Der Insider


Author: Michael Robotham

Publisher: Goldmann Verlag

ISBN: 3641076846

Category: Fiction

Page: 544

View: 9173

Der neue Thriller mit Ex-Cop Vincent Ruiz und Psychologe Joe O’Loughlin Als der ehemalige Polizist Vincent Ruiz eines Abends in einer Londoner Bar beobachtet, wie eine junge Frau von ihrem gewalttätigen Freund bedroht wird, muss er eingreifen. Doch obwohl er Holly Knight für die Nacht Unterschlupf bietet, ist sie am nächsten Morgen verschwunden – und mit ihr einige wertvolle Gegenstände. Bei dem Versuch, sie aufzuspüren, stößt er nur auf Hollys Freund, der brutal ermordet wurde. Ruiz steht vor einem Rätsel: In welche Machenschaften ist Holly Knight verstrickt? Zur gleichen Zeit spürt der berühmte Journalist Luca Terracini einer Serie von Banküberfällen in Bagdad nach. Dass zudem immer wieder große Summen an wichtiger Wiederaufbauhilfe verloren gehen, könnte damit in direktem Zusammenhang stehen. Luca macht sich auf die Suche nach der Wahrheit – ein gefährliches Unterfangen, das ihn bis nach London zu Vincent Ruiz führt.

Treasures from the Wreckage

An inspiring true story that will help you find hope in your trials.

Author: Donna M. Trickett

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1450070248

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 253

View: 5855

Treasures from the Wreckage is a must read for anyone who lost a loved one. This three-part book contains a heart-felt story of the death of Donna M. Trickett’s daughter, Kimberly, her hospitalization for two months, and the ensuing trials and triumphs that were born from the disaster. In Donna’s desire to share the treasures she discovered in her journey, she has added a summary chapter of exactly what gems she extracted from her tragedy and a Study Guide chapter to help the reader find their own treasures from their wreckage.


Author: John Mortimer

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141959835

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

View: 8795

Clinging to the Wreckage is the first part of John Mortimer's acclaimed autobiography. Here he recounts his solitary childhood in the English countryside, with affectionate portraits of his remote parents - an increasingly unconventional barrister father, whose blindness must never be mentioned, battling earwigs in the mutinous garden, and a vague and endlessly patient mother. As a boy dreaming of a tap-dancing career on the stage and forming a one-boy communist cell at boarding school, his father pushes him to pursue the law, where Mortimer embarks on the career that was to inspire his hilarious and immortal literary creations. Told with great humour and touching honesty, this is a magnificent achievement by one of Britain's best-loved writers.

Crawling from the Wreckage

Author: Gwynne Dyer

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307358925

Category: History

Page: 359

View: 4652

Gwynne Dyer is cheering up. Sure, the past decade has had more than its share of stupid wars, obsessions about terrorism, denial about climate change, rapacious turbo-capitalism, and lies, lies, lies. But signs of progress actually do abound. While the world is far from perfect as we embark on a fresh decade, Dyer believes that the "sense of sliding out of control towards ten different kinds of disaster has gone." When things go wrong it's always easy to pin blame — but singling out the forces that lead to positive change can be trickier. In this illuminating collection of columns from the last five years, Gwynne Dyer ferrets out the signs of hope — without overlooking the issues that remain seemingly intractable. Mining the events of recent history, Dyer contextualizes the recent past and anticipates what the future might have in store. This journalist's beat is global: from Africa to South America, from Europe to the Middle East, and any other region with a political pulse. Acerbic and iconoclastic, Dyer has never been afraid to call 'em like he sees 'em — and we are all the better for his trademark candour and the breadth of his knowledge and expertise. For anyone seeking to understand the larger forces that shape our society and our world, Crawling from the Wreckage makes for necessary reading. From the Hardcover edition.

