To My Son with Love

Author: Susan Polis Schutz,Stephen Schutz

Publisher: Blue Mountain Arts, Inc.

ISBN: 9781598421736

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 80

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Wen susan first penned her hopes and dreams for her two sons, parents and sons everywhere responded with recognition and delight. In this new edition, she supplements the insight of her earlier work with new poems she wrote while watching her sons grow into young men. Stephen Schutz's tender illustrations are the perfect complement to Susan's eloquent verse; together they capture the wonder of parenthood and the joys of having a son.

Letters To My Son

Author: Jamie Bohnett

Publisher: WinePress Publishing

ISBN: 1414120303


Page: 108

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Dear Dad . . . Are you a father who longs to leave your son some simple words of encouragement as he begins his own faith journey as an adult? Do you feel like you have, on one hand "said it all," but on the other hand, are not sure that you have communicated the most important things pertaining to the soul? Are you wrestling with entrusting him to "Another Father" as he moves away from your daily influence? If your answers are "Yes" to these questions, then this compilation of heart-felt letters is a must read for you and your son! This book consists of 39 letters put into 12 chapters of authentic, self-disclosing communication from a father to son that holds universal application to every father and young adult son journeying in faith together.

Letters to My Son

A Father's Wisdom on Manhood, Life, and Love

Author: Kent Nerburn

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 1608682811

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 224

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At once spiritual and practical, Letters to My Son has been beloved by readers from all walks of life, including single mothers seeking guidance in raising a son, fathers looking to share a voice of clarity about life’s most important issues, and young men wanting an intelligent, sensitive, and streetwise companion on the journey toward a worthy manhood. In this twentieth anniversary edition, Kent Nerburn adds to his classic reflections on love, marriage, travel, money and wealth, tragedy and suffering, spirituality, sex, and the true meaning of strength, with new chapters on sexual identity and the difficulty of moving on (from relationships, homes, and stages of life). Unique in its profound simplicity and timeless insight, Letters to My Son is a book to savor and a gift to give to anyone looking for clear and gentle guidance on the big issues in life.

Letters to My Son

A Journey Through Grief

Author: Mitch Carmody

Publisher: Heartlight Studios

ISBN: 9781931646406

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 192

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Powerfully written book about death, grief, loss and recovery

Advice to My Son D.L. from Proverbs

Author: David Littleton Baker

Publisher: PageFree Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781589610835

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 272

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How should I teach my child to live? What paths are the right direction? What roads lead to ultimate harm, and how can he discern the difference--especially in a generation that has lost its map? In this book an eye doctor helps his young son to see the advice of the wisest king to ever live, through the lenses of today's world.

A Letter to My Son

Author: Kim S

Publisher: Polished Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780986486906

