The Umbral Calculus

Author: Steven Roman

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486153428

Category: Mathematics

Page: 208

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This introductory text explores Sheffer sequences and operators and their adjoints, the connection constants problem and duplication formulas, the Lagrange inversion formula, operational formulas, inverse relations, and binomial convolution. 1984 edition.

Handbuch für die q-Analysis

Author: Thomas Ernst

Publisher: Logos Verlag Berlin GmbH

ISBN: 3832530991


Page: 493

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Bis jetzt befand sich die theoretische Entwicklung der q-Analysis auf einer ungleichmäßigen Grundlage. Die sperrige Notation von Gasper-Rahman wurde in der Regel verwendet, aber die veröffentlichten Werke in der q-Analysis hatten je nach den verschiedenen Ländern und verschiedenen Mathematikern unterschiedliche Ausgangspunkte. Die Verwirrung der Sprachen hat nicht nur die theoretische Entwicklung kompliziert, sondern hat auch dazu beigetragen, dass die q-Analysis ein vernachlässigter mathematischer Bereich geworden ist. Dieses Buch überwindet diese Probleme durch die Einführung einer neuen logarithmischen Notation für die q-Analysis. Zum Beispiel sind q-hypergeometrische Funktionen nun optisch ansprechend und der Übergang zurück auf ihre hypergeometrische Vorfahren ist einfach. Mit dieser neuen Notation ist es auch leicht, den Zusammenhang zwischen den q-hypergeometrischen Funktionen und der q-Gamma-Funktion einzusehen, etwas, das früher völlig vernachlässigt wurde. Das Buch deckt viele Themen in Bezug auf die q-Analysis, zum Beispiel: spezielle Funktionen, Bernoullische Zahlen, q-Differenzengleichungen. Neben einer gründlichen Überprüfung der historischen Entwicklung der q-Analysis, zeigt dieses Buch auch die Domänen der modernen Physik, in denen die q-Analysis anwendbar ist, zum Beispiel: Teilchenphysik und Supersymmetrie, um nur einige zu nennen.

A Comprehensive Treatment of q-Calculus

Author: Thomas Ernst

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 303480430X

Category: Mathematics

Page: 492

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To date, the theoretical development of q-calculus has rested on a non-uniform basis. Generally, the bulky Gasper-Rahman notation was used, but the published works on q-calculus looked different depending on where and by whom they were written. This confusion of tongues not only complicated the theoretical development but also contributed to q-calculus remaining a neglected mathematical field. This book overcomes these problems by introducing a new and interesting notation for q-calculus based on logarithms.For instance, q-hypergeometric functions are now visually clear and easy to trace back to their hypergeometric parents. With this new notation it is also easy to see the connection between q-hypergeometric functions and the q-gamma function, something that until now has been overlooked. The book covers many topics on q-calculus, including special functions, combinatorics, and q-difference equations. Apart from a thorough review of the historical development of q-calculus, this book also presents the domains of modern physics for which q-calculus is applicable, such as particle physics and supersymmetry, to name just a few.​

Local Cohomology and Its Applications

Author: Gennady Lybeznik

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1482275767

Category: Mathematics

Page: 358

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This volume collects presentations from the international workshop on local cohomology held in Guanajuato, Mexico, including expanded lecture notes of two minicourses on applications in equivariant topology and foundations of duality theory, and chapters on finiteness properties, D-modules, monomial ideals, combinatorial analysis, and related topics. Featuring selected papers from renowned experts around the world, Local Cohomology and Its Applications is a provocative reference for algebraists, topologists, and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.

p-adic mathematical physics

2nd international conference, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro, 15-21 September, 2005

Author: Andreĭ I︠U︡rʹevich Khrennikov,Zoran Rakic,Zoran Rakić,Igor V. Volovich

Publisher: Amer Inst of Physics

ISBN: 9780735403185

Category: Mathematics

Page: 368

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The subject of this conference was recent developments in p-adic mathematical physics and related areas. The field of p-Adic mathematical physics was conceived in 1987 as a result of attempts to find non-Archimedean approaches to space-time at the Planck scale as well as to strings. Since then, many applications of p-adic numbers and adeles in physics and related sciences have emerged. Some of them are p-adic and adelic string theory, p-adic and adelic quantum mechanics and quantum field theory, ultrametricity of spin glasses, biological and hierarchical systems, p-adic dynamical systems, p-adic probability theory, p-adic models of cognitive processes and cryptography, as well as p-adic and adelic cosmology.

