West of the West

Dreamers, Believers, Builders, (Large Print 16pt)

Author: Mark Arax

Publisher: ReadHowYouWant.com

ISBN: 1459613643


Page: 440

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Teddy Roosevelt once exclaimed, ''When I am in California, I am not in the West, I am west of the West,'' and in this book, Mark Arax sets out to explain just what TR meant. His is a compelling, sometimes ominous portrait of a place and its people who are often surviving on the edge, reliving history, and losing their way in the promised land: ''The Summer of the Death of Hilario Guzman'' is a deeply-felt portrait of an immigrant family from Oaxaca, followed through harrowing border crossings and raisin harvests; ''the Last Okie of Lamont,'' (the inspiration for the town featured in The Grapes of Wrath) has only one Okie left, who tells Arax his life story as he drives to a funeral to bury one more Dust Bowl migrant; and ''Highlands of Humboldt'' is a visit to the marijuana growing capital of the U.S., where the local bank collects a sizeable daily deposit of cash, most of which reeks of marijuana.Combining hard-hitting reporting and stellar writing, Arax captures both the atmosphere of social upheaval and the sense of being rooted in a community. Once you meet the people portrayed in this book, you won't forget them.

West of the West

Perspectives on California State History

Author: Roger H. Hall

Publisher: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780757565212

Category: History

Page: 268

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West of the Border

The Multicultural Literature of the Western American Frontiers

Author: Noreen Groover Lape

Publisher: Ohio University Press

ISBN: 0821413457

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 224

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Expanding the scope of American borderland and frontier literary scholarship, West of the Border examines the writings of nineteenth- and turn-of-the-century Native, African, Asian, and Anglo American frontier writers. This book views frontiers as “human spaces” where cultures make contact as it considers multicultural frontier writers who speak from “west of the border.” James P. Beckwourth, a half-black fur trader; Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, a Paiute translator; Salishan author Mourning Dove; Cherokee novelist John Rollin Ridge; Sui Sin Far, an Anglo-Chinese short story writer, and her sister, romance novelist Onoto Watanna; and Mary Austin, a white southwestern writer- each of these intercultural writers faces a rite of passage into a new social order. Their writings negotiate their various frontier ordeals: the encroachment of pioneers on the land; reservation life; assimilation; Christianity; battles over territories and resources; exclusion; miscegenation laws; and the devastation of the environment. In West of the Border, Noreen Groover Lape raises issues inherent in American pluralism today by broaching timely concerns about American frontier politics, conceptualizing frontiers as intercultural contact zones, and expanding the boundaries of frontier literary studies by giving voice to minority writers.

The Eastern Establishment and the Western Experience

The West of Frederic Remington, Theodore Roosevelt, and Owen Wister

Author: G. Edward White

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292745524

Category: History

Page: 256

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First published in 1968, The Eastern Establishment and the Western Experience has become a classic in the field of American studies. G. Edward White traces the origins of "the West of the imagination" to the adolescent experiences of Frederic Remington, Theodore Roosevelt, and Owen Wister—three Easterners from upper-class backgrounds who went West in the 1880s in search of an alternative way of life. Each of the three men came to identify with a somewhat idealized "Wild West" that embodied the virtues of individualism, self-reliance, and rugged masculinity. When they returned East, they popularized this image of the West through art, literature, politics, and even their public personae. Moreover, these Western virtues soon became and have remained American virtues—a patriotic ideal that links Easterners with Westerners. With a multidisciplinary blend of history, biography, sociology, psychology, and literary criticism, The Eastern Establishment and the Western Experience will appeal to a wide audience. The author has written a new preface, offering additional perspectives on the mythology of the West and its effect on the American character.


