Water in Kentucky

Natural History, Communities, and Conservation

Author: Brian D. Lee,Daniel I. Carey,Alice L. Jones

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 0813168708

Category: Science

Page: 256

View: 7901

Home to sprawling Appalachian forests, rolling prairies, and the longest cave system in the world, Kentucky is among the most ecologically diverse states in the nation. Lakes, rivers, and springs have shaped and nourished life in the Commonwealth for centuries, and water has played a pivotal role in determining Kentucky's physical, cultural, and economic landscapes. The management and preservation of this precious natural resource remain a priority for the state's government and citizens. In this generously illustrated book, experts from a variety of fields explain how water has defined regions across the Commonwealth. Together, they illuminate the ways in which this resource has affected the lives of Kentuckians since the state's settlement, exploring the complex relationship among humans, landscapes, and waterways. They examine topics such as water quality, erosion and sediment control, and emerging water management approaches. Through detailed analysis and case studies, the contributors offer scholars, practitioners, policy makers, and general readers a wide perspective on the state's valuable water resources.

A Canoeing and Kayaking Guide to Kentucky

Author: Bob Sehlinger,Johnny Molloy

Publisher: Menasha Ridge Press

ISBN: 0897328264

Category: Travel

Page: 272

View: 4731

At-a-glance information for each river section helps paddlers determine the river that's right for them. Stream overviews, gauge and shuttle information, names of rapids and suggestions on how to run them, along with a little history, make this guide not only an interesting read, but a must for every boater hitting the Kentucky streams.

Fly Fishing Kentucky

Your Guide to Tackle, Techniques and the Best Trout Waters in the State

Author: J. Thomas Schrodt,Valerie L. Askren

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780692229620

Category: Nature

Page: 217

View: 4040

Fly Fishing Kentucky: Your Guide to Tackle, Techniquesand theBest Trout Waters in the State Written for new and experienced fly anglers. Illustrated by Christine Schrodt. Covers 36 trout waters in Kentucky, including creeks, lakes and tailwaters. Each entry provides information regarding the ecosystem, fishing recommendations, and driving directions. With detailed recommendations for: Fly, Tackle and Gear Selection Basic Casting Skills Special Fishing Techniques Reading Water to Find Trout Matching the Hatch and Fly Selection"

Trees & Shrubs of Kentucky

Author: Mary E. Wharton

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 9780813112947

Category: Nature

Page: 582

View: 8800

Discusses the role of trees and shrubs in the ecology of Kentucky, provides a guide to identification, and briefly describes each species

Plant Life of Kentucky

An Illustrated Guide to the Vascular Flora

Author: Ronald Jones

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 0813171946

Category: Nature

Page: 856

View: 1796

Plant Life of Kentucky is the first comprehensive guide to all the ferns, flowering herbs, and woody plants of the state. This long-awaited work provides identification keys for Kentucky’s 2,600 native and naturalized vascular plants, with notes on wildlife/human uses, poisonous plants, and medicinal herbs. The common name, flowering period, habitat, distribution, rarity, and wetland status are given for each species, and about 80 percent are illustrated with line drawings. The inclusion of 250 additional species from outside the state (these species are “to be expected” in Kentucky) broadens the regional coverage, and most plants occurring from northern Alabama to southern Ohio to the Mississippi River (an area of wide similarity in flora) are examined, including nearly all the plants of western and central Tennessee. The author also describes prehistoric and historical changes in the flora, natural regions and plant communities, significant botanists, current threats to plant life, and a plan for future studies. Plant Life of Kentucky is intended as a research tool for professionals in biology and related fields, and as a resource for students, amateur naturalists, and others interested in understanding and preserving our rich botanical heritage.

All the Water in the World

Author: George Ella Lyon

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1442432950

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 40

View: 5395

All the water in the world is all the water in the world. We are all connected by water, and this message is beautifully, lyrically delivered from poet-musician-author George Ella Lyon. Where does water come from? Where does water go? Find out in this exploration of oceans and waterways that highlights an important reality: Our water supply is limited, and it is up to us to protect it. Dynamic, fluid art paired with pitch-perfect verse makes for a wise and remarkable read-aloud that will resonate with any audience.On sale: 03.22.11

