Hot to Cold

An Odyssey of Architectural Adaptation

Author: Bjarke Ingels

Publisher: Taschen America Llc

ISBN: 9783836557399

Category: Architecture

Page: 712

View: 6307

Architecture is the art and science of accommodating the lives we want to live. Our cities and buildings aren't givens; they are the way they are because that is as far as we have come to date. They are the best efforts of our ancestors and fellow planetizens, and if they have shortcomings, it is up to us to continue that effort, pick up where they left off. Bjarke Ingels Group's (BIG) grand mission is to find a pragmatic utopia, shaping not only a particular structural entity, but the kind of world we wish to inhabit. This book examines BIG's odyssey of architectural adaptation

Abstract City

Author: Christoph Niemann

Publisher: Abrams

ISBN: 1613123205

Category: Design

Page: 256

View: 1208

In July 2008, illustrator and designer Christoph Niemann began Abstract City, a visual blog for the New York Times. His posts were inspired by the desire to re-create simple and everyday observations and stories from his own life that everyone could relate to. In Niemann’s hands, mundane experiences such as riding the subway or trying to get a good night’s sleep were transformed into delightful flights of visual fancy. The struggle to keep up with housework became a battle against adorable but crafty goblins, and nostalgia about New York manifested in simple but strikingly spot-on LEGO creations. This brilliantly illustrated collection of reflections on modern life includes all 16 of the original blog posts as well as a new chapter created exclusively for the book. Praise for Abstract City: “Everyday experiences—from looking at leaves to riding city subways—are funny and fresh and often a source of wonder when depicted by this brilliant graphic designer.” —Readers Digest “I will call Christoph when anything awful happens to me. And he will make me laugh like crazy about the whole thing. Because he is insanely funny and completely tenderly true. I love every column he did and will do.” —Maira Kalman, author/illustrator of And the Pursuit of Happiness “Christoph Niemann is the best illustrator alive. Every single time I come across a piece of his work, which is often as he either works all the time, or worse, draws incredibly fast, it is wonderful. While the rest of us are lucky to get a proper piece out here and there, Christoph produces hit after hit after hit. If he wasn’t such a genuinely sweet man, we’d surely hate his ass a lot.” —Stefan Sagmeister, author of Things I Have Learned in My Life So Far “Few books have more probingly and humorously gotten inside the mind and day-to-day experience of an artist.” — "What’s terrifying (to me, certainly, and possibly to many of his peers) is that nearly every idea he has seems to be equally well formed . . . once again, performing neat, virtuosic circles around the rest of us, to our delight." —PRINT magazine "Irresistible." —Very Short List “A masterpiece of sophisticated humor, this is a brilliant one-of-a-kind work.” —Library Journal, starred review


Author: Boris Brorman Jensen,Geoff Manaugh

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9788996450818

Category: Architecture

Page: 353

View: 1826


Citizens of No Place

An Architectural Graphic Novel

Author: Jimenez Lai

Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press

ISBN: 9781616890629

Category: Art

Page: 143

View: 5518

Citizens of No Place is a collection of short stories on architecture and urbanism, graphically represented using manga-style storyboards. Fiction is used as a strategy to unpack thoughts about architecture. Modeled as a proto-manifesto, it is a candid chronicle of a highly critical thought process in the tradition of paper architecture (especially that of architect John Hejduk and Bernard Tschumi's Manhattan Transcript). The short stories explore many architectural problems through the unique language of the graphic novel, helping usher the next generation of architectural theory and criticism.

Thomas Heatherwick


Author: Thomas Heatherwick,Maisie Rowe

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 1580934501

Category: Architecture

Page: 640

View: 9673

"This is the definitive publication on one of the world's most exceptional designers."--Front cover flap.

Architecture 101

From Frank Gehry to Ziggurats, an Essential Guide to Building Styles and Materials

Author: Nicole Bridge

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1440590087

Category: Architecture

Page: 256

View: 9636

A crash course in designing and constructing buildings Too often, textbooks turn the noteworthy details of architecture into tedious discourse that would put even Frank Gehry to sleep. Architecture 101 cuts out the boring explanations, and instead provides a hands-on lesson that keeps you engaged as you explore the world's greatest structures. Featuring only the most important facts, building styles, and architects, you'll enjoy uncovering the remarkable world of architecture with this book. Inside, you'll also find fascinating elements like: Illustrations of popular building styles, such as Georgian and Greek Revival Drawings of the essential parts of different buildings Unique profiles of the most inspirational figures in architecture From Norman Foster and Frank Lloyd Wright to the Beauvais Cathedral and the Empire State Building, Architecture 101 is packed with hundreds of entertaining architecture tidbits that you can't get anywhere else!

Architecture Concepts

Red is Not a Color

Author: Bernard Tschumi

Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications


Category: Architecture

Page: 776

View: 2548

Philosophy and architecture by Bernard Tschumi.


1001 Building Forms

Author: François Blanciak

Publisher: MIT Press (MA)

ISBN: 9780262026307

Category: Architecture

Page: 114

View: 6326

An attempt to free architecture from site and program constraints and to counter the profusion of ever bigger architecture books with ever smaller content.

The Fundamentals of Architecture

Author: Lorraine Farrelly

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1350034118

Category: Architecture

Page: 200

View: 8668

The Fundamentals of Architecture, 2nd Edition is an introduction to the basic ideas that inform architecture. It is intended to unravel the complexity of architecture to explain its process and make it more accessible. It guides students through the rich history of the discipline, and introduces aspects of contemporary theory and practice. The book explores the process of architecture starting from the initial ideas and concepts, and how these ideas are informed by understanding site and context. It examines the impact of the physical environment and the historical ideas that have informed and influenced the architectural solution. The second edition has been redesigned and updated with new material, including six case studies, exercise sections and contemporary visuals from students and leading architects.

