Understanding Postpartum Psychosis

A Temporary Madness

Author: Teresa M. Twomey

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313353468

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 173

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Threaded with in-depth stories from women who experienced postpartum psychosis - including one who committed infanticide - this unique and absorbing work offers psychological, medical, legal, and historical perspectives on this potentially deadly mental illness.

Birth of a New Brain

Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder

Author: Dyane Harwood

Publisher: Post Hill Press

ISBN: 1618688006

Category: Self-Help

Page: 391

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After the birth of her baby triggers a manic maelstrom, Dyane Harwood struggles to survive the bewildering highs and crippling lows of her brain’s turmoil. Birth of a New Brain vividly depicts her postpartum bipolar disorder, an unusual type of bipolar disorder and postpartum mood and anxiety disorder. During her childhood, Harwood grew up close to her father, a brilliant violinist in the Los Angeles Philharmonic who had bipolar disorder. She learned how bipolar disorder could ravage a family, but she never suspected that she’d become mentally ill—until her baby was born. Harwood wondered if mental health would always be out of her reach. From medications to electroconvulsive therapy, from “redwood forest baths” to bibliotherapy, she explored both traditional and unconventional methods of recovery—in-between harrowing psychiatric hospitalizations. Harwood reveals how she ultimately achieved a stable mood. She discovered that despite having a chronic mood disorder, a new, richer life is possible. Birth of a New Brain is the chronicle of one mother’s perseverance, offering hope and grounded advice for those battling mental illness.

Strong As a Mother

How to Stay Healthy, Happy, and (Most Importantly) Sane from Pregnancy to Parenthood: The Only Guide to Taking Care of YOU!

Author: Kate Rope

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 1250105595

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 320

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Expert, practical advice for complete mental and physical maternal health Kate Rope's Strong as a Mother is a practical and compassionate guide to preparing for a smooth start to motherhood. Everyone knows the secret to having “the Happiest Baby on the Block.” This is your guide to being the Sanest Mommy on the Block. It will prepare you with humor and grace for what lies ahead, give you the tools you need to take care of yourself, permission to struggle at times, and professional advice on how to move through it when you do. This book will become a dog-eared resource on your nightstand, offering you the same care and support that you are working so hard to provide to your child. It will help you prioritize your emotional health, set boundaries and ask for help, make choices about feeding and childcare that feel good to you, get good sleep, create a strong relationship with your partner, make self care an everyday priority, trust your instincts, and actually enjoy the hardest job you will ever love. This book is here to take care of you.

A History of Infanticide in Britain, c. 1600 to the Present

Author: A. Kilday

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137349123

Category: History

Page: 338

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The killing of new-born children is an intensely emotional and emotive subject. The hidden nature of this crime has made it an area incredibly difficult subject area for historians to approach up until now. This work provides the first detailed history of infanticide in mainland Britain from 1600 to the modern era.


A Postpartum Anxiety Survival Story

Author: Stacey Ackerman

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 146200864X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 160

View: 1265

When your plate is too full, it eventually tips. Welcome to the world of a Supermom. When an overachieving, successful businesswoman tries to be perfect in every role of her life, it leads her onto a dark road of postpartum anxiety and panic disorder with psychotic features. A poignant memoir written with humor and heartache, this autobiography details the other side of postpartum depression: anxiety, panic, and psychosis. Ackerman gently walks readers through her terrifying journey of how a seemingly charming life unfolds into a nightmare of physical and mental breakdown, ending with inspirational, heart-wrenching inner strength that gives hope to a world of women. Stacey Ackerman, otherwise known as Supermom, is an overachieving, type-A personality who survived a serious and debilitating mental health disorder after the birth of her third child. She shares her story in the hopes of helping other women survive a similar trauma. Her ordeal proves that a mental breakdown can happen to anyone, erasing the stigma of mental illness.

