You Never Know

Author: Mary Calmes

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

ISBN: 1635339073

Category: Fiction

Page: 200

View: 1467

Hagen returns to his hometown to recover from war, and Mitch returns to raise his sons and win Hagen back. But can Mitch convince Hagen that he’s changed and deserves a second chance?

You Never Know With Women (Mills & Boon M&B) (Vintage Collection, Book 1)

Author: James Hadley Chase

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 1472052803

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 8747

Veda Rux, a beautiful blonde, known professionally as a stripper, steals a priceless Cellini dagger from the safe in millionaire Lindsay Brett's home. Her agent, Cornelius Gorman, approaches Floyd Jackson, a private investigator and first-rate blackmailer, and asks him to return the dagger before the theft is discovered.

You Never Know


Author: Ron Padgett

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781566891288

Category: Poetry

Page: 84

View: 8483

Ron Padgett's playful, nonchalant poetry is all delightful circumstance without the pomp.

You Never Know

Author: Michael Jayne

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 146916969X

Category: Drama

Page: 164

View: 2341

You Never Know contains two original Christian drama plays by teenager Michael Jayne, a student at Pike Christian Academy in Waverly, Ohio. The title play, You Never Know, is about events that may have taken place inside the South Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. The play focuses on a group of office workers from the 98th floor and how the disaster effects their Christian beliefs. The second play in the book, listen., co-authored by another student at PCA, Alana Perry, centers around a teenage girl who moves to a new town after her parents separate. She struggles with the move and makes several wrong decisions until the friendship of a special Christian girl shows her the right direction.

You Never Know

Sometimes Love Can Drag You Through Hell...

Author: Akash Verma

Publisher: Penguin Random House India Private Limited

ISBN: 9386815729

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

View: 5593

There will be times when you feel you have the best relationship, ever . . . There will be times when it will be the worst that has happened to you There will be times when you know you are getting into something horrible, something that will not stop till it destroys you, And yet . . . You are pulled so inextricably, unstoppably . . . She was my true love, I knew that. So despite being married and having children, I still went ahead with our affair. I hid it from my wife and colleagues. I told lies so I could be with her-it was that amazing! But I couldn't hide from the dark truth she was keeping. It pulled me into a vortex of danger so deep that I lost all I had. It happened to me and if you think it won't happen to you-think again.

If You Never Try, You Will Never Know

Ambition - Love - Destiny


Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 1947137085

Category: Self-Help

Page: 226

View: 4632

Robin, who gets inspired by his mother to become a musician, is forced by his father to pursue the education needed to join their family business. This compels him to leave home at the age of eighteen to follow his dreams. In few months of independent living, his over-ambitious dreams turn into an obsession, which gets even more intense when he falls into a drug addiction, and mysteriously unleashes a new side to his life. During this journey, he meets Aisha. They talk, play and fall in love. Her exquisite beauty defines the melody of his musical journey as they both fall deep in love with each other. But Robin’s obsession with his dream and a struggling career become an obstacle in their relationship. Is their love strong enough to overcome complexities? During these tumultuous times, Robin’s flat mate Jordan begins to motivate him to follow his heart. Jordan becomes his philosopher and guru but not for very long—what makes Robin lose trust in him? Discover how he finds a spiritual path after being disheartened during his struggle to achieve success. Amidst the ups and downs in his career, love and life, find out what destiny holds for Robin. Will he find success in music industry or will he end up joining his father’s business? Experience a thrilling story that will inspire you to believe in your love and dreams.

You Never Know

Tales of Tobias, an Accidental Lottery Winner

Author: Lilian Duval

Publisher: Wheatmark, Inc.

ISBN: 1604945206

Category: Fiction

Page: 354

View: 9404

Tobias Hillyer had a promising future until a car accident claimed the lives of his parents. Abandoning his dreams, he dropped out of college to take care of his orphaned, brain-damaged younger brother. Now in his late thirties, Tobias must struggle to provide for his family, working dead-end jobs that fall far short of the academic career he had imagined. Then he wins the lottery. His financial worries eliminated, Tobias anticipates nothing but smooth sailing ahead for himself and the people he loves. But he soon finds that his amazing stroke of luck may threaten everything he holds dear. Over peaks and valleys, this uplifting journey will challenge everything we think we know about luck, life, and what we value most. About the Author Lilian Duval is the author of the forthcoming story collection "Random Acts of Kindness." She is an amateur classical guitarist and a survivor of the 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Lilian and her husband live in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Praise for "You Never Know" Does chance rule our lives? Or do we overcome chance and rule ourselves? Those are the questions that underlie "You Never Know" ... Duval's book reminds us all that even in the face of good luck we must continue to take both hardiness and happiness seriously; they come as much from inside as out. -- "Jay Thomas, PhD, Distinguished University Professor, School of Professional Psychology, Pacific University"

You Never Know

Author: Don LoCicero

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1469744988

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 1406

You Never Know depicts a world in which every question is an answer and every answer a new question, a world where nothing is certain except uncertainty. The reader will marvel at the incredible tale of the sweating corpse, suffer along with a young man who refuses to accept the fact that it is raining bananas, admire the perseverance of the shoemaker who invents a substance that makes heels invisible, shudder as voracious rats devour an unfortunate victim alive, and marvel as a nude defendant presents his case to a jury. LoCicero's satirical, philosophical, metaphysical romp spares no segment of society: the legal, medical, and theological experts are fair game, as are the reader and author themselves. LoCicero challenges us to do the most difficult thing of all: to think the unthinkable.

Ynk (You Never Know)

Author: Jacquie Ream

Publisher: Book Pub Network

ISBN: 9781935359593


Page: 113

View: 9174

Junior high: privileges and challenges for Frances Reed. New hair, new face, new friends-where's the real Fran in this? When a compromising photo hits Facebook, Fran has a dilemma. Follow Fran in YNK (You Never Know) as she navigates through the hardest course of all-life outside of school.

You Never Know Until You Ask: Eighteen Women Divulge the Secrets of Successful Living to the Millennial Generation.

Author: Caroline Nixon

Publisher: Hillcrest Publishing Group

ISBN: 1936780240

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 60

View: 9248

There is no time like your twenties. The freedom -- and the anxiety. The adventures and the disappointments. The world is at your fingertips... and now what do you do? One twentysomething had a feeling that other successful women could hold some answers. So she set to work, interviewing women from all walks of life, gleaning wisdom from their generation for ours. What she found in her mission were some great perspectives and answers the questions burning in so many young women -- what does it mean to really love yourself? How do I become a success? What does it mean to truly "get it?" With advice like setting goals, taking action, embracing conflict, and loving yourself and those around you, these women blaze a bold trail for future generations of our gender. They have truly discovered who they are, not who they hope to be. Sometimes surprising, sometimes funny, and always empowering, women share their stories with us, answering the questions that we would never know unless we ask.

Soldier's Heart

Author: Carol Tyler

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781606995488

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 128

View: 1556

A single mother attempts to uncover and re-tell her father's experiences as a soldier in World War II while reconciling her relationship with him as well as her personal life.

You Never Know

Author: Isabel Huggan

Publisher: Vintage Canada

ISBN: 0307363929

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 1242

You Never Know is the new collection of stories from Isabel Huggan, author of The Elizabeth Stories. Set in Canada, Kenya and France, the tales deal with the friendship of young girls, mother-daughter relationships and unresolved feelings between men and women. From the Trade Paperback edition.

You Never Know

A Memoir

Author: Romy Sara Shiller

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 1425136915

Category: Authors, Canadian

Page: 140

View: 4714

Romy applies her previous interest and scholarly work on the body to her new physical reality. Her positive attitude and unique philosophy are truly inspirational. The chapters are as follows: No Choice: Introduction: an overview of what happened to Romy and how she felt Why Not?: relates her philosophy on issues surrounding the surgery and the aftermath. It sets up a dream motif, and discusses that she is experiencing "Disability and Cyborg Drag;" Sure: specifically deals with her symptoms and the type of brain tumour she had; Hurry Up and Wait: deals with body issues and what Romy has learned from this ordeal; Oy: is her 'reality' chapter, it also deals with her current vision problems and her avid interest in popular culture; James-Paul:or Jamie was a close friend of Romy's who died six months before her surgery. He was an MD and he asked her to be his spiritual adviser-a non-religious endeavor. Mush: deals with the feeding tube, the food she was initially allowed to eat and what Romy does not eat now; What A Concept deals with her friends, family and that it was not surprising that new people were a part of her life; The Wormhole: Deals with the death of Romy's grandfather, that her grandparents survived the Holocaust, her Jewishness, the corridor she used to take in the hospital to where she said her first word. Blank: Deals with the coma. Something Funny This Way Comes: After the coma she listened to and watched lots of Comedy tapes including Seinfeld and Ellen Degenneres; Wind Me Up and Let Me Go: deals with Romy's love of coffee, her rehab and therapists in Toronto; Before: Before she went into the hospital Romy did many things, visited lots of places, and lived in Paris, France; Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario. C'est La Vie deals with the birth of her nephew and how she was brought back to an infantile state in the hospital; Queasy: Her take on 'resistance' and how she moved to Montreal to live with her parents. Aha: Deals with the various challenges of Romy's situation; Like Watching Grass Grow: Romy's physical recovery and that she has been called a "witch"; Que Sera Sera: What the future holds for Romy Shiller.

You Never Know

Author: Monisha

Publisher: FROG BOOKS

ISBN: 9789381576922

Category: Fiction

Page: 172

View: 7087

nIt was not for who I was; it was for who I wasn't.i Neisha and Akshit meet online and soon become great friends. Neisha lives in Ranchi and Akshit in Jaipur. They exchange numbers and start talking on the phone. Their wonderful friendship soon blossoms into love. They are the happiest when together. They are just perfect for each other. The only thing that comes between them is the difference in religion. Akshit loves Neisha, but is not ready to go against his parents and society to take their relationship further. So they decide to break up. But soon after, Neisha realises that she won't be able to survive without him. She is still very much in love with Akshit and believes he loves her too. This belief takes her to Jaipur, to convince her love and make him realise how lucky they are to have met each other. It's a story about two people in love, who have everything in common but an uncommon God to worship. In this first novel, Monisha weaves a contemporary story in the backdrop of family traditions. It is a touching tale of Jain boy and Tamil Christian girl. Will they make it or won't they as a couple? Will they have to sacrifice love out of respect for their families? The reader finds out only in the end; till then there is nail-biting suspense and a touching love story on every page."

The World Will Never Know

Author: Brian King


ISBN: 1411646142


Page: 143

View: 2330

When Darius Lightwell moves with his mother to a beautiful nostalgic city along the Ohio River, he befriends a secluded old man named Jonathon Jenkins. The two begin a magical relationship that culminates with Jonathon ultimately revealing a deadly secret that will test the faith of the fourteen-year-old boy.


Author: Dick Anstis

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 149188410X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 64

View: 3123

"Here I stand by the garden path Covered in mud on my lower half But Chloe if you can make me laugh I'll make sure you will get a bath!"

You Never Know What You Don't Know

The Unwritten Rule of Business from A to Z

Author: Patricia Pitsel

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 1460254252

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 128

View: 7307

t’s as Easy as A–B–C… Common sense isn’t automatic—it has to be learned. You Never Know What You Don’t Know is a rare primer, designed to provide proven techniques that help young professionals discover and refine the art of getting along with their bosses, co-workers, and business colleagues. Each of the 26 chapters corresponds to a letter of the alphabet and each imparts time-tested wisdom that makes navigating office politics and skilful handling of work relationships accessible to all involved. Both managers and front-line workers will appreciate the easy-to-read format. Following narrative examples of problematic scenarios To Think About sections provide insight to enlighten readers on the core issues inherent in common problem areas. Each chapter concludes with a To Do segment that outlines appropriate strategies to nip problems in the bud. Rather than reading the book sequentially, it’s easy for readers to pick and choose topics relevant to them at any given time. You Never Know What You Don’t Know is sure to smooth operations in any office and improve success at all levels. It’s just common sense.