University Life in Eighteenth-century Oxford

Author: Graham Midgley

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300068139

Category: Education

Page: 182

View: 1741

This social history of academic life in 18th-century Oxford presents an account of the activities of students and dons at the university: the often inordinate eating and drinking; life in the senior common rooms; the struggles with authority; the place of women in an all-male environment; the pleasures of sauntering in a still-rural Oxford; the sports and pastimes that kept students from their books; music, theatre, and the astounding variety of entertainment found in the streets: executions, political riots, and circuses that the gown as well as the town attended and relished.

Concert Life in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Author: Susan Wollenberg

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351571214

Category: Music

Page: 320

View: 5901

In recent years there has been a considerable revival of interest in music in eighteenth-century Britain. This interest has now expanded beyond the consideration of composers and their music to include the performing institutions of the period and their relationship to the wider social scene. The collection of essays presented here offers a portrayal of concert life in Britain that contributes greatly to the wider understanding of social and cultural life in the eighteenth century. Music was not merely a pastime but was irrevocably linked with its social, political and literary contexts. The perspectives of performers, organisers, patrons, audiences, publishers, copyists and consumers are considered here in relation to the concert experience. All of the essays taken together construct an understanding of musical communities and the origins of the modern concert system. This is achieved by focusing on the development of music societies; the promotion of musical events; the mobility and advancement of musicians; systems of patronage; the social status of musicians; the repertoire performed and published; the role of women pianists and the 'topography' of concerts. In this way, the book will not only appeal to music specialists, but also to social and cultural historians.

All Souls College, Oxford in the Early Eighteenth Century

Piety, Political Imposition, and Legacy of the Glorious Revolution

Author: Jeffrey Wigelsworth

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 900437535X

Category: Education

Page: 222

View: 1760

A history of All Souls College under the Wardenship of Bernard Gardiner, that focuses on the ways in which the college and Gardiner were caught between competing visions of what England would look like in the aftermath of the Glorious Revolution.

A Modern Introduction to Theology

New Questions for Old Beliefs

Author: Philip Kennedy

Publisher: I.B.Tauris

ISBN: 0857737449

Category: Religion

Page: 304

View: 9204

Philip Kennedy here offers the first book that any student - with or without religious convictions - can profitably use to get quickly to grips with the essentials of the Christian religion: its history and its key thinkers, its successes and its failures. Most existing undergraduate textbooks of theology begin from essentially traditional positions on the Bible, doctrine, authority, interpretation, and God. What makes Philip Kennedy's book both singularly important and uniquely different is that it has a completely new starting-point. The author contends that traditional Christian theology must extensively overhaul many of its theses because of a multitude of modern social, historical and intellectual revolutions. Offering a grand historical sweep of the genesis of the modern age, and writing with panache and a magisterial grasp of the relevant debates, conflicts and controversies, A Modern Introduction to Theology moves a tired and increasingly incoherent discipline in genuinely fresh and exciting directions, and will be welcomed by students and readers of the subject.

Jewish Daily Life in Germany, 1618-1945

Author: Marion A. Kaplan

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0195171640

Category: History

Page: 529

View: 8298

A study of Jewish life in Germany from 1618 until 1945, this work investigates the details of daily living, the homes and neighbourhoods in which Jews lived, their families and friendships, religious practices and feelings, as well as their educations and occupations.

Daily Life in 18th-century England

Author: Kirstin Olsen

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313299339

Category: History

Page: 395

View: 2100

Eighteenth-century England comes to life in this detailed description of how ordinary people lived, worked, played and died.


Empire and Identity in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Author: Tillman W. Nechtman

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521763533

Category: History

Page: 266

View: 7379

This book considers the controversy caused by 'nabobs', and the debate regarding British identity and British imperialism in the late eighteenth century.

William Blackstone

Law and Letters in the Eighteenth Century

Author: Wilfrid R. Prest

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199550298

Category: Architecture

Page: 355

View: 6834

Lawyer, politician, poet, teacher and architect, William Blackstone was a major figure in eighteenth century public life. Despite the breadth and influence of his work, Blackstone the man remains little known. This volume, Blackstone's first scholarly biography, sheds considerable light on the life, work, and society of this neglected figure.

Public Speech and the Culture of Public Life in the Age of Gladstone

Author: Joseph S. Meisel

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231505825

Category: History

Page: 336

View: 4909

By the last decades of the nineteenth century, more people were making more speeches to greater numbers in a wider variety of venues than at any previous time. This book argues that a recognizably modern public life was created in Victorian Britain largely through the instrumentality of public speech. Shedding new light on the careers of many of the most important figures of the Victorian era and beyond, including Gladstone, Disraeli, Sir Robert Peel, John Bright, Joseph Chamberlain, Winston Churchill, Lloyd George, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, and Canon Liddon, the book traces the ways in which oratory came to occupy a central position in the conception and practice of Victorian public life. Not a study of rhetoric or a celebration of great oratory, the book stresses the social developments that led to the production and consumption of these speeches.

Scottish Philosophy in the Eighteenth Century, Volume I

Morals, Politics, Art, Religion

Author: Aaron Garrett,James A. Harris

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191043435

Category: Philosophy

Page: 448

View: 1674

A History of Scottish Philosophy is a series of collaborative studies by expert authors, each volume being devoted to a specific period. Together they provide a comprehensive account of the Scottish philosophical tradition, from the centuries that laid the foundation of the remarkable burst of intellectual fertility known as the Scottish Enlightenment, through the Victorian age and beyond, when it continued to exercise powerful intellectual influence at home and abroad. The books aim to be historically informative, while at the same time serving to renew philosophical interest in the problems with which the Scottish philosophers grappled, and in the solutions they proposed. This new history of Scottish philosophy will include two volumes that focus on the Scottish Enlightenment. In this volume a team of leading experts explore the ideas, intellectual context, and influence of Hutcheson, Hume, Smith, Reid, and many other thinkers, frame old issues in fresh ways, and introduce new topics and questions into debates about the philosophy of this remarkable period. The contributors explore the distinctively Scottish context of this philosophical flourishing, and juxtapose the work of canonical philosophers with contemporaries now very seldom read. The outcome is a broadening-out, and a filling-in of the detail, of the picture of the philosophical scene of Scotland in the eighteenth century. General Editor: Gordon Graham, Princeton Theological Seminary

Women of Letters, Manuscript Circulation, and Print Afterlives in the Eighteenth Century

Elizabeth Rowe, Catharine Cockburn and Elizabeth Carter

Author: M. Bigold

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137033576

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 291

View: 7594

Using unpublished manuscript writings, this book reinterprets material, social, literary, philosophical and religious contexts of women's letter-writing in the long 18th century. It shows how letter-writing functions as a form of literary manuscript exchange and argues for manuscript circulation as a method of engaging with the republic of letters.

Eighteenth Century Women Poets

An Oxford Anthology

Author: Roger Lonsdale

Publisher: Oxford Paperbacks

ISBN: 9780192827753

Category: Law

Page: 555

View: 5753

A unique anthology of verse by over 100 women poets describing with vigour and immedicacy their varied experience.

The Eighteenth Century in India

Author: Seema Alavi

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780195656404

Category: History

Page: 261

View: 7765

This Book Will Make A Useful Companion For Historians Of Late Medieval And Modern India, Economists, Sociologists, And The Informed General Reader.

Poetry of Attention in the Eighteenth Century

Author: M. Koehler

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137313609

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 263

View: 5581

By identifying a pervasive cultivation of attention as a perceptual and cognitive state in eighteenth-century poetry, this book explores overt themes of attention and demonstrate techniques of readerly attention.