West of the West

Author: Adam Randolph Collings,Diego Garcia

Publisher: Adam Collings Enterprises

ISBN: 9780972583503

Category: History

Page: N.A

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Forts of the West

Military Forts and Presidios, and Posts Commonly Called Forts, West of the Mississippi River to 1898

Author: Robert Walter Frazer

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 9780806112503

Category: History

Page: 246

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The number and variety of forts and posts, together with changes of location, name, and designation, have posed perplexing problems for students of western history. Now Robert W. Frazer has prepared a systematic listing of all presidios and military forts, which were ever, at any time and in any sense, so designated. The lists of posts are arranged alphabetically within the boundaries of present states. Pertinent information is included for each fort: date of establishment, location, and reason for establishment; name, rank, and military unit of the person establishing the post; origin of the post name and changes in name and location; present status or date of abandonment; and disposition of any existing military reservation. A map for each state shows the location of the posts discussed. A prime reference for historians, Forts of the West will prove useful to readers of western history as well.

The West of Billy the Kid

Author: Frederick Nolan

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 080614887X

Category: History

Page: 368

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In The West of Billy the Kid, renowned authority Frederick Nolan has assembled a comprehensive photo gallery of the life and times of Billy the Kid. In text and in more than 250 images-many of them published here for the first time-Nolan recreates the life Billy lived and the places and people he knew. This unique assemblage is complemented by maps and a full biography that incorporates Nolan’s original research, adding fresh depth and detail to the Kid’s story and to the lives and backgrounds of those who witnessed the events of his life and death. Here are the faces of Billy’s family, friends, and enemies: John Tunstall and John Chisum, Sheriff Pat Garrett and Governor Lew Wallace, Jimmy Dolan and Bob Olinger, Alexander McSween and Paulita Maxwell, and many others. Here are Santa Fe and Silver City as Billy the Kid saw them, Lincoln, Las Vegas, and Tascosa. Recent photographs show the Kid’s haunts as they appear today.

The West of the Imagination

Author: William H. Goetzmann,William N. Goetzmann

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780806135335

Category: Art

Page: 604

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A landmark overview of western American art, the original edition of The West of the Imagination brought the region to wide public attention as a companion to a popular PBS series of the same name. This book, significantly expanded and updated, shows that the West is a vibrant mirror of American cultural diversity. Through 450 illustrations—more than 300 in color—the authors trace the visual evolution of the myth of the American West, from unknown frontier to repository of American values, covering popular and high arts alike.

The Winning of the West

Author: Theodore Roosevelt

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803289550

Category: History

Page: 427

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After political defeats and the loss of half his capital in a ranching venture in North Dakota, Theodore Roosevelt began writing his ambitious history of the conquest of the American West in 1888. He projected a sweeping drama, well documented and filled with Americans fighting Indian confederacies north and south while dealing with the machinations of the British, French, and Spanish and their sympathizers. Roosevelt wanted to show how backwoodsmen such as Daniel Boone and Simon Kenton, followed by hardy pioneer settlers, gave the United States eventual claim to land west of the Alleghanies. Heroism and treachery among both the whites and the Indians can be seen in his rapidly shifting story of a people on the move. By force and by treaty the new nation was established in the East, and when the explorers and settlers pushed against the Mississippi, everything west of the river was considered part of that nation. Roosevelt's second volume further illustrates his contention that no regular army could have prevailed in the border fighting, only toughened individual frontiersmen. Here Boone is seen again, as well as George Rogers Clark, the conqueror of the Illinois country. Roosevelt shows how the American Revolution helped the newly independent peoples take over the West.

West of the West

Imagining California

Author: Leonard Michaels,David Reid,Raquel Scherr,Raquel L. Scherr

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520201644

Category: History

Page: 332

View: 9522

A vivid collection of stories, essays, remembrances and poems, conceived and organized as a journey through California, by a diverse and splendid array of writers including Jack Kerouac, Amy Tan, M.F.K. Fisher, Tom Wolfe, and Gore Vidal.

