I'm OK, You're My Parents

How to Overcome Guilt, Let Go of Anger, and Create a Relationship That Works

Author: Dale Atkins,Nancy Hass

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

ISBN: 1466856823

Category: Self-Help

Page: 336

View: 6179

A guilt-free guide for adults seeking more satisfying relationships with their parents In a recent study, half of all Americans rated their relationship with at least one parent as either "poor" or "terrible," and more than a third felt this way about both parents. As life expectancy continues to rise and the parent-child relationship extends further into adulthood, this problem is becoming more prevalent than ever. Now, psychologist Dale Atkins presents a step-by-step plan for adults trying to come to terms with parents who are only human--before it is too late. In I'm OK, You're My Parents, Atkins applies the same intelligent, no-nonsense approach that's made her a frequent guest on top-rated TV shows. She urges a restructuring of the relationships between adults and their aging parents and gives practical, specific advice on how to exorcise the demons of anger and resentment, untangle financial arrangements that cause stress and feelings of powerlessness, set limits on your parents' demands for time and attention, turn a spouse or friends into a powerful resource, overcome your own resistance to change, and discover the redemptive power of humor. This book draws on Atkins' twenty-five years of experience as a relationship expert to present a comprehensive guide to repairing difficult relationships, gaining control, and building a life that you and your parents can live with for years to come.

My Music

Explorations of Music in Daily Life

Author: Susan D. Crafts,Daniel Cavicchi,Charles Keil,Music in Daily Life Project

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press

ISBN: 0819572632

Category: Music

Page: 244

View: 968

My Music is a first-hand exploration of the diverse roles music plays in people's lives. "What is music about for you?" asked members of the Music in Daily Life Project of some 150 people, and the responses they received -- from the profound to the mundane, from the deeply-felt to the flippant -- reflect highly individualistic relationships to and with music. Susan Crafts, Daniel Cavicchi, and Project Director Charles Keil have collected and edited nearly forty of those interviews to document the diverse ways in which people enjoy, experience, and use music. CONTRIBUTORS: Charles Keil, George Lipsitz.

Love Me

Author: Garrison Keillor

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101126957

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 1287

n this charming departure from Lake Wobegon, bestselling author Garrison Keillor tells a hilarious and heartwarming tale of ambition, success and failure, and the virtues of real love. Aspiring writer Larry Wyler leads a quiet, decent life with his do-gooder wife, Iris, in St. Paul, Minnesota, but he wants more. When his literary debut becomes a hit, he departs for a Manhattan apartment, a job at the New Yorker, and three- martini lunches with the great editor, William Shawn. But when his second novel bombs and he finds himself in the grip of writer?s block, Wyler discovers that success?and the New York publishing scene?is a fickle mistress, indeed. Creatively barren, nearly destitute, and longing for Iris, he accepts a job writing ?Ask Mr. Blue,? a column doling out advice to the lovelorn. It may not be glamorous work, but through it Wyler discovers what?s really important and sets out to win back the woman he left behind.

The Sisterhood

A Novel

Author: Michael Palmer

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 0307781194

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 5577

“A suspenseful page-turner . . . jolts and entertains the reader.”—Mary Higgins Clark Inside Boston Doctors Hospital, patients are dying. In the glare of the operating room, they survive the surgeon's knife. But in the dark, hollow silence of the night, they die. Suddenly, inexplicable, horribly. A tough, bright doctor will risk his career—his very life—to unmask the terrifying mystery. A dedicated young nurse unknowingly holds the answer. Together they will discover that no one is from . . . the sisterhood “Teriffic . . . a compelling suspense tale.”—Clive Cussler

You're My Favorite Reader

Author: Chris Federico

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595265979

Category: Fiction

Page: 126

View: 2151

You're My Favorite Reader (previously published under the title The Coolest Book in the World) is a collection of short stories in several different genres (including some non-fiction), mostly designed to make you laugh uncontrollably. It's definitely for you if you've forgotten how much fun the English language can be with a little imagination.