Social Infrastructure

New York

Author: Douglas Durst,Bjarke Ingels

Publisher: Actar

ISBN: 9781940291253

Category: Architecture

Page: 192

View: 4241

This book, Social Infrastructure: New York, one of a series that documents the Bass Fellowship at the Yale School of Architecture studio led by real estate developer Douglas Durst of the Durst Organization, a leading New York firm known for spearheading sustainable high-rise developments, and architect Bjarke Ingels, founder of Copenhagen- and New York-based Bjarke Ingels Group. Their students explored potential synergies between public and private programs in the design of inhabited bridges crossing major waterways in metropolitan New York. The group traveled to Denmark, Sweden, and Norway to research developments that successfully integrated the needs of numerous stake-holders. The featured projects from the studio demonstrate a diverse range of approaches for combining residential, cultural, and commercial activities on complex and dense infrastructural sites in imaginative and productive ways.

S, M, L, XL. Edition en anglais

Author: Jennifer Sigler,Hans Werlemann

Publisher: N.A


Category: Architecture, Modern

Page: 1344

View: 6420

Essays, projekter, dagbøger, rejseberetninger og eventyrfortællinger fra tyve års virksomhed i Office for Metropolitan Architecture, ordnet som en encyklopædi

Delirious New York

A Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan

Author: Rem Koolhaas

Publisher: The Monacelli Press, LLC

ISBN: 1580934102

Category: Architecture

Page: 320

View: 9410

Since its original publication in 1978, Delirious New York has attained mythic status. Back in print in a newly designed edition, this influential cultural, architectural, and social history of New York is even more popular, selling out its first printing on publication. Rem Koolhaas's celebration and analysis of New York depicts the city as a metaphor for the incredible variety of human behavior. At the end of the nineteenth century, population, information, and technology explosions made Manhattan a laboratory for the invention and testing of a metropolitan lifestyle -- "the culture of congestion" -- and its architecture. "Manhattan," he writes, "is the 20th century's Rosetta Stone . . . occupied by architectural mutations (Central Park, the Skyscraper), utopian fragments (Rockefeller Center, the U.N. Building), and irrational phenomena (Radio City Music Hall)." Koolhaas interprets and reinterprets the dynamic relationship between architecture and culture in a number of telling episodes of New York's history, including the imposition of the Manhattan grid, the creation of Coney Island, and the development of the skyscraper. Delirious New York is also packed with intriguing and fun facts and illustrated with witty watercolors and quirky archival drawings, photographs, postcards, and maps. The spirit of this visionary investigation of Manhattan equals the energy of the city itself.

The Architecture of Natural Light

Author: Henry Plummer

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780500290361

Category: Light in architecture

Page: 256

View: 8748

This new paperback, is the first publication to consider the many effects of natural illumination in contemporary buildings. This comprehensive and thoughtful survey begins with a brief introduction to the history of architecture, seen through the advances and experimentation put forward by architects over the centuries.

Twenty Buildings Every Architect Should Understand

Author: Simon Unwin

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136955054

Category: Architecture

Page: 240

View: 9288

Have you ever wondered how the ideas behind the world’s greatest architectural designs came about? What process does an architect go through to design buildings which become world-renowned for their excellence? This book reveals the secrets behind these buildings. He asks you to ‘read’ the building and understand its starting point by analyzing its final form. Through the gradual revelations made by an understanding of the thinking behind the form, you learn a unique methodology which can be used every time you look at any building.

Sunday Sketching

Author: Christoph Niemann

Publisher: Abrams

ISBN: 1683355466

Category: Art

Page: 272

View: 9730

From award-winning artist and author Christoph Niemann comes a collection of witty illustrations and whimsical views on working creatively. Taking its cue from his New York Times column Abstract Sunday, this book covers Niemann’s entire career and showcases brilliant observations of contemporary life through sketches, travel journals, and popular newspaper features. The narrative guides readers through Christoph’s creative process, how he built his career, and how he overcomes the internal and external obstacles that creative people face—all presented with disarming wit and intellect. Enhanced with nearly 350 original images, this book is a tremendous inspirational and aspirational resource. Also available from Christoph Niemann: Abstract City and I Lego N.Y.

Innovative Architecture Strategies

Author: Gerasimos Vamvakidis

Publisher: Bis Publishers

ISBN: 9789063694562

Category: Architecture

Page: 160

View: 7100

This book focuses on diverse architectural strategies for blending public and private spaces in mixed use building with complex programme.


An Infographic Look at Architecture

Author: Frank Jacobus

Publisher: Laurence King Publishing

ISBN: 9781780676197

Category: Architecture

Page: 160

View: 8156

This informative and engaging book uses a variety of inventive infographics to take an unusual look at architecture in a way that would not be possible with words and images alone. Through a variety of different infographics it compares, for example, the range of materials and colours used by different architects, the relative locations of their buildings, who influenced who, and which architects are the most discussed. It also approaches architecture from more unconventional angles with spreads that show the kinds of architecture favoured by dictators, the networks of love affairs that architects got entangled in; the defining facial features of famous architects and so on. Irreverent and entertaining, this book will appeal to all those with an interest in architecture or infographics.

Douglas Coupland

Everywhere Is Anywhere Is Anything Is Everything

Author: Daina Augaitis,Bjarke Ingels,Hans-Ulrich Obrist

Publisher: Black Dog Pub Limited

ISBN: 9781908966520

Category: Art

Page: 296

View: 1318

Includes chronology and writer's biographical notes.