Category: Psychology

Page: 133

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A Letter to My Son copyright (c) 2004, 2009 by Kim S. All rights reserved. A few people have asked me, "Is this book an autobiography? It sure sounds like you." The answer to that question is: "Yes and no." A Letter to My Son is based on some of my life experiences; but, many of the characters inside are fictional, and some of the story ideas were sparked by nothing more than a telephone conversation. In retrospect, this book is more a reflection of my mindset, at that time, than my whole reality. I saw myself as a victim in life, stemming from a family tragedy that occurred when I was a teenager; and, this is the vantage point from which I continued to view the world around me for many years to come. The stories in A Letter to My Son are the snippets of my life experience that I chose to focus on back then. Evidently, the more I dwelled upon this notion that I was a casualty of unfair circumstance, the more I attracted people and situations that proved me right. I believe we always prove ourselves right. We all receive what we expect to receive from life, and we attract the circumstances that match our personal vibrations at any given time. This is a natural, impartial law of our universe-just as gravity is-and I believe this book demonstrates it very clearly. At the time I wrote A Letter to My Son, I had no idea why I was so compelled to purge these pessimistic thoughts from my system in such a public way. But, several years later, I know. It's as though it was meant to be, all along, and my second and third books bring it all full circle. I was saying "good-bye" to that troubled phase in my life and opening myself up to something new. Two and a half years later, "something new" arrived-a more optimistic viewpoint that changed the path I was on and spawned the creation of my second book titled A Letter to My Daughter. About the Author When Kim S. published her first book, A Letter to My Son, in 2004, she had no idea why she was compelled to purge her negativity in such a public way. But several years later, she knows. It s as though it was meant to be all along, and her second and third books bring it all full circle. A Letter to My Son was based on some of Kim s life experiences, but many of the characters were fictional and some of the story ideas were sparked by nothing more than a telephone conversation. The book, which stemmed from a family tragedy that happened when she was a teenager, was a reflection of her mindset at the time. She saw herself as a victim of circumstance, and this was the vantage point she viewed the world from for many years to come. After being introduced to the Law of Attraction in early 2007, Kim S. was so inspired that she wrote and published her second book, A Letter to My Daughter, in record speed. It expressed a joyful time in her life, and it communicated a message of being true to yourself while respecting other people s choices. Kim resolved to put this theory to the test to determine, for herself, if it is true that we get what we focus on. After nearly three years of consciously and deliberately applying the principles of the Law of Attraction in her life, she is proud to present her third book, titled 11:11. Kim S. believes we always prove ourselves right. We all receive what we expect to receive from life, and we attract the circumstances that match our personal vibrations at any given time. This is a natural, impartial law of our universe just as gravity is and each of her books demonstrates it very clearly in its own way. "

Letters to My Son

A Mother’s Journey Through Grief

Author: Daynabelle Anderson

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 1480872768

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 110

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The death of your child breaks you. With some luck, you may be able to rebuild most of who you were before that loss so that you are not a complete stranger, even to yourself. Even then, you know that you will never be the same again. There will always be a piece of you missing, leaving you forever broken. With the loss of her son, Jeramie, to a car accident, author Daynabelle Anderson found this to be true of herself: a forever broken mom. She then had to decide whether to fight it and live her life, trying in vain to be whole again, only to punish herself over and over when her efforts resulted in failure. Or she could accept that this was who she was now--to allow herself to be broken and to forgive herself for it. She chose the latter, and now she chronicles her journey into that brokenness. This personal narrative offers one mother's story and her perspective on how to live with grief, intended for anyone who has lost a loved one and who feels pressured to move on.

Notes To My Son

Before You Go

Author: Vesna M. Bailey

Publisher: OMNI Publishing

ISBN: 0981017320

Category: Self-Help

Page: 120

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Inspiring and heart-stirring, this is an Award-winning Gift book that says everything a mother would say to her son as he leaves his childhood behind. Gentle words of wisdom filled guidance and inspiration paired with beautiful black and white photo images, serve to empower, uplift, and encourage the reader at any age to believe in a full and happy life while believing in their own greatness within, as well as the greatness of life itself. A timeless message whispered in every mother’s voice.

Letters to My Son

Author: Gary Bowen

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1514430045

Category: Self-Help

Page: 146

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This is the story of letters written to my son while he was incarcerated in county jail. My story begins when my son Jonathan was a minor and living with his mother after his parents’ divorce. Jon took his mother’s car and ran into a lady’s porch. The police were called and found marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the car. Prior to this, Jon was “hanging out” with a group of young goths (Satanic group). This was a young group of kids dressed in black and worshiping the devil. John went to court and was sentenced to probation for one year for his first offence in the First Offenders Program. When he completed the course, the conviction would be sponged from his record. Jon saw his probation officer monthly. John had drugs in his drug tests, and his attitude did not change. The probation officer gave him a second chance, and he was sentenced to another year of probation. Jon’s mother called me and asked me to take Jon and take him to his probation meetings. I did this, and Jon was still hanging out with the goths and still was not passing his drug tests. Probation sent Jon to court, and he was put in work release. Work release placed Jon at Wendy’s. The first night of work, Jon returned from Wendy’s high; he was then placed in the main jail. This is when the letters between Jon and I began, and the story begins.

To My Son, with Love

A Mother's Memory Book

Author: Donna Green

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781875999989

Category: Mothers and sons

Page: 72

View: 2042

This is a journal about a son and his mother. It may be the most precious gift a mother will ever give her son. This journal will help the son understand his mother, and show why he became the person he is today.

