101 Ideas for Piano Group Class: Building an Inclusive Music Community for Students of All Ages and Abilities

Author: Mary Ann Froehlich

Publisher: Alfred Music

ISBN: 9781457438851

Category: Music

Page: 84

View: 6677

This interactive, practical book for teachers not only contains creative ideas for group classes, but also includes mental energizers, room for notes, and brainstorming concepts for planning personalized group classes. It is divided into three sections: Part I lays the foundation for the educational philosophy behind group learning, Part II focuses on ideas for piano group classes, and Part III discusses teaching piano students with special needs.

Thinking as You Play

Teaching Piano in Individual and Group Lessons

Author: Sylvia Curry Coats

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253346766

Category: Music

Page: 163

View: 2682

Thinking as You Play focuses on how to teach, not what to teach. Sylvia Coats gives piano teachers tools to help students develop creativity and critical thinking, and guidelines for organizing the music taught into a comprehensive curriculum. She suggests effective strategies for questioning and listening to students to help them think independently and improve their practice and performance. She also discusses practical means to develop an awareness of learning modalities and personality types. A unique top-down approach assists with presentations of musical concepts and principles, rather than a bottom-up approach of identifying facts before the reasons are known. Thinking as You Play is one of the few available resources for the teacher of group piano lessons. Ranging from children's small groups to larger university piano classes, Coats discusses auditioning and grouping students, strategies for maximizing student productivity, and suggestions for involving each student in the learning process.

Major Scale Picture Workbook

Author: Glenna Battson

Publisher: Alfred Music

ISBN: 9781457416675

Category: Music

Page: 40

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The Major Scale Picture Workbook offers a visual approach to learning major scale patterns. Students follow a worksheet format designed to help them discover, then remember, scale notes and fingering. Great for elementary to late-elementary students who are learning scales for the first time or those needing motivation to learn all the scales, this book provides a fresh approach that is fun for students. This comprehensive book includes review and answer pages, plus a scale picture dictionary for quick reference.

Teaching Piano in Groups

Author: Christopher Fisher

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0195337042

Category: Music

Page: 252

View: 4470

Teaching Piano in Groups provides a one-stop compendium of information related to all aspects of group piano teaching. Motivated by an ever-growing interest in this instructional method and its widespread mandatory inclusion in piano pedagogy curricula, Christopher Fisher highlights the proven viability and success of group piano teaching, and arms front-line group piano instructors with the necessary tools for practical implementation of a system of instruction in their own teaching. Contained within are: a comprehensive history of group piano teaching; accessible overviews of the most important theories and philosophies of group psychology and instruction; suggested group piano curricular competencies; practical implementation strategies; and thorough recommendations for curricular materials, instructional technologies, and equipment. Teaching Piano in Groups also addresses specific considerations for pre-college teaching scenarios, the public school group piano classroom, and college-level group piano programs for both music major and non-music majors. Teaching Piano in Groups is accompanied by an extensive companion website, featuring a multi-format listing of resources as well as interviews with several group piano pedagogues.

Piano Music for Little Fingers

Author: Ann Patrick Green

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 048631054X

Category: Music

Page: 48

View: 1546

The third volume in this series for pianists ages 4 to 9, this book contains more songs in the already familiar key of G. New topics include the key of F and extended hand positions with six-note melodies, plus the IV chord in all keys, dotted rhythms, dynamics, staccato and legato touches, and two-note and longer phrases. Heartwarming Family Circus cartoons appear throughout the book. "Of all the piano instruction books and courses out there, yours is the best by far, because it combines theory, fun, a wonderful variety of songs, and of course, the 5-point learning plan. Thank you for providing such a fantastic piano course for children!" — Beverly Short, Santa Monica, California "You’ve really found a wonderful way of making music fun for children with your songs. The songs are infused with spirit, so it makes learning truly enjoyable for students." — Monica Le, Fullerton, California "I love these books because they work! I have been using them for many years with children 4 years old and up. The big notes make note learning easy and the directions for teachers are clear and methodical. My students and their parents are excited as they graduate from one level to the next. These books truly teach little fingers to play! Thank you, Ann Patrick Green!" — Carol Orozco, Fullerton, California "I use Ann Patrick Green's books with every student. The larger note size, the use of solfege note reading, the inclusion of theory and the way each book is organized makes teaching and learning easy and fun." — Lisa Smith, piano teacher

Handy Houses

Memorize the Piano Keys in 5 Minutes!