Mathematical Analysis, Approximation Theory and Their Applications

Author: Themistocles M. Rassias,Vijay Gupta

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319312812

Category: Mathematics

Page: 741

View: 9605

Designed for graduate students, researchers, and engineers in mathematics, optimization, and economics, this self-contained volume presents theory, methods, and applications in mathematical analysis and approximation theory. Specific topics include: approximation of functions by linear positive operators with applications to computer aided geometric design, numerical analysis, optimization theory, and solutions of differential equations. Recent and significant developments in approximation theory, special functions and q-calculus along with their applications to mathematics, engineering, and social sciences are discussed and analyzed. Each chapter enriches the understanding of current research problems and theories in pure and applied research.

Die Gammafunktion

Author: Niels Nielsen

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 9780821838365

Category: Mathematics

Page: 432

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This title consists of both original volumes of this classic, now published as one. The first volume is a handbook of the theory of the gamma function. The first part of this volume gives an elementary presentation of the fundamental properties of the gamma function (and related functions) as applications of the theory of analytic functions. The second part covers properties related to the integral representations for $\Gamma(x)$. The third part explores the properties of functions defined via series of factorials: $\Omega(x)=\sum s! a_s/(x(x+1)\ldots(x+s))$, with applications to the gamma function. The Handbook is an often-cited reference in the literature on the gamma function and other transcendental functions. The second (and shorter) volume covers the theory of the logarithmic integral $\mathrm{li}(x)$ and certain related functions. Specific topics include integral representations, asymptotic series, and continued fractions.

Dirichlet Forms and Analysis on Wiener Space

Author: Nicolas Bouleau,Francis Hirsch

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 311085838X

Category: Mathematics

Page: 335

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The subject of this book is analysis on Wiener space by means of Dirichlet forms and Malliavin calculus. There are already several literature on this topic, but this book has some different viewpoints. First the authors review the theory of Dirichlet forms, but they observe only functional analytic, potential theoretical and algebraic properties. They do not mention the relation with Markov processes or stochastic calculus as discussed in usual books (e.g. Fukushima’s book). Even on analytic properties, instead of mentioning the Beuring-Deny formula, they discuss “carré du champ” operators introduced by Meyer and Bakry very carefully. Although they discuss when this “carré du champ” operator exists in general situation, the conditions they gave are rather hard to verify, and so they verify them in the case of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck operator in Wiener space later. (It should be noticed that one can easily show the existence of “carré du champ” operator in this case by using Shigekawa’s H-derivative.) In the part on Malliavin calculus, the authors mainly discuss the absolute continuity of the probability law of Wiener functionals. The Dirichlet form corresponds to the first derivative only, and so it is not easy to consider higher order derivatives in this framework. This is the reason why they discuss only the first step of Malliavin calculus. On the other hand, they succeeded to deal with some delicate problems (the absolute continuity of the probability law of the solution to stochastic differential equations with Lipschitz continuous coefficients, the domain of stochastic integrals (Itô-Ramer-Skorokhod integrals), etc.). This book focuses on the abstract structure of Dirichlet forms and Malliavin calculus rather than their applications. However, the authors give a lot of exercises and references and they may help the reader to study other topics which are not discussed in this book. Zentralblatt Math, Reviewer: S.Kusuoka (Hongo)

Frauen im Militär

Empirische Befunde und Perspektiven zur Integration von Frauen in die Streitkräfte

Author: Jens-Rainer Ahrens,Maja Apelt,Christiane Bender

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3322810038

Category: Political Science

Page: 268

View: 8396

Das Buch beschreibt den Weg von Frauen in die Bundeswehr und die Situation des Militärs aus der Geschlechterperspektive.