The Wreckage

Author: Michael Crummey

Publisher: Anchor Canada

ISBN: 0307373290

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 6683

Having achieved considerable success with his first novel, River Thieves, Michael Crummey has written a book that is equally stunning and compelling. The Wreckage is a truly epic, yet twisted, romance that unfolds over decades and continents. It engages readers on the austere shores of Newfoundland’s fishing villages and drags them across to Japanese POW camps during some of the worst events of the Second World War. Haunting, lyrical, and deeply intimate, Crummey’s language fully exposes his characters’ vulnerabilities as they struggle to come to terms with their guilt and regret over decisions made during their impulsive youths. It is a testament to Crummey’s gifts as a novelist that he can flow quite easily through time, across landscapes, and between vastly different characters. He vividly captures the mental and physical anguish experienced in prison camps, and with calm lucidity explores the motives of a Japanese soldier whose actions seem inhumanly cold and calculating. Crummey toys with the readers’ sympathies, suggesting there are few distinctions between the enemy and us. He incorporates heartbreaking tragedy–the dropping of the atom bomb, lynchings in America, murderous revenge–to underscore the darker side of humanity. Crummey shows that we are capable of violence, but in the end he proves we are also capable of redemption, forgiveness, and can be led, unashamed, back to the ones we love.

The Wreckage

Author: Michael Robotham

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0748114025

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 804

In London, ex-cop Vincent Ruiz rescues a young woman from a violent boyfriend but wakes next morning to find that he's been set up and robbed. As he tracks down the thieves, he discovers the boyfriend's tortured body and learns that powerful men are looking for the girl. What did Holly Knight steal that is so important to them? Meanwhile in Baghdad, the bank robbery capital of the world, billions of dollars in reconstruction funds has gone missing and Pulitzer prize-winning Journalist Luca Terracini is trying to 'follow the money'. The dangerous trail will lead him to London where he teams up with Vincent Ruiz and together they investigate the disappearance of an international banker and a mysterious 'black hole' in the bank's accounts.

Salute the Wreckage

Author: Clint Margrave

Publisher: NYQ Books

ISBN: 9781630450243

Category: Poetry

Page: 96

View: 9303

Poetry. SALUTE THE WRECKAGE, Clint Margrave's second collection of poems, explores the universe within us and the universe in which we live. From the origins of stars to the strings of a guitar; from a rogue planet drifting through the emptiness of space; to the rogue feelings drifting through the arteries of the heart; SALUTE THE WRECKAGE is a salutation to being human and the frailty and beauty of existence.

Before the Wreckage

Author: Melissa Collins

Publisher: Melissa Collins


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 5208

It's been eighteen years since David Andrews has seen Grace McCann. One night she's in his dream and the next she's in his reality. This is a short story (6,500 words) prequel to From the Wreckage, originally published in the ONE anthology. From the Wreckage will be released on 10/21 and will be available for a special pre-order and release day sale price of $2.99.

No Matter the Wreckage

Author: Sarah Kay,Professor of French Literature Sarah Kay

Publisher: SCB Distributors

ISBN: 1938912578

Category: American poetry

Page: 145

View: 7151

Sarah Kay, in collaboration with illustrator Sophia Janowitz, releases her debut collection of poetry featuring work from the first decade of her career. Her poems celebrate family, love, travel, and unlikely romance between inanimate objects.

What Can be Saved from the Wreckage?

James Branch Cabell in the Twenty-first Century

Author: Michael Swanwick

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780976466031

Category: Fantasy fiction, American

Page: 53

View: 7321

Critical monograph examining the writings of Virginia fantasistJames Branch Cabell (1879-1958), author of Jurgen.

What We Do with the Wreckage


Author: Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 0820353736

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

View: 1109

The stories in Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum’s new collection are about finding resilience in the face of adversity. Following losses big and small, environmental and familial, universal and personal, the best of us try to recover and rebuild. Lunstrum asks: How do we keep going in the face of grief or disappointment when love fails or disaster strikes? How do we maintain the stamina to carry on in an uncertain world? The characters in her stories are living these questions and learning to reconstruct themselves, their families, and their futures from the wreckage of their broken pasts.