Wildflowers and Ferns of Kentucky

Author: Thomas G. Barnes,S. Wilson Francis

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 0813160499

Category: Nature

Page: 352

View: 6468

Since Kentucky is situated at a biological crossroads in eastern North America, citizens and visitors to this beautiful state are likely to be greeted by an astonishing variety of wildflowers. This non-technical guide -- featuring more than five hundred dazzling full-color photographs by award-winning photographer Thomas G. Barnes -- is the state's indispensable guide to the most common species in the Commonwealth. With this book, readers will learn to identify and appreciate Kentucky wildflowers and ferns by matching photographs and leaf line drawings to the more than six hundred and fifty species of flowers covered in the book. Extremely practical and simple to use, the guide's color photographs and line drawings appear with plant descriptions for easy identification, and plants are grouped by flower color and blooming season. Each species listing includes the plant's common and scientific name, plant family, habitat, frequency, and distribution throughout Kentucky, with similar species listed in the notes. There is no other volume that covers the flora of Kentucky with such ease of identification. The first new statewide guide to appear in thirty years, with its combination of high quality photographs, illustrations, portability, and easy organization of information, Wildflowers and Ferns of Kentucky is an essential addition to the library or field pack of the wildflower enthusiast, naturalist, and anyone else who loves the outdoors.

Arab and Jewish Women in Kentucky

Stories of Accommodation and Audacity

Author: Nora Rose Moosnick

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 0813136210

Category: Social Science

Page: 208

View: 4146

Outwardly it would appear that Arab and Jewish immigrants comprise two distinct groups with differing cultural backgrounds and an adversarial relationship. Yet, as immigrants who have settled in communities at a distance from metropolitan areas, both must negotiate complex identities. Growing up in Kentucky as the granddaughter of Jewish immigrants, Nora Rose Moosnick observed this traditionally mismatched pairing firsthand, finding that, Arab and Jewish immigrants have been brought together by their shared otherness and shared fears. Even more intriguing to Moosnick was the key role played by immigrant women of both cultures in family businesses -- a similarity which brings the two groups close together as they try to balance the demands of integration into American society. In Arab and Jewish Women in Kentucky: Stories of Audacity and Accomodation, Moosnick reveals how Jewish and Arab women have navigated the intersection of tradition, assimilation, and Kentucky's cultural landscape. The stories of ten women's experiences as immigrants or the children of immigrants join around common themes of public service to their communities, intergenerational relationships, running small businesses, and the difficulties of juggling family and work. Together, their compelling narratives challenge misconceptions and overcome the invisibility of Arabs and Jews in out of the way places in America.

A History of Blacks in Kentucky: In pursuit of equality, 1890-1980

Author: N.A

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 9780916968212

Category: History

Page: 288

View: 9072

" Published by the Kentucky Historical Society & Distributed by the University Press of Kentucky This is the second part of a two-volume study which covers the entire spectrum of the black experience in Kentucky from earliest exploration and settlement to 1980. (Click here for information on the first volume, From Slavery to Segregation, 1760-1891.) Mandated and partially funded by the Kentucky General Assembly in 1978, this pathbreaking work is the most comprehensive consideration of the subject ever undertaken. It fills a long-recognized void in Kentucky history. George C. Wright describes the struggle of blacks in the twentieth century to achieve the promise of political, social, and economic equality. From the rising tide of racism and violence at the turn of the century to the civil rights movement and school integration in later decades, Wright describes the accomplishments, frustrations, and defeats suffered by the race, concluding that even in 1980 only a few blacks had actually achieved the long-sought toal of equality.

A New History of Kentucky

Author: Lowell H. Harrison,James C. Klotter

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 081313708X

Category: History

Page: 552

View: 3668

The first comprehensive history of the state since the publication of Thomas D. Clark's landmark History of Kentucky over sixty years ago. A New History of Kentucky brings the Commonwealth to life, from Pikeville to the Purchase, from Covington to Corbin, this account reveals Kentucky's many faces and deep traditions. Lowell Harrison, professor emeritus of history at Western Kentucky University, is the author of many books, including George Rogers Clark and the War in the West, The Civil War in Kentucky, Kentucky's Road to Statehood, Lincoln of Kentucky, and Kentucky's Governors.