The West of Ireland

Its Existing Condition, and Prospects

Author: Henry Coulter

Publisher: Dublin : Hodges & Smith ; London : Hurst & Blackett


Category: Atlantic Coast (Ireland)

Page: 372

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Popular Romances of the West of England (Complete)

Author: Robert Hunt

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 1465603271


Page: N.A

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THE beginning of this collection of Popular Romances may I be truly said to date from my early childhood. I remember with what anticipations of pleasure, sixty-eight years since, I stitched together a few sheets of paper, and carefully pasted them into the back of an old book. This was preparatory to a visit I was about to make with my mother to Bodmin, about which town many strange stories were told, and my purpose was to record them. My memory retains dim shadows of a wild tale of Hender the Huntsman of Lanhydrock; of a narrative of streams having been poisoned by the monks; and of a legend of a devil who. played many strange pranks with the tower which stands on a neighbouring hill. I have, within the last year? endeavoured to recover those stories, but in vain. The living people appear to have forgotten them; my juvenile note-book has long been lost those traditions are, it is to be feared, gone for ever. Fifteen years passed away--about six of them at school in Cornwall, and nine of them in close labour in London,--when failing health compelled my return to the West of England. Having spent about a month on the borders of Dartmoor, and wandered over that wild region of Granite Tors, gathering up its traditions,--ere yet Mrs Bray [a] had thought of doing so, -- I resolved on walking through Cornwall. Thirty-five years since, on a beautiful spring morning, I landed at Saltash, from the very ancient passage-boat which in those days conveyed men and women, carts-and cattle, across the river Tamar, where now that triumph of engineering, the Albert Bridge, gracefully spans its waters. Sending my box forward to Liskeard by a van, my wanderings commenced; my purpose being to visit each relic of Old Cornwall, and to gather up every existing tale of its ancient people. Ten months were delightfully spent in this way; and in that period a large number of the romances and superstitions which are published in these volumes were collected, with many more, which have been weeded out of the collection as worthless.

The Development of the West of Scotland 1750-1960

Author: Anthony Slaven

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136588744

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 296

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The economic and social problems of modern Scotland are at the centre of current debate about regional economic growth, social improvement and environmental rehabilitation. In this book, as relevant today as when it was first published in 1975, Anthony Slaven argues that the extent and causes of these problems are frequently underestimated, thus making development policies less than fully effective. The major economic and social weaknesses of the west of Scotland are shown to be rooted in the regions former strengths. The author demonstrates how, although the region and its people have resisted change, a thriving and self reliant nineteenth-century economy , based on local resources and manpower, has given way in the present century to vanishing skills and products, unemployment and social deprivation. Since 1945 economic and social planning has helped to improve the situation, although many difficulties remain. Seen in the historical perspective provided by this revealing study, the present industrial problems of the west of Scotland, and their remedies, become clearer. Mr Slaven argues that the older industries deserve more help, for without this, he believes, the ineffectiveness of development policies is likely to be perpetuated. This book was first published in 1975.

The 'Local' Irish in the West of Scotland 1851-1921

Author: G. Vaughan

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 113732984X

Category: History

Page: 151

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Vaughan renews perspectives on the changes brought about by Irish migrant communities in terms of identity, politics and religion. The book examines on the experience of generations of Irish migrants in the West of Scotland from the aftermath of the Great Famine until the creation of the Republic of Ireland.

The West of Owen Wister

Selected Short Stores

Author: Owen Wister

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803257603

Category: Fiction

Page: 247

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Owen Wister is remembered today almost solely as the author of The Virginian, yet his short stories, dating from the turn of the century, gave us our first real knowledge of the West's "wide, wild farm and ranch community, spotted with remote towns, and veined with infrequent railroads." And this West was not merely that of the cowboy, but of the soldier, the seeker, the Indians, the hunter, even the priest. This volume presents six of Wister's finest stories, chosen to exhibit the less well remembered facets of his talent. Their settings?ranging from a mining camp in the Rockies to a northwestern territorial capital to a southwestern desert town, and from a California mission to army posts on the high plains?are as varied as the characters and the situations. The introduction by Robert L. Hough discusses the factors the impelled Wister to write about the West ad his ambivalent feelings about the region, as well as his story-telling techniques and artistic goals.