The Wreckage Reconsidered

Five Oxymorons from Balkan Deconstruction

Author: P. H. Liotta

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739100127

Category: History

Page: 251

View: 1798

The Wreckage Reconsidered examines Yugoslav disintegration in order to suggest, through the Yugoslav example, that a reexamination of national security strategy and foreign policy concerns for the United States in a new century is not only a wise choice but an imperative one. P. H. Liotta examines this subject by means of the oxymoron, which he defines through its specific Balkan application: a force or issue so contrary in nature that it may remain problematic no matter what approach or resolution might be offered. The five oxymorons Liotta considers are: U.S. strategic perspectives as they have applied to the Balkan example; the rise of the "parastate" as a result of recent Balkan history; a strategy of chaos, as it may have applied in the last Balkan war and as it may "target" American strategic culture in the future; religion, a cultural and political force in the Balkans as it may have provided the occasion, though not the cause, for the outbreak of conflict; and, finally, the recognition that NATO enlargement may bring both unintended and unwelcome consequences.

The Wreckage

Author: Keith Drake


ISBN: 0557286328


Page: 369

View: 7775

The collapse of all glaciers in Greenland, in the year 2064, causes a tilt in the Earth's axis. The Earth winds up with the North Pole almost facing the sun. Half of the planet is freezing, half is extremely warm. A group of adventurers travels through ruined country to the launch pad in Florida. They travel to Mars. The famous "face" on Mars holds mazes inside. If you can get to the bottom of the maze, you meet the Martians.

The Wreckage of Philosophy

Carlo Michelstaedter and the Limits of Bourgeois Thought

Author: Mimmo Cangiano

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1487504640

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 200

View: 1634

A decisive contribution to the study of Carlo Michelstaedter, Italian writer and philosopher.

The Wreckage 2

Author: Keith Drake


ISBN: 0557621070


Page: 300

View: 4765

In this sequel to Keith A. Drake's The Wreckage: A Tale of Global Burning, a group of adventurers set out to correct a traumatic Precession on Earth. They travel 24 light years out of the Sol System, to a star system inhabited by descendants of the Atlantians and Neanderthals. After completing a series of challenges, they return to Mars. They successfully complete the seventh maze, enabling them to contact the Planeteers, and hopefully restore the Earth to its previous position.

The Wreckage of Intentions

Projects in British Culture, 1660-1730

Author: David Alff

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 0812249593

Category: History

Page: 248

View: 8406

The Wreckage of Intentions offers a comprehensive account of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century projects—concrete yet incomplete efforts to advance British society during a period defined by revolutions in finance and agriculture, the rise of experimental science, and the establishment of constitutional monarchy.


Author: Jim ORE


ISBN: 0992645859

Category: Fiction

Page: 60

View: 595

Science fiction for blokes – that’s what you get. If you’re a bloke and you want action and adventure and the odd joke to liven things up this series is designed to keep you entertained as it follows a group of enhanced humans and aliens through various adventures; all entities are represented as normal people doing reasonably normal things at one moment and travelling through dimensions, Time and galaxies the next.

Out of the Wreckage: The Pop Stories

Author: Barbara Blanks


ISBN: 055700909X

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 184

View: 6328

Age happens--then everything else hits the fan. My 81-year-old father-in-law's life changes overnight; mine does, too--and I resent it at first. Over the next 15 months, I learn caregiving is emotional and mental as well as physical. Whether full- or part-time, it is stressful, but attitude and a sense of humor make all the difference in how you get through it.We are all caregivers. Pop's story could be your story. Told with humor and honesty, it faces the difficulties of elder care head-on, but chooses to focus on the positive. Besides Pop, you'll meet the Old Lady Gang at Mayberry, and become acquainted with Bossy Barb, the elf Santa doesn't talk about. And as you journey out of the wreckage, you'll also get lost a lot--the Barb Way.By the way, if you click on the author's name, you'll be whisked away to my lovely storefront.