "the friend of Keats." The result is an exploratory and provisional mapping of the field, provocative rather than exhaustive, intended to inspire future scholarship and teaching.

The Universe of Oz

Essays on Baum's Series and Its Progeny

Author: Kevin K. Durand,Mary K. Leigh

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786456221

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 258

View: 6655

The Wizard of Oz has captured the imagination of the public since publication of L. Frank Baum’s first book of the series in 1900. Oz has shaped the way we read children’s literature, view motion pictures and experience musicals. Oz has captured the scholarly imagination as well. The seventeen essays in this book address numerous questions of the boundaries between literature, film, and stage—and these have become essential to Oz scholarship. Together the essays explore the ways in which Oz tells us much about ourselves, our society, and our journeys.

Romantic Autobiography in England

Author: Eugene L. Stelzig

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9780754663669

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 219

View: 2777

Taking into account the popularity and variety of the genre, this collaborative volume considers a wide range of English Romantic autobiographical writers and modes, including working-class autobiography, the familiar essay, and the staged presence. Major writers such as William Wordsworth, De Quincey, and Mary Shelley, and recent additions to the canon such as Mary Robinson, Dorothy Wordsworth, and Mary Hays are treated in this exploratory mapping of the field.

Women and Democracy in Cold War Japan

Author: Jan Bardsley

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 147253381X

Category: History

Page: 224

View: 7582

Women and Democracy in Cold War Japan offers a fresh perspective on gender politics by focusing on the Japanese housewife of the 1950s as a controversial representation of democracy, leisure, and domesticity. Examining the shifting personae of the housewife, especially in the appealing texts of women's magazines, reveals the diverse possibilities of postwar democracy as they were embedded in media directed toward Japanese women. Each chapter explores the contours of a single controversy, including debate over the royal wedding in 1959, the victory of Japan's first Miss Universe, and the unruly desires of postwar women. Jan Bardsley also takes a comparative look at the ways in which the Japanese housewife is measured against equally stereotyped notions of the modern housewife in the United States, asking how both function as narratives of Japan-U.S. relations and gender/class containment during the early Cold War.

111 Common Therapeutic Blunders

Author: Gerald Schoenewolf

Publisher: Jason Aronson

ISBN: 9780765703743

Category: Psychology

Page: 346

View: 3693

This revised, updated, and expanded edition of a classic primer of countertransference and counterresistance reflects changes in contemporary psychotherapy and new situations that face therapists. The clinical blunders, chosen to convey the interpsychic, intrapsychic, and human aspect of the therapeutic dyad, illustrate a variety of dilemmas in an accessible form, and they now also address how supervisors react to their own countertransferences. Countertransference and counterresistance are universal, and this edition, like its predecessor, makes an absolute case for therapists to undergo a real, personal analysis. The 101 examples of therapeutic blunders and 11 supervisory blunders are presented simply, dramatically and often humorously, so that therapists of all persuasions can understand them.

Die Frauen von Stepford

Author: Ira Levin

Publisher: Psychothriller GmbH E-Book

ISBN: 3942261065

Category: Fiction

Page: 156

View: 6264

Die Frauen des eleganten Vororts Stepford sind makellos: wunderschön wie Models, voller Leidenschaft, zärtlich und immer für ihre Männer da. Die neu zugezogene Joanna ist tief beeindruckt von der Vollkommenheit ihrer neuen Freundinnen. Aber schon bald kommen ihr erste Zweifel: Sind diese Frauen vielleicht nichts weiter als willenlose, immerzu lächelnde, perfekt gestylte Püppchen? Und was geschieht hinter den streng verschlossenen Türen des Männerclubs von Stepford, in dem sich ihr Mann und die anderen Ehemänner die Zeit vertreiben? Schritt für Schritt sucht Joanna Antworten auf ihre Fragen und stößt dabei auf das dunkle Geheimnis von Stepford ... Zum ersten Mal in deutscher Sprache als eBook erhältlich.