Classical Guitarists


Author: Jim Tosone

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786482427

Category: Music

Page: 199

View: 9545

Classical Guitarists fills a void in the special world of the classical guitar. Although this realm is inhabited by world-class musicians, much of what they think and feel has never been captured in print. The interviewees, including Julian Bream, John Williams, Sharon Isbin, Eliot Fisk, David Starobin and David Tanenbaum are a select group at the peak of their prowess who speak openly and thoughtfully about their opportunities, accomplishments, and lessons learned. Each has made important contributions from establishing significant academic programs to broadening the audience for the classical guitar. The author shares his reviews of their most important recordings and New York City concerts during the 1990s, as well as discographies of their recordings. There are also interviews with Harold Shaw, the most prominent artist manager in the history of the classical guitar and several of today’s most important composers for the guitar, including Pulitzer Prize winners George Crumb and Aaron Jay Kernis. An introductory chapter provides an historical perspective on classical guitar and a postscript explains how to create a basic repertoire of recordings.

Black Pockets

Author: George Zebrowski

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0575125861

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 4237

This collection of 19 horror stories, culled from the career of a writer best known for his literary science fiction, explores horror as a product of the human mind by allowing personal, political, and metaphysical obsessions to unleash terrors that beset these characters and by refusing to rely on genre-typical terrors such as serial killers and ancient curses. The original novella "Black Pockets" depicts a hate so all-consuming that a man makes a bargain to carry out the revenge plot of a dying enemy in order to gain the power to pursue his own victims. In unusual zombie tale, "I Walked with Fidel", Fidel Castro's ideals are slowly betrayed by both Cold War superpowers. And a Kafka-like uneasiness pervades "A Piano Full of Dead Spiders", in which a composer's music actually is the result of spiders walking on piano strings. Posing as philosophical puzzles, the stories gain emotional power from an attention to character development and the insightful investigation of both private and collective nightmares.

Midnight Cabaret

Author: Dakarai Jelani-Miller

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1413442803

Category: Fiction

Page: 199

View: 5800

The path less travelled. The road seldom seen. A collection of short stories that define the "unknown", The Midnight Cabaret is the darkest hours of your psyche...the parts hidden away from the majority. A man´s musings into Death result in an answer that lasts forever... A musician finally finds his true love, who´s fate is intertwined with a particular piece of music... A detective that finds that even as he nears the end of his journey, the road still moves on.. A series of stories that are for those who wish to look at a world seldom seen. From the author of Demon Seige comes an experiment in the abstract...

The Second Song #1: Homecoming

Author: Emily Stone

Publisher: Emily Stone


Category: Fiction

Page: 46

View: 6034

What do you do when everything in your life just feels wrong? Elise Leroux seems to have it all; a glittering pop career and a cabinet full of awards, not to mention her hot pop-star boyfriend, Silas. But it's not all that it seems – the songs chosen by her management are cheesy and as for Silas, well, that is nothing more than a "showmance", encouraged by their shared management. Despite her frustration at the lack of input she is allowed into her career, Elise is not looking forward to an enforced break between touring and starting her new album and is even less thrilled when her manager suggests that she return to Louisiana to get in touch with her Cajun roots. The last time she was home, she wasn't exactly made to feel welcome in town. And then there is Avery. A past love, not yet forgotten, how will she respond when she finally sees him again? SNEAK PEEK! "Elise Leroux? Is that really you?" "Avery?" I gasped. Boy has he grown up! I tried not to stare. "You deign us with your presence?" He laughed, reaching for his jeans after he’d toweled off most of the mud. I’d seen him do this a thousand times, but he’d been a boy back then. "Don’t be mean; you know I love this place!" I said playfully, encouraged by his lighthearted tone. "Come on over, I’ve got a load of grass ready for Léoma. I should have been back a month ago, I’m sure she’s out by now." "Not quite." I poled over to the dock where his pirogue was loaded with the kind of grass you could only find deep in the bayou. He’d been working hard all day. "I feel bad you’ve been doin’ this for gran all these years," I said as I joined him on solid ground, trying not to stare at the hard muscled chest of a man I hardly recognized, but he seemed so familiar at the same time. "I just assumed she got her swamp grass from ole Mr. Thibodaux." "She does from time to time, but I don’t mind helpin’ her out." "So what brings you home?" He asked, clearly avoiding my gaze as he tied the last bundle of grass and hefted it into the boat. His jaw was clenched almost like he was intimidated and didn’t know how to act around me. I’d seen that look often enough with the people who worked for me and I did not want to see it on Avery’s face. "Oh taking a much needed break from my life as a performing seal," I said with a huge sigh, hoping to ease the tension I felt between us. He burst out laughing, and I saw a bit of the old Avery return. "I’ve often wondered if you saw it, or if you were so blinded by the glitz and the glam that you didn’t realize it." "What that I’m a pop-princess-puppet, dancing to the strings my managers wield? Yeah, I see it, I’ve always seen it Avery - I’ve just always hoped it would lead to something more me." "And has it?" He asked, easing his pirogue back into the water, linking it with mine, and securing both to the dock. "I don’t know who I am anymore, so no, I suppose not." It was odd how quickly we slipped back into our old ways of brutal honesty. I had always been able to count on Avery to tell me the truth. It was part of what hurt us the most when we parted ways; we’d been too honest, and hurtful, with one another... free, freebie, new adult, contemporary romance, steamy romance, pop romance

