The Trial of the Germans

An Account of the Twenty-two Defendants Before the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg

Author: Eugene Davidson

Publisher: University of Missouri Press

ISBN: 9780826211392

Category: History

Page: 637

View: 2552

Examines each of the defendants in the Nuremberg Trials, during which charges were brought against members of Hitler's Third Reich for wartime atrocities, and considers questions of whether the trials were necessary and just.

Criminal Responsibility for the Crime of Aggression

Author: Patrycja Grzebyk

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136001123

Category: Law

Page: 394

View: 6655

Since the Nuremberg trial, the crime of aggression has been considered one of the gravest international crimes. However, since the 1940s no defendants have been charged with this crime, with some states actively opposing the notion of punishing aggression. The option of trying an individual for aggression is expressly included in the statute of the International Criminal Court. In 2010 the Assembly of States Parties adopted a definition of the crime of aggression and conditions of the exercise of jurisdiction over this crime by the Court. The Assembly also agreed that the decision on including the crime of aggression within the Court’s jurisdiction would be made in 2017 at the earliest. It is still internationally debatable whether the criminalisation of aggression is an outcome to strive for, or whether its abandonment is more preferable. In Criminal Responsibility for the Crime of Aggression, Patrycja Grzebyk explores the scope of criminal responsibility of individuals for crimes of aggression and asks why those responsible for aggression are not brought to justice. The book first works to identify the legal norms that define and delegalise aggression, before moving to determine the basis and scope for the criminalisation of aggression. The book then goes on to identify the key risks and difficulties inherent in trials for aggression. Following a string of awards in Poland, including the Manfred Lachs Prize for the best first book on public international law, this cutting investigation of aggression is now deservedly made available to the wider world. In its extensive analysis of international trials on aggression, and its synthesis of legal, political and historical rhetoric, this book offers broad and striking insight into the criminal responsibility of individuals on a world stage.

Introduction to International Criminal Law

Author: M. Cherif Bassiouni

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 9004186441

Category: Law

Page: 1

View: 8531

This title covers the history, nature, and sources of international criminal law; the ratione personae; ratione materiae - sources of substantive international criminal law; the indirect enforcement system; the direct enforcement system; and much more.

Nazis after Hitler

How Perpetrators of the Holocaust Cheated Justice and Truth

Author: Donald M. McKale

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 1442213183

Category: History

Page: 456

View: 1025

Nazis after Hitler traces the histories of thirty "typical" perpetrators of the Holocaust—some well known, some obscure—who survived World War II. Donald M. McKale reveals the shocking reality that the perpetrators were only rarely, if ever, tried and punished for their crimes, and nearly all alleged their innocence in Germany's extermination of nearly six million European Jews during the war, providing fodder for postwar Holocaust deniers. Written in a compelling narrative style, Nazis after Hitler is the first to provide an overview of the lives of Nazis who survived the war, the vast majority of whom escaped justice. McKale provides a unique and accessible synthesis of the extensive research on the Holocaust and Nazi war criminals that will be invaluable for all readers interested in World War II.

Defense in International Criminal Proceedings

Author: Michael Bohlander,Roman Boed,Richard Wilson

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 157105331X

Category: Law

Page: 899

View: 9836

This collection of cases and materials attempts for the first time to provide a compendium of the most important legal texts, relevant documents and cases, as well as explanatory commentary on the law of defence in international criminal proceedings by scholars and practitioners who have a wealth of relevant experience in the field. The book provides students in law school courses on international human rights law and ICL with the essential materials to understand the vital importance of an adequate defence in international criminal proceedings. Further, the text gives legal practitioners who may consider extending their field of practice to the international level a look at the diversity of the tasks they will encounter and prepare them for the legal culture shock inevitable at the international tribunals and courts.

Prelude to Nuremberg

Allied War Crimes Policy and the Question of Punishment

Author: Arieh J. Kochavi

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 0807866873

Category: History

Page: 328

View: 7965

Between November 1945 and October 1946, the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg tried some of the most notorious political and military figures of Nazi Germany. The issue of punishing war criminals was widely discussed by the leaders of the Allied nations, however, well before the end of the war. As Arieh Kochavi demonstrates, the policies finally adopted, including the institution of the Nuremberg trials, represented the culmination of a complicated process rooted in the domestic and international politics of the war years. Drawing on extensive research, Kochavi painstakingly reconstructs the deliberations that went on in Washington and London at a time when the Germans were perpetrating their worst crimes. He also examines the roles of the Polish and Czech governments-in-exile, the Soviets, and the United Nations War Crimes Commission in the formulation of a joint policy on war crimes, as well as the neutral governments' stand on the question of asylum for war criminals. This compelling account thereby sheds new light on one of the most important and least understood aspects of World War II.

Rethinking the Just War Tradition

Author: Harry Van Der Linden, John W. Lango, Michael W. Brough,Michael W. Brough

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791479692

Category: Philosophy

Page: 278

View: 4280

Contributors seek to promote reasoned debate about emerging security threats and potential military responses.

The Legacy of Punishment in International Law

Author: H. Gould

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230113079

Category: Political Science

Page: 201

View: 5865

This book explores the evolution of international punishment from a natural law-based ground for the use of force and conquest to a series of jurisdictional and disciplinary practices in international law not previously seen as being conceptually related.

Nürnberger Tagebuch

Author: Gustave M. Gilbert

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783596218851

Category: Nuremberg Trial of Major German War Criminals, Nuremberg, Germany, 1945-1946

Page: 455

View: 9005

Das Prozesstagebuch des Gerichtspsychologen G. M. Gilbert zu den Nürnberger Prozessen.

The Nazi Party 1919-1945

A Complete History

Author: Dietrich Orlow

Publisher: Enigma Books

ISBN: 0982491190

Category: History

Page: 600

View: 7076

The only existing in-depth, exhaustive, and complete history of the Nazi Party.

On Trial

From Adam & Eve to O.J. Simpson

Author: George Anastaplo

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739107805

Category: Law

Page: 499

View: 1610

Beginning with the serpent in the Garden of Eden and ending with O.J. Simpson, author George Anastaplo offers an exploration of justice and the rule of law through well-known trials both ancient and modern, real and fictional. On Trial is a detailed and fascinating discussion of legal reason, moral judgment, political life, and the events that give them meaning.

Great Events from History II.: 1937-1960

Author: Frank Northen Magill

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780893566456

Category: Human rights

Page: 2623

View: 1002

Articles are arranged chronologically bydate of event, starting in 1900 with the Boxer Rebellion and ending in 1991 with market reforms in the restructured republics in the former Soviet Union. A broad range of human rights categories, twenty-seven in all, are addressed here.

Das Gericht der Sieger

Author: Gerhard E. Gründler,Armin von Manikowsky

Publisher: N.A


Category: Nuremberg Trial of Major German War Criminals, Nuremberg, Germany, 1945-1946

Page: 288

View: 3300


American Political Trials

Author: Michal R. Belknap

Publisher: N.A


Category: Law

Page: 316

View: 2685

An updated, expanded revision, American Political Trials examines the role of politicized criminal trials and impeachments from the early colonial era to the late twentieth century. Each chapter focuses on a trial representative of a particular era in U.S. history. New chapters on the trials of Anne Hutchinson and Lt. Col. Oliver North are included.