Author: Samantha K. Perkins

Publisher: HomePages Books

ISBN: 9780990609155


Page: 24

View: 5054

See the piano as a pianist sees it-- remember where the letters are! Gain a true understanding of the full keyboard with this revolutionary new method, based on an ancient memory trick.Learn effortlessly and progress faster! It's absolutely crucial as a beginner to become very familiar with the keyboard letters. What used to take weeks or months to remember, this book will teach you in five minutes, and you will never forget it. Master the piano faster and get the most out of your piano lessons. You will spend less time and money on lessons by covering the basics more quickly, and this book will help you do that.

Repertoire by Rote

Seven Piano Pieces to Be Taught Without Traditional Notation

Author: Dennis Alexander,Amy Greer

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781470626969

Category: Piano

Page: 32

View: 9176

This collection of original piano solos is designed to be taught without the aid of traditional notation. Each piece is accompanied by a set of step-by-step instructions for teachers and a reproducible "memory map" to aid students in memorization. Songs range from simple repeating patterns on black keys to scale-based pieces that use the entire keyboard. Titles: Desert Rose * Oh, Purple Sage * Green Frogs * Roadrunner * Turquoise Trail * Jubilation! * Bells Are Ringing!

Piano in Color

Music Lessons for Mini-Musicians

Author: Julia Tulloch

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 9781468198584

Category: Music

Page: 40

View: 7543

You don't have to wait until your child begins school to start learning the piano – preschoolers can learn too! Jingle bells, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Mary had a little lamb, are just some of the tunes your preschooler will learn to play using correct fingering for both hands, following a color/number system. The method is so simple, that piano teachers who have avoided teaching preschoolers in the past, no longer have to. With brightly colored notes, fun illustrations and lively accompaniment tracks, teachers love Piano In Color just as much as preschoolers do.Even parents with no musical knowledge will find that the Piano In Color books provide the information you need to introduce your preschooler to the piano. And some parents have even been known to start learning Piano In Color for themselves!


How to Thrive in a World of Too Much

Author: Tony Crabbe

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

ISBN: 1455532975

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 8817

A Success Best Book of 2015 Business psychologist Tony Crabbe outlines a unique three-step approach to combating one of the modern life's great problems: being too busy. BUSY is divided into four digestible sections-Mastery, Differentiation, and Engagement-that will teach readers how to switch from managing time to managing attention, how to transition toward a career strategy that doesn't hinge on productivity, how to think differently about success by re-engaging with what matters, and how to create the impetus, energy, and clarity to put all these changes into effect. Crabbe draws on entertaining psychological studies to show why we're getting it wrong at the moment and to develop a fresh new approach to taking back one's life from chaotic outside forces. Rarely has a book been more timely in both its scope and in its immediate impact.

101 Piano Practice Tips

How to Get Your Kids to the Keyboard!

Author: Tracy Selle

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781514848494


Page: 74

View: 7265

Let's face it. Most kids don't want to practice the piano. And if they do find the time to practice, it's usually because their parent kept nagging them. How frustrating! Piano teachers are frustrated too. It's nearly impossible to teach students new concepts when they don't understand the old ones--all because of a lack of practice. If you're a parent in this situation, I have just the solution you're looking for. In this upbeat book, I share all the tips I've discovered in my 14 years of teaching piano. You'll learn fun, practical ways to get your kids to the keyboard. But this book goes one step further. I'll show you easy ways to encourage better quality practice. Even if you've never had a music lesson in your life! I wrote this book for kids of all ages. There are creative ideas for elementary students and also a section for teens. There's even a section for what to do if your child wants to stop taking piano lessons. That's right, there is hope and my book will show you exactly how to get your child interested in piano again. Don't be the kind of parent who sits on the sidelines waiting until their child wants to practice. Piano lessons are too expensive for you to let another "no-practice" day go by. This book is your answer to get your child to the keyboard, have good quality practice and develop a life-long love of music.

The Piano Practice Physician's Handbook

32 Common Piano Student Ailments and How Piano Teachers Can Cure Them for GOOD

Author: Nicola Cantan

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781527207004


Page: 148

View: 3983

The Piano Practice Physician's Handbook takes a fresh look at how piano teachers teach practice skills. The piano student ailments and cures open up new ways of thinking about piano practice. With this straight-forward practical guide piano teachers can get their students practicing more effectively, making faster progress, and having more fun!

The Dragon Quest

A Music Composition Adventure

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780999833803


Page: 92

View: 3925

The Dragon Quest is an introduction to music composition and a delightful fantasy story in which you are the main character and you must compose music to overcome challenges and complete the quest. In addition to teaching composition, the story explores concepts such as musicianship, courage, perspective taking and smart practice. 7 illustrations