The Record Players

DJ Revolutionaries

Author: Bill Brewster,Frank Broughton

Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

ISBN: 0802195350

Category: Music

Page: 480

View: 6175

Acclaimed authors and music historians Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton have spent years traveling across the world to interview the revolutionary and outrageous DJs who shaped the last half-century of pop music. The Record Players is the fun and revealing result—a collection of firsthand accounts from the obsessives, the playboys, and the eccentrics that dominated the music scene and contributed to the evolution of DJ culture. It started when, instead of a live band, someone turned on the record player, and suddenly partygoers had more than one style of music to dance to. In the sixties, radio tastemakers brought their sound to the masses, sock hop by sock hop, while early trendsetters birthed the role of the club DJ at temples of hip like the Peppermint Lounge. By the seventies, DJs were dictating musical taste and changing the course of popular music; and in the eighties, young innovators wore out their cross-faders developing techniques that carried them over the line between record player and musician. With discographies, favorite songs, and amazing photos of all the DJs as young firebrands, The Record Players offers an unparalleled music education: from records to synthesizers, from disco to techno, and from small groups of influential music lovers to arenas packed with thousands of dancing fans. A history told by the visionaries who experienced the movement, The Record Players allows a rare glimpse into the sound, culture, and craft that developed into a worldwide industry.

The Story of Owen

Dragon Slayer of Trondheim

Author: E.K. Johnston

Publisher: Carolrhoda Lab ™

ISBN: 1467739995

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 312

View: 9019

Listen! For I sing of Owen Thorskard: valiant of heart, hopeless at algebra, last in a long line of legendary dragon slayers. Though he had few years and was not built for football, he stood between the town of Trondheim and creatures that threatened its survival. There have always been dragons. As far back as history is told, men and women have fought them, loyally defending their villages. Dragon slaying was a proud tradition. But dragons and humans have one thing in common: an insatiable appetite for fossil fuels. From the moment Henry Ford hired his first dragon slayer, no small town was safe. Dragon slayers flocked to cities, leaving more remote areas unprotected. Such was Trondheim's fate until Owen Thorskard arrived. At sixteen, with dragons advancing and his grades plummeting, Owen faced impossible odds—armed only with a sword, his legacy, and the classmate who agreed to be his bard. Listen! I am Siobhan McQuaid. I alone know the story of Owen, the story that changes everything. Listen!