The History of an American Idea

Author: Ralph Young

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 1479814520

Category: History

Page: 640

View: 5495

Finalist, 2016 Ralph Waldo Emerson Award One of Bustle's Books For Your Civil Disobedience Reading List Dissent: The History of an American Idea examines the key role dissent has played in shaping the United States. It focuses on those who, from colonial days to the present, dissented against the ruling paradigm of their time: from the Puritan Anne Hutchinson and Native American chief Powhatan in the seventeenth century, to the Occupy and Tea Party movements in the twenty-first century. The emphasis is on the way Americans, celebrated figures and anonymous ordinary citizens, responded to what they saw as the injustices that prevented them from fully experiencing their vision of America. At its founding the United States committed itself to lofty ideals. When the promise of those ideals was not fully realized by all Americans, many protested and demanded that the United States live up to its promise. Women fought for equal rights; abolitionists sought to destroy slavery; workers organized unions; Indians resisted white encroachment on their land; radicals angrily demanded an end to the dominance of the moneyed interests; civil rights protestors marched to end segregation; antiwar activists took to the streets to protest the nation’s wars; and reactionaries, conservatives, and traditionalists in each decade struggled to turn back the clock to a simpler, more secure time. Some dissenters are celebrated heroes of American history, while others are ordinary people: frequently overlooked, but whose stories show that change is often accomplished through grassroots activism. The United States is a nation founded on the promise and power of dissent. In this stunningly comprehensive volume, Ralph Young shows us its history. Teaching Resources from Temple University: Sample Course Syllabus Teaching Resources from C-Span Classroom Teaching Resources from Temple University

Training My Wife

Author: C J Edwards

Publisher: Erotic Dreams via PublishDrive

ISBN: 1537831151

Category: Fiction

Page: 18

View: 6279

Wife needs submission training! #1 in the Wife Sharing series Loving wife Suzi spent all her energies on being a housewife and mother and forgot about being a lover. Seriously letting herself go, she piled on the weight and stopped giving her husband what he wanted in the bedroom. Brought up with a shock when he announces he is leaving her for his mistress, Suzi begs to be given a second chance and finds herself submitting to her sadistic husband’s training to become the submissive wife he had always wanted - and she surprises herself by enjoying the experience. Extract: Suzi hated anyone seeing her naked at the moment, she wasn’t proud of her body. All the same, she knew she had to obey without question. Without hesitation, she unbuttoned her blouse and unzipped her skirt, carefully placing them over the back of a chair and stood in front of her husband dressed only in a new bra and pantie set and a pair of heels. Damion looked her up and down. “We’ve got a lot of work to do, haven’t we?” he said, deliberately being unkind. As Suzi reddened and her head dropped, he raised his voice a little. “I thought I said strip? That means everything!” Reaching behind her back, Suzi unfastened her bra to let her magnificent breasts bounce free and then, peeling her delicate panties down her thighs, she stood in front of her husband’s critical gaze once more, this time only in heels. “That’s better,” said Damion.

Keeping Gender on the Chalkboard

Notes for a New Century of Middle School, High School, and Teacher Education

Author: Nancy Hoffman,Nitza Hidalgo,Ellen S. Silber

Publisher: Feminist Press at CUNY

ISBN: 9781558612525

Category: Education

Page: 368

View: 1631

Groundbreaking volume provides positive strategies for eliminating gender bias in middle school and high school classrooms.

Ethics in Media Communications

Cases and Controversies

Author: Louis A. Day

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780534561871

Category: Ethics

Page: 435

View: 1428

This text's strength is its extensive use of case studies throughout each chapter. Each case study addresses individual critical issues, and allows students to digest difficult material. Accessible writing style and coherency between chapters allow for coverage of advanced topics such as morally offensive content and media and privacy.

Plumbing the Housewife’s Fifth Base - A Submissive Woman Taboo Short Story

Author: Nicola Diaz

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 1537858157

Category: Fiction

Page: 14

View: 1894

Divorced housewife bends over and teasingly offers her untouched and virgin backdoor cherry to the rugged plumber! Since her divorce, Julie’s sexual appetite hasn’t dampered the slightest yet her sex life has been painfully dry recently. During a quiet Saturday afternoon, she finds herself in a desperate need of a plumber to unclog her clogged sink. But when the rugged plumber arrives, her urges start to throb whispering for his attention. The aroused divorcee flirts unapologetically, towering over the handsome male as he tends to the sink, having casually forgotten to wear her underwear, she offers the pleasantly surprised tradesman a glimpse of her arousal. Yet, when the heat starts rising and the action springs alive, Julia finds the scorching hot plumber’s attention focused on her untouched and virgin ass. The horny divorcee has kept her anal backdoor intact. But when her arousal overtakes her thoughts, she finds herself hiking her skirt up, bending over and offering full access to her virgin ass as she waits for the plumber to plug her with his own thick tool……………... **************************** Advisory: This 3100 word hot short story erotica short story will set your emotions alight This taboo erotic book contains explicit sexuality and panty melting sexual descriptions including a desperately horny divorced housewife surrendering her body to a hung plumber in her first steamy session of deep backdoor violation and adult situations and should be purchased and read by adults only. The content in this erotica short story may be considered objectionable, so please read at your own discretion.