Treasure your Love - Kostbar

Author: J.C. Reed

Publisher: Sieben Verlag

ISBN: 3864436575

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

View: 2169

Seit Jett Mayfield in Brooks Leben getreten ist, und es gehörig auf den Kopf gestellt wurde, ist ihr eins klar, Jett ist der Mann ihres Lebens. Auch für Jett steht fest, nichts in seinem Leben ist so kostbar wie Brooke. Doch während ihre Beziehung sich immer weiter festigt, müssen sie feststellen, dass die wahren Bedrohungen in Form von Geheimnissen, Betrug und Lügen ihr Glück auf die Probe stellen. Damit sie eine Chance auf eine gemeinsame Zukunft haben, müssen sie nun zusammen den Dingen auf den Grund gehen.

Die vier Schatzsucher - In der Karibik

Author: James Patterson,Chris Grabenstein

Publisher: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag

ISBN: 3423428988

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 400

View: 5920

Witzig, spannend, actionreich Auftakt zu einer abenteuerlichen, witzig illustrierten Serie. Nach dem mysteriösen Verschwinden ihrer Eltern übernehmen Bick, Beck, Storm und Tommy deren Job als Schatzsucher. Denn eins ist klar: Der letzte Auftrag muss sie zu ihren Eltern führen. Natürlich gibt es an Bord jede Menge geheime Schriften, versteckte Hinweise und dubiose Objekte – nur welche sind die richtigen? Kaum haben die Geschwister eine heiße Spur, kommen ihnen auch schon Kunsträuber, Gangster und Piraten in die Quere. Die Jagd nach dem Schatz führt sie aus der Karibik bis nach New York.

Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job (Reasons to Believe)

How the Oldest Book in the Bible Answers Today's Scientific Questions

Author: Hugh Ross

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441234322

Category: Religion

Page: 240

View: 9323

Arguably the oldest book in the Bible, the book of Job has a surprising amount to say about some of the newest scientific discoveries and controversies. Far from a book that is just about suffering, Job is filled with rich insight into both ancient and modern questions about the formation of the world the difference between animals and humans cosmology dinosaurs and the fossil record how to care for creation and more With careful consideration and exegesis, internationally known astrophysicist and Christian apologist Hugh Ross adds yet another compelling argument to the case for the veracity of the biblical commentary on the history of the universe, Earth, life, and humanity. Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job shows that the Bible is an accurate predictor of scientific discoveries and a trustworthy source of scientific information, and that both the book of Scripture and the book of nature are consistent both internally and externally.


die Geheimnisse von Green Lake ; Roman

Author: Louis Sachar

Publisher: Beltz & Gelberg

ISBN: 9783407785688

Category: Children's stories

Page: 295

View: 2021

As further evidence of his family's bad fortune which they attribute to a curse on a distant relative, Stanley Yelnats is sent to a hellish correctional camp in the Texas desert where he finds his first real friend, a treasure, and a new sense of himself.

Die Liebe in Zeiten der Cholera


Author: Gabriel García Márquez

Publisher: Kiepenheuer & Witsch

ISBN: 3462306758

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

View: 2016

Nichts auf der Welt ist schwieriger als die Liebe. Das erleben Fermina Daza und Doktor Juvenal Urbino tagtäglich in ihrer mehr als fünfzigjährigen Ehe. Und niemand erfährt das schmerzlicher als Fermina Dazas ewiger Verehrer Florentino Ariza, der 51 Jahre, 9 Monate und 4 Tage auf sie gewartet hat. Schwärmerisch hat er in poetischen Briefen um sie geworben, sie in aller Keuschheit gewonnen und wieder verloren, aber nie aufgehört, sie zu lieben. Während Fermina Daza an der Seite ihres Mannes, eines hoch geachteten Arztes, ein großbürgerliches Leben führt, bringt es Florentino Ariza durch beruflichen Erfolg zu großem Wohlstand. Er ist ein nimmermüder Schürzenjäger, im Herzen aber Fermina Daza immer treu geblieben, und noch am Abend der Beerdigung ihres Mannes erklärt er ihr erneut seine Liebe.Ein großer Liebesroman, eine Geschichte voller Lebenskraft und Poesie. „Ohne die reichen Bücher von García Márquez wäre unsere Welt entschieden ärmer.“ Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The Treasure Is Within

Author: Jane-Louise Kelly

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1504367723

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 166

View: 3150

I was once told by a friend that I lived a `charmed` life. It was not, however, until my life`s calm was deeply perturbed that I realized what real charm is. I believe now that it is the capacity to know, profoundly, that all is well when reality would suggest otherwise. This was the life lesson I was about to be introduced to, following our son`s brain cancer diagnosis at the age of nine, and the writings of `The Treasure Is Within` provided a lifeline to me when I feared I would lose all faith in life and in myself. It was only after the completion of part one of these writings that I asked who I was speaking to: Speaking to you now is your Higher Office. Behind each human `being` is this same community of hopes and desires. We desire for you to know that our attention in your regard is never-ending and complete, urging you in the direction of your greatest desires. When there is resistance we find it difficult to be fully efficient but when you let go in trust that all is working out for the best then indeed it does.