Mac OS X Snow Leopard for Power Users

Advanced Capabilities and Techniques

Author: Scott Granneman

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1430230312

Category: Computers

Page: 480

View: 3454

Mac OS X Snow Leopard for Power Users: Advanced Capabilities and Techniques is for Mac OS X users who want to go beyond the obvious, the standard, and the easy. If want to dig deeper into Mac OS X and maximize your skills and productivity using the world's slickest and most elegant operating system, then this is the book for you. Written by Scott Granneman, an experienced teacher, developer, and consultant, Mac OS X for Power Users helps you push Mac OS X to the max, unveiling advanced techniques and options that you may have not known even existed. Create custom workflows and apps with Automator, run Windows programs and even Windows itself without dual-booting, and sync data on your hard drive, on your phone, and in the cloud—learn all of these techniques and more. This is not a book that talks down to you; Mac OS X for Power Users is an essential book for experienced Mac users who are smart enough to know there is more to be known, and are ready to become power users.

a: A Novel

Author: Andy Warhol

Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

ISBN: 0802195229

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 4371

Conceptually unique, hilarious and frightening, referred to as “pornography” in The New York Times Book Review’s original review and as a “work of genius” in Newsweek’s, a: A Novel is the perfect literary manifestation of Andy Warhol’s sensibility. In the late sixties Warhol set out to turn a trade book into a piece of pop art, and the result was this astonishing account of the famously influential group of artists, superstars, addicts and freaks who made up the Factory milieu. Created from audiotapes recorded in and around the Factory, a: A Novel begins with the fabulous Ondine popping several amphetamines and then follows its characters as they converse with inspired, speed-driven wit and cut swaths through the clubs, coffee shops, hospitals, and whorehouses of 1960’s Manhattan.

Creating a Digital Home Entertainment System with Windows Media Center

Author: Michael The Green Button,Button,Michael R. Miller

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 9780132713177

Category: Computers

Page: 408

View: 9268

Even though the Windows Media Center interface is simple to operate, not all activities are intuitive or easy to implement. You may need help determining which type of Media Center PC to buy, or with connecting and configuring the Media Center PC in your home theater system. Creating a Digital Home Entertainment System with Windows Media Center book brings the experience and expertise of The Green Button (the premiere Media Center website) and author Michael Miller to help you plan, use, and troubleshoot your new Media Center PCs and get the most out of Windows Media Center Edition.

Bold Ink

Collected Voices of Women and Girls

Author: Deborah Reber,Keren Taylor

Publisher: Community Partners, FBO WriteGirl

ISBN: 9780974125107

Category: Fiction

Page: 215

View: 7700

Fiction. Poetry. Cultural Writing. Education. A compilation of writing from girls and women ages 11 through 55. This unique collection of poems, short stories, essays, songs and scenes addresses everything from love and war to culture and current events. As a result of such diverse voices, BOLD INK provides the reader with insight into the minds of today's young women, while celebrating the art of creative writing like no other anthology.

On My Way

Author: Stacy May

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469168278

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

View: 4599

This story On My Way is about how I see my life playing out: some things is just the way they are. I always wanted to help inspire people to do what it is they love; there will be ups and downs in life and I truly understand that mistakes are a must because it helps us grow. But we all know on your way up, there is always a little drama. What would life be like without drama? I dream of having the best and ON MY WAY will tell you how I get there!!! Enjoy

My iMac (Yosemite Edition)

Author: John Ray

Publisher: Que Publishing

ISBN: 0133994546

Category: Computers

Page: 528

View: 9459

800x600 Step-by-step instructions with callouts to iMac images that show you exactly what to do. Help when you run into hardware or operating system problems or limitations. Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your iMac. Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your iMac working just the way you want. The tasks include: Managing, arranging, and tagging your files Staying informed and productive with Notification Center Creating and navigating virtual workspaces in Mission Control Opening and organizing apps with Launchpad Accessing network devices and resources Activating and using iCloud services Communicating online with email, instant messaging, and video Keeping appointments with Calendar and Reminders Planning trips and checking traffic with Maps Keeping up-to-date with friends and family via Twitter and Facebook Downloading and enjoying music, movies, books, and more Sharing purchases with your family Challenging your friends to games with Game Center Working seamlessly with iOS Devices with Handoff and AirDrop Protecting and securing your system and data Expanding your system with peripheral devices Troubleshooting common system problems