"Who Will Tell Me what Happened to My Son?"

Russia's Implementation of European Court of Human Rights Judgments on Chechnya

Author: Jane Buchanan

Publisher: Human Rights Watch

ISBN: 1564325458

Category: Criminal investigation

Page: 38

View: 2806

This 38-page report examines Russia's response to European Court judgments on cases from Chechnya. In almost all of the 115 rulings, the court concluded that Russia was responsible for extrajudicial executions, torture, and enforced disappearances, and that it had failed to investigate these crimes. In the 33 cases researched by Human Rights Watch, Russia has still not brought a single perpetrator to justice, even in cases in which those who participated in or commanded the operations that led to violations are named in the European Court judgments--Publisher's website.

To My Son

Love and Encouragement to Carry With You on Your Journey Through Life

Author: Marci

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781598428667

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 96

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From beautiful baby to remarkable boy to incredible man, a son is the inspiration and light in your life. You felt an immediate connection with him the moment he was placed in your arms. The joy of his birth and years spent watching him grow are only matched by the pride you experience as you share in his accomplishments and see him take his place in the world. Marci's adorable Children of the Inner Light® characters and touching messages of encouragement and affection convey the feelings every parent has for a son. He's your shining star, and you want him to succeed, be happy, and know the satisfaction that can be found in relationships. With this book, you can let your son know that you believe in him, you're thankful for him, and you love him unconditionally.

Letters to My Son

American History and Adventures of John Bemrose

Author: Michael French

Publisher: Bookpal

ISBN: 9781742843872

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 392

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Can You See God in This Picture?: A Letter to My Sons Making Sense of 25 Years of Ministry

Author: John H. King

Publisher: J. Timothy King

ISBN: 0981692516

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

View: 9179

Growing up in the church often lacks the beauty and meaning that God envisioned. John King s ministry as a pastor and teacher spanned the years from 1969 to 1993. He and his family moved 17 times in those years, and pastored in five churches, once even moving several times while at the same church. Occasionally down to the last jar of peanut butter, faith played a real part in their spiritual journey. And then there were the children. With nary a negative word for the adults, Can You See God in This Picture? tells the story of what passion for God can accomplish, both constructively and destructively, and explores the angry and stupid things adults do in the church, which children see and remember. Written as a letter to his three sons, and with many personal admissions and anecdotes, this memoir has the potential to bless any whose faith has been tested, perhaps even destroyed, through church power struggles, theological bickering, political infighting, and all the other things that burn out even the good pastors and sometimes even force them out of the pulpit. Pastor King was known in Western Pennsylvania for his knowledge of Koine Greek and Classical Hebrew, having taught in Western PA Bible Institute in Butler, The Lighthouse Ministry in Washington, and Faith Seminary in Bethel Park, PA in the 1970 s. He also taught at the Charismatic Conference in 1979 at Duquesne University. He graduated from a four year ministerial program at Northeast Bible College, which is now Valley Forge Christian College, and later returned to complete a course of study for a B.S. in Bible. In 1982, he received a Master of Bible Theology from the International Bible Institute & Seminary. Currently retired from the pastorate, he develops computer software at a financial- services firm in Boston and lives with his wife in their townhouse in a nearby town. He occasionally speaks at area churches, including the one he regularly attends, and he still harbors the dream of someday perhaps returning to professional ministry.

Life with My Son

A Mother's Journey Through Death, Grieving and Healing

Author: Carlene Spruell

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595404790

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 128

View: 9611

A mother's heart should never have to grieve over the death of her child. Yet it happens all the time. I have gone through the traumatic experience of the illness and death of my adult son, but God gives me strength and comfort to continue with my life, taking it one day at a time. As I grieve for my son, time has healed the intensity of my pain. I rejoice because of the promises of God; that he goes with me into each new day. God's hand remains upon my family to this day. My family is in the exact place that God wants us to be, and tomorrow God will still be with us. The God of life has given me strength to walk through the darkest days and fills my future with hope. He can do it for you too.