Author: Hermann Gunkel

Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

ISBN: 3525516517

Category: Bible

Page: 527

View: 7640


Ivy & Bean - Frech im Doppelpack

Author: Annie Barrows


ISBN: 383871718X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 112

View: 634

Abenteuer, Spaß und Freundschaft! Empfohlen ab 8 Jahren Als sie sich das erste Mal sehen, ist Ivy & Bean sofort klar: Wir werden niemals Freundinnen! Denn Bean ist laut und albern, Ivy still und voller Ideen. Außerdem ist Ivy die ganze Zeit damit beschäftigt, Zauberin zu werden. Aber als Bean ihrer Schwester einen Streich spielt und sich - schnell! - verstecken muss, kommt Ivy ihr mit ihrem Zauberstab, Schminke und einem Eimer Würmer zu Hilfe ...

Flint Book 7: The Finale

Author: Treasure Hernandez

Publisher: Urban Books

ISBN: 1622862627

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

View: 4180

Halleigh and Malek have been through more drama in their young lives than most people will ever see. The young lovers were headed for the good life, thanks to Malek's skills on the basketball court. But fate sent them down a different path, and they were thrown into the streets of Flint, forced to survive by any means necessary. Drugs and prostitution nearly destroyed Halleigh, but she fought her way back from the brink and finally reunited with Malek. His position at the top of the drug game made him a target for jealous enemies, though, and soon the couple was ripped apart again. Malek had even more incentive to find Halleigh this time, because she was carrying his seed. Now their saga is coming to an end. Find out what happens to Halleigh and Malek in the final installment of the Flint series. Will these young lovers, separated over and over again, finally be able to live their happily ever after, or will they be swallowed up by the streets?

7 Books in 1

The Railway Children, Five Children and It, The Phoenix and the Carpet, The Story of the Amulet, The Story of the Treasure-Seekers, The Would-Be-Goods

Author: Edith Nesbit

Publisher: Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax Limited

ISBN: 9780954840105

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 476

View: 2291

Classic stories by much-loved children's author E. Nesbit. This great-value book contains seven full-length, unabridged novels. Set in a 1900s England of steam-trains and magic, generations of children have thrilled to these exciting adventures. When the children in these stories aren't preventing a train crash, you'll find them getting wishes from the sandy Psammead, flying on a magic carpet, travelling through time with an enchanted Egyptian amulet, hatching the egg of the mythical phoenix, or using their magical ring to explore an enchanted castle! The brothers and sisters created by E. Nesbit have the convincing feeling of being a real family - they're usually disagreeing with each other, but they're always cheerful about it. They try to be good but are always in trouble of one kind or another. With a subtle ethical message underlying their exciting plots, these novels have been listed among the best works of children's literature for many years. This '7 books in 1' edition is an ideal gift for any child who loves reading, or any adult who wants to bring some magic into their life!

Racing to Love - Carter's Treasure

Author: Amy Gregory

Publisher: Sapphire Star Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9781938404085


Page: 266

View: 3300

From the outside, Molly West had everything, beauty, brains, and a career she d retired from not once, but twice. Being in the limelight and in a sport that was male driven, she was often surrounded by men. She ignored first the boys, and as she got older, the men. Her cold shoulder and patented not a chance in hell look were usually enough to get her point across. Molly had no plans in changing what was a perfectly good system. That is until she walked into the pits. Carter Sterling had traveled the racing circuit since he was a boy. He d heard all the old standbys, She s out there somewhere, love comes along when you least expect it. Good things come to those that Yeah, he d heard them all. The last place he expected to meet the love of his life was on a pro track. All she did was smile, and he knew, looking into her sapphire blue eyes, Molly West was his. Forever. If it was only that easy. From the moment he laid eyes on her, he had a gripping feeling in him. An overwhelming need to protect her a girl he d just met. Carter had learned a long time ago that gut feelings are almost never wrong. Molly now held his heart in her hands, but it was going to take a lot more than just love to protect her from the past she thought she d buried a long time ago.

The Shaw's Revised King James Holy Bible

Author: Rev Terrance Shaw Ph. D. D. D. D. B. S.,Reverend Terrance J. Shaw

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1425116671

Category: Religion

Page: 640

View: 9295

Because of Reverend Shaw's book, What We've Been Told About the HOLY BIBLE is a Lie and Here's the Proof, all of today's Bibles that you own are obsolete. Reverend Shaw, under the same divine inspiration that prompted him to write this book, has made revisions and amendments to correct the flaws, errors, and interpolations that are in today's Bible, As Reverend Shaw has pointed out in this book. Reverend Shaw has made these same amendments in today's Bible as inspired by God's Holy Spirit. The SHAW'S REVISED BIBLE will be the only appropriately corrected revised Bible available on the market today. Every sincere and genuine Christian will need to own a SHAW'S REVISED BIBLE if they want to have a Bible that is free of the flaws, errors, and interpolations that were revealed in Reverend Shaw's book, What We've Been Told About the HOLY BIBLE is a Lie and Here's the Proof.

A Black Woman's Worth

Author: Seven

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781467843645

Category: Poetry

Page: 284

View: 3519

Come take a journey into the lives of many different types of black women struggles. This book will help the world especially black men to get in tuned with the trials & Tribulations of black women, which is the key to black men survival. The first time in the history of modern day mankind the joy, pain, and suffering of the most mysterious and misunderstood advanced creature on earth will be exposed in detail. In order to truly understand somebody you will have to look at the world through their eyes. Its easy to assume looking outside in but the truth comes from looking inside out. This book will reveal the amazing strength of black women and how they are the closest thing to God because they have been whipped, mocked, lied to, betrayed and taken for granted just like the savior Jesus the Christ did at Calvary. Now take a deep breath, relax, drink some lemonade and clear your mind and behold a black womans worth. The man that finds a wife finds a treasure and receives favor from the lord - Proverbs 18:22 We dont see things as they are. We see them as we are. - Anis Nin A person can become supernatural by simply being simple - Allan Williams Denying the truth will never change it and sin is never removed by denying its existence. - Jeremiah 7 Karma is Gods girlfriend - Allan Williams

Gone With The Sin (Book 8)

Author: Liliana Hart,Scott Silverii

Publisher: SilverHart Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 200

View: 1787

Gone With The Sin (Suitable for all ages) Let sleeping dogs lie. If only that were the case throughout Bell County, Texas, things would’ve returned to the serenity that once defined it. A quiet, and peaceful place was what Hank Davidson wanted as his retirement home. After a high-risk, violent career as an FBI-trained serial killer detective, crime was the last thing Hank wanted. He also had no intention to fall in love, but crime also played a part in that, or at least solving crime did. The Lone Star Rattlers outlaw motorcycle club have been around for hundreds of years. They began as a militia to protect the sovereignty of the Independent Republic of Texas. Over the generations, they devolved into a vicious group of treasure-seeking bandits determined to recover billions in secreted bullion and confederate treasures once horded in hopes of financing another war to reclaim it’s freedom from the United States of America. Bell County’s numerous historic cemeteries were once revered for honoring the heroic sacrifices of it’s citizens and soldiers. The recent rash of grave robbing has led Agatha Harley to suspect something more sinister is afoot. She must convince a very skeptical Sheriff Reggie Coil that it’s more than high school vandals. Enlisting the help of her partner in crime-solving and love, Hank Davidson, would give her the leverage to dig deeper into the series of casket breeches, and help convince Coil that his precious Bell County was once again under attack by his age-old enemies, the Rattlers. ABOUT THE AUTHORS The dynamic husband and wife writing duo of Liliana Hart and Scott Silverii combine their love of adventure and storytelling into the Harley and Davidson Mystery Series. While they've discussed a team writing effort for years, when it came time to actually develop their characters, both admit to being stumped. Why not write us they laughed. Liliana, a 29-time NY Times and USA Today bestseller and author of over 59 titles, enjoys this labor of love with her husband. Scott, a former Chief of Police and law enforcement professional has over 25 years of banging down doors and busting bad guys. An author of 10 titles, he says this by far is his favorite mission. Together, they have created a lovable tandem of adventure seeking, mystery-solving heroes that you'll get to know and love. You might even catch a glimpse of Liliana and Scott in each story. Well, probably much more than a glimpse. BOOKS IN THE SERIES Book 1 The Farmer’s Slaughter Book 2 A Tisket A Casket Book 3 I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus Book 4 Get Your Murder Running Book 5 Deceased and Desist Book 6 Malice In Wonderland (4-30-19) Book 7 Tequila Mockingbird (4-30-19) Book 8 Gone With the Sin (4-30-19) Book 9 Grime and Punishment (TBA) Book 10 Blazing Rattles (TBA)