Evolution of a Kentucky Landscape

Author: Richard Taylor

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 0813176034

Category: Nature

Page: 312

View: 3755

When former Kentucky Poet Laureate Richard Taylor took a job at Kentucky State University in 1975, he purchased a fixer-upper -- in need of a roof, a paint job, city water, and central heating -- that became known to his friends as "Taylor's Folly." The historic Giltner-Holt House, which was built in 1859 and sits close by the Elkhorn Creek a few miles outside of Frankfort, became the poet's entrance into the area's history and culture, and the Elkhorn became a source of inspiration for his writing. Driven by topophilia (love of place), Taylor focuses on the eight-mile stretch of the creek from the Forks of the Elkhorn to Knight's Bridge to provide a glimpse into the economic, social, and cultural transformation of Kentucky from wilderness to its current landscape. He explores both the natural history of the region and the formation of the Forks community. Taylor recounts the Elkhorn Valley's inhabitants from the earliest surveyors and settlers to artist Paul Sawyier, who memorably documented the creek in watercolors, oils, and pastels. Interspersed with photographs and illustrations -- contemporary and historic -- and intermixed with short vignettes about historical figures of the region, Elkhorn: Evolution of a Kentucky Landscape delivers a history that is by turns a vibrant and meditative personal response to the creek and its many wonders. Flowing across four counties in central Kentucky, Elkhorn Creek is the second largest tributary of the Kentucky River. Known for its beauty and recreational opportunities, Elkhorn Creek has become an increasingly popular location for canoeing, kayaking, and camping and is one of the state's best-known streams for smallmouth bass, bluegills, and crawfish. Like Walden Pond for Henry David Thoreau, the Elkhorn has been a touchstone for Taylor. A beautiful blend of creative storytelling and historical exploration of one of the state's beloved waterways, Elkhorn celebrates a gem in the heart of central Kentucky.

Kentucky Straight


Author: Chris Offutt

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307791815

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 8534

Kentucky straight is bourbon with no mixer. Kentucky Straight is Kentucky seen without nostalgic gloss. These riveting, often heartbreaking stories, take us through country that is unmapped. They are set in a nameless Appalachian community too small to be called a town, a place where wanting an education is a mark of ungodly arrogance and dowsing for water a legitimate occupation; where hunting is not a sport but a means of survival. These are stories of coal miners and backwoods medicine men, of gamblers and marijuana farmers, tales of real tragedy and unutterable strangeness that convey their sense of place so vividly that we feel its ground rise beneath our feet. Offutt has received a James Michener Grant and a Kentucky Arts Council Award.

Tarzan in Kentucky

Author: Judith Moffett

Publisher: Wordtech Communications

ISBN: 9781625491473

Category: Poetry

Page: 84

View: 2369

The set piece of Judith Moffett's third collection, TARZAN IN KENTUCKY, dramatizes the poet's lifelong struggle to create a tolerable peace between the Fundamentalism that formed her and the evolutionary biology she was convinced by in college. Other poems are located on her hundred-acre Kentucky farm, once worked by her father's family, now a young forest filled with coyotes, deer, and birds.

A Fishing Guide to Kentucky's Major Lakes

Author: Arthur B. Lander, Jr.

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 0813137853

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 304

View: 1966

" This updated fishing guide by expert fisherman Art Lander will help anglers of all skill levels make the most of their time at any of the state's twenty-two most important reservoirs. Lander reveals what type of fishing is best at each lake, where fish can be found during the various seasons, and what tackle and techniques have proven best for each species. Detailed maps of each lake and information on fish feeding habits and marinas make this book an essential guide to the region's lakes and the top fifteen sport fish species inhabiting them.

Hiking Kentucky

A Guide to Kentucky's Greatest Hiking Adventures

Author: Michael H. Brown

Publisher: Falcon Guides

ISBN: 9780762736508

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 343

View: 2527

Lace up your boots and sample more than seventy-five of the finest trails the Bluegrass State has to offer. From old country roads to dense forest paths, Kentucky boasts more than 1,500 miles of marked and maintained trails. Explore the massive cliffs and rock arches at Red River Gorge, the quiet woods and marshlands in Sloughs Wildlife Area, the dramatic overlooks at Cumberland Gap, and the secluded ridges and ravines along the Lower Rockcastle. Veteran hiker and outdoor writer Mike Brown will introduce you to these hikes and more. Use this guide for: up-to-date trail information; accurate directions to popular as well as less-travelled trails; difficulty ratings for each hike; detailed trail maps; zero-impact hiking tips. Whether you are a day-tripper or long- distance hiker, old hand or novice, you'll find trails suited to every ability and interest throughout Kentucky.

Hiking Kentucky

A Guide to 80 of Kentucky's Greatest Hiking Adventures

Author: Carrie Stambaugh

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 149301451X

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 352

View: 4357

From old country roads to dense forest paths, Kentucky boasts more than 1,500 miles of marked and maintained trails. Author Carrie Stambaugh describes eighty of her favorite hikes, from 1-mile nature trails to multiday backpacks. With detailed information on trailhead location, difficulty, and much, much more, Hiking Kentucky, Third Edition is bound to have something for everyone!