The Scholar

St. Mary's Law Review on Minority Issues

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Minorities

Page: N.A

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When Words are Not Enough

The Women's Prescription for Depression and Anxiety

Author: Valerie D. Raskin

Publisher: Broadway

ISBN: 9780553067132

Category: Psychology

Page: 318

View: 6719

Discusses the social, medical, and biological factors that affect women and the treaments used to manage depression and anxiety

Psychology & Mental Health: Parenting styles

Author: Nancy A. Piotrowski

Publisher: Salem PressInc

ISBN: 9781587655609

Category: Psychology

Page: 2208

View: 1194

This comprehensive five-volume set covers notable theories, people, social issues, life stages, the physiology and anatomy of the nervous system, and various mental illnesses or conditions --from publisher description.

Postpartum Depression Demystified

An Essential Guide to Understanding and Overcoming the Most Common Complication After Childbirth

Author: Joyce A. Venis,Suzanne McCloskey

Publisher: Da Capo Press

ISBN: 9781569242667

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 241

View: 9516

Postpartum depression is the most common complication women experience after childbirth -- nearly 700,000 new moms suffer from it each year. Yet this serious mood disorder, characterized by sadness, anxiety, feelings of hopelessness and guilt, insomnia, and thoughts of harming the baby or oneself, continues to be widely misunderstood and frequently misdiagnosed. In "Postpartum Depression Demystified, " renowned PPD authority Joyce Venis and Suzanne McCloskey, both PPD sufferers themselves, turn their combined experience and expertise into an insightful and supportive guide for everyone living with and seeking to understand this condition. Venis and McCloskey cover topics including: - the nature of PPD and how it differs from other perinatal mood disorders - how to recognize and cope with the symptoms - how to obtain an accurate diagnosis - key risk factors and how to minimize them - medications and therapies - getting the support you need from your partner, family, and friends - how PPD can affect your relationship with your partner and your baby - nurturing yourself through recovery

Manisch-depressiv für Dummies

Author: Candida Fink,Joe Kraynak

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 3527658149

Category: Psychology

Page: 364

View: 7916

Himmelhochjauchzend und zu Tode betr?bt - manisch-depressive Stimmungsschwankungen kennen viele. Aber wie kann man sie ertragen oder besser noch lindern? Die Psychiaterin Candida Fink erkl?rt, was im Gehirn passiert, wie man den richtigen Arzt findet und welche Therapien und Medikamente heute angewandt werden. Betroffenen und Angeh?rigen gibt sie Tipps zur Selbsthilfe, die die Symptome lindern k?nnen, Krisenzeiten ?berstehen lassen und sie f?r manische oder depressive Episoden wappnen. ?bungen, Checklisten und Stimmungsbarometer machen auch kleine Fortschritte gleich ersichtlich und helfen, den Alltag in Familie und Beruf trotz aller Stimmungsschwankungen zu meistern.

A Concise Guide to Understanding Suicide

Epidemiology, Pathophysiology and Prevention

Author: Stephen H. Koslow,Pedro Ruiz,Charles B. Nemeroff

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139992422

Category: Medical

Page: N.A

View: 1088

Suicide rates continue to increase globally. The volume of research in this field has also expanded rapidly. In A Concise Guide to Understanding Suicide, leading researchers and clinicians provide a concise review of recent literature, report solutions achieved and give practical guidance for patient care to aid understanding and help prevent suicide. Each chapter is highly focused to provide pertinent information covering all major aspects of the field, from epidemiology and theories of causation through to treatment and prevention. This text will educate practising clinicians (psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, counsellors, and emergency room personnel) and other health care workers and researchers, as well as providing a pathway for undergraduate and graduate students interested in furthering their understanding of the complexities surrounding suicide. Further, mental health professionals and those in the social sciences will be extremely interested in this monograph, as will the University community, armed forces and interested lay public.

Understanding Human Sexuality

Author: Janet Shibley Hyde,John D. DeLamater

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies

ISBN: 9780072986365

Category: Psychology

Page: 668

View: 5051

Accompanying CD-ROM ... "combines scientifically based multimedia, video, and web-based study materials into one easy-to-navigate resource